Subway Tile Bathroom Ideas: All You Need To Know About Subway Tiles

subway tile bathroom ideas

Subway Tile Bathroom Ideas: All You Need To Know About Subway Tiles

Have you ever thought about which is the most classic and creative type of tile? The one who can make any bathroom look the best of the best. Well, I know, and without a doubt, it is the subway tiles. However, it is always difficult to find some of the best subway tile bathroom ideas. Some of the others don’t go well with the situation or structure of our house.

However, you don’t have to worry anymore regarding it. It is because I am gonna tell you some of the best bathroom tile ideas with facts. Therefore, just read, connect, and explore.

What Is A Subway Tile?

Subway tile is a typical white 3 x 6 glass ceramic tile, although it has developed into additional sizes, colors, and materials with its popularity. Nowadays, metro stationery has tiles twice the width – 2 x 4, 4 × 8, 6 x 12, etc. Tiles, such as 4 x 10 or 4 x 12, may be included in the same ratio. It undoubtedly classifies as a subway tile when it is long, narrow, rectangular.

Metro tiles may be utilized throughout your house in so many different areas. Wherever it is located, it appears clean and cool and provides immediate flair to any area. These tiles are always a competition to mosaic tiles for bathroom.

A white backsplash kitchen with white metro tiles.

Facts About Subway Tile Bathroom Ideas

Before discussing subway tile bathroom ideas, I would like to bring some of the unknown facts regarding these tiles. Facts are as follows:

It came from under Manhattan.

As you presumably have already created, the first tiles in the subway system in New York City appeared below the ground floor. The designers Christopher Grand La Farge and George C. Heins were given a difficult challenge when inaugurated in 1904: to build a surface, which was readily cleaned and used for underground transport, familiar, secure, and pleasant town-dwellers. Their answer – gently curved edges and a brilliant finish – ensured hygienic, polished, and light metro stations.

You may see the first tile of the Metro—at an abandoned underground station.

Obsessive designers who would like to have a look inside the first metro tile might obtain a visit to the first metro station in New York: City Hall stop, which has now been abandoned. Tours are offered at the New York Transit Museum – although New Yorkers are reported to be hiding on six trains to get to know each other. It enhances subway tile bathroom ideas.

It emerged from a cleanliness preoccupation.

Metro tiles came from the cleanliness of the Victorian era. They are stain-resistant, simple to clean and reflect light due to their shiny, glazed appearance. They soon became renowned as practical and sanitary and were the wall of choice elsewhere, from bathrooms and kitchens to butcher shops. These same qualities now make them a convenient alternative for contemporary kitchens, bathrooms, and more.

The traditional measurements? 

What’s the metro tile exactly? It’s a little difficult to define—especially if you have a certain rectangular form in metro tile. The definition is growing, but the classic tile is three by six centimeters. Tiles are now usually called subway tiles, which are twice as long as they’re large. And they’re no longer always rectangular, and it turns out.

The cost may be below $1

The price of the metro tile fluctuates considerably. As in Daltile Ceramic Bullnose Wall Tile at the Home Depot, this unfussy variety of hardware stores can cost less than $1 per tile (or $8 per square foot; handmaiden, craftsmen can interpret it up to $60 per sq. feet, as is done in Heath Ceramics. For several preferred sources.

It’s really big

After the thinking (and expenses) in the tile, grout might be an afterthought. But it shouldn’t: the grout you select may transform your underground tile appearance and style dramatically.

Subway Tile Bathroom Ideas

Keeping It classic

Subway tiles are quite popular because of their timelessness, so maintain traditional stuff with a white bond design. The wall is furnished with a range of designs, in this bathroom created by Arent & Pyke, as trends and tastes shift.

Switching Colors Subway Tile Bathroom Ideas

A cream-framed background of brilliant yellow tiles is a guaranteed method to declare yourself sunny in the bathroom. In that bathroom designed by Hecker Guthrie, we love to match pendant lighting across the twin sinks as well.

Protect Wallpaper 

We adore the combination of styles in this Studio Life/Style bathroom. The wallpaper is fantastic, the traditional floor periods, metro tiles, marbles, and the rustic and contrasting accent stool. One thing to remember is how well it can withstand wetness and splashing when you decorate the bathroom with wallpapers. See whether you can print your preferred pattern on vinyl or other water-resistant substratum or just keep it out of sprinkling in a busy bathroom.

Inversing Colors

In this bathroom created by Catherine Kwong, you may attempt to mix black tiles and white roofs to the opposite style. It’s somewhat moodier and yet has this audacious and fascinating repeat created by clashing tones.

Vertically Stack Subway Tile Bathroom Ideas

While most choose the flowing bond pattern, a clean pile may look great.

The vertical arrangement also extends the room.

Here, Studio Life/Style designed a gem box by covering all surfaces in bubblegum-pink subway tiles.

Opt for tile layout of the Herringbone Bathroom

Herringbone is another traditional design of bathroom underground tiles.

This space in Studio Life/Style demonstrates it may be just as classical and modest when coupled with neutrals as a repeating bond composition.

Select a fresh color

In a bathroom room, make a statement with a bright pastel that is unexpected. In this 2LG Studio-designed bathroom, the mint-green underground tiles soften the black-and-white base of the sink, matte black accents, and Art Deco floor tiles.

Floor contrast Subway Tile Bathroom Ideas

Is there a more stylish mix than black and white? White-tiled underground walls provide a black bath, and black and white tile on the floor a wonderful focus.

Black Accent Subway Tile Bathroom Ideas

The trendy built-in bar nook is lined with shining black metro tiles in a traditional, offset mode of running connections that rises to the sky in this kitchen design by the Ottawan-based designers Sacha and Melissa Leclair of LeClair Decor. 

The black tiles in the subway imitate the white tiles in other kitchen tiles to contrast while maintaining a coherent overall design. The dark hue provides depth and intrigue and gives a sensation of the space inside one room, which works particularly well given the high kitchen ceiling.

Black Grout Subway Tile Bathroom Ideas

In the same Napa house design, Orange County, Mindy Gayer Design Co., located in CA, utilized the white, black grout subway tile used in the kitchen for the traditional black and white clawfoot tub and shower combo floor-to-ceiling. 

The same tile is used for kitchens and bathrooms, and the overall appearance of the property remains coherent. You can allow yourselves to simply mix in different designs to customize each area by selecting a versatile and unpretentious classic such as subway tiles. Here, beautiful ceramic floor tiles provide interest to the scheme of colors black-and-white.

Final Words

Subway tile is a typical white 3 x 6 glass ceramic tile, although it has developed into additional sizes, colors, and materials with its popularity. Nowadays, metro stationery has tiles twice the width – 2 x 4, 4 × 8, 6 x 12, etc. There are various subway tile bathroom ideas such as black accent, inverse colors, and so on. 

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