Best Disney Movies of All Times – Must Watch Movies If You Are a True Disney Fan

Best Disney movies of all time

If you love fairy tales, then for sure you are a fan of Disney movies. Not only kids but adults also love the movies, and let’s be honest; these movies are not only entertaining but also give a good moral message. Here is an article with the best Disney movies of all time to make your every night a movie night. 

Best Disney Movies of All Times

The magic kingdoms of Disney movies have no shortage of shining stars, moral lessons, funny stories, and fairytales. The top Disney movies are full of entertainment and perfect to tickle your nostalgic bone. 

Now you must be thinking, which is the best-rated Disney movie? If you search for Disney movies on Google, you will get bombarded with a lot of options. This will make it difficult for you to find out the right one. So, we have made a list of the best Disney movies of all time to help you watch the best ones. 

Lilo & Stitch (2002)

IMDb Ratings – 7.2/10

Directors – Chris Sanders, Dean DeBlois

Writing Credits – Chris Sanders & Dean DeBlois

If you are looking for the best Disney movies of all time, then trust me, this one is the best choice for you. Now you must be thinking, who are Lilo and Stitch? Stitch is Lilo’s pet… or you might say she thinks so. The movie portrays the story of a Hawaiian girl named Lilo. She belongs to a dysfunctional family that is soon to be ripped by a social worker. 

The little girl mistakes an alien for a pup. She adopts her and names him Stitch. With love around, Stitch also starts developing a love for Lilo and becomes emotionally attached to her. He starts understanding the meaning of family. Will he go to his planet or stay with Stitch? Or wheel the family of Lilo torn apart, or will love connect them all? Watch the movie to find out. 

Finding Nemo (2003)

IMDb Ratings – 8.1/10

Directors – Andrew Stanton, Lee Unkrich

Writing Credits – Andrew Stanton, Bob Peterson David Reynold, Ron Diesel

The movie will take you to the beautiful world of the large ocean. It tells the story of young clownfish named Nemo. He lives in a great barrier reef with his father, Marlin. Like other kids, Nemo is somewhat defiant. His father always takes care of him and warns home to swim close always. However, he is always in search of independence. 

Nemo gets captured and taken to Sydney; Marlin sets a journey to bring the little one home. The movie will make you learn what it means to suffer from an ailment. This is the best movie to watch with your family. 

The Incredibles (2004)

IMDb Ratings – 8.0/10

Directors – Brad Bird

Writing Credits – Brad Bird

If you love spy and secret agent movies, then this top-rated Disney movie is for you. It shows the story of undercover superheroes who are trying to live a normal suburban life. 

Mr. Incredible and Elstigirl were one of the greatest crime fighters in the world, but now they have to play cool when the government bans all the superhero activities. They can’t help but miss efforts to stop crime. Soon enough, they are needed once again to solve a case and stop the crime in the city. So will they be able to complete the mission? Watch the movie to find out.  

Incredibles 2 (2018)

IMDb Ratings – 7.6/10

Directors – Brad Bird

Writing Credits – Brad Bird

 Incredible 2 has a sophisticated theme that revolves around gender parity and societal apathy. The Incredible Bird family is needed once again to take on a new mission. But this time, the family needs to change the family roles. This time, Bob Parr should manage the house while Helen has to go out to save the world. Helen is asked to lead a campaign that involves bringing the Supers back. It leaves Bob with the greatest challenge ever, which requires him to stay home and take care of their children. Will both be able to fulfill their jobs? Find out while enjoying the movie. 

Ratatouille (2007)

IMDb Ratings – 8.0/10

Directors – Brad Bird, Jan Pinkava

Writing Credits – Brad Bird, Jan Pinkava, Jam Capobianco, Emily Cook

Ratatouille is one of the top Disney kids movies that will teach your little one to stay dedicated to the aim and what they want in their life. It teaches you to follow your heart. The movie revolves around a rat who wants to become a chef in a world where are seen as a curse in the kitchen. The rat makes an unusual alliance with a kitchen worker at a popular restaurant. He makes amazing ratatouille. Sounds interesting, right? Watch the movie to find out whether he becomes a chef or his dreams get ruined in the cruel society. 

Cars (2006)

IMDb Ratings – 7.1/10

Directors – John Lasseter, Joe Ranft

Writing Credits – John Lasseter, Joe Ranft, Phil Lorin, Jorgen Kluben, Kiel Murray, Dan Fogelman

Cars are a must in the list of amazing Disney movie lists. The story of this movie revolves around the famous Lightning McQueen. He is asked to travel to California to race; however, enroute he gets damaged on the road. He is sentenced to repair the damage itself and to work hard to become strong again. McQueen makes new friends and learns the value of friendship, love, and moral values. It helps him to heal the ego. He finds more happiness in friendship than in fame. He finally realizes that love is more important than fame, sponsorship, and trophies. 

Cars 2 (2011)

IMDb Ratings – 6.1/10

Directors – John Lasseter, Bradford Lewis

Writing Credits – John Lasseter, Bradford Lewis, Dan Fogelman, Ben Queen

In this part, the star race car McQueen and his friend Mater move overseas to compete in the globe-hopping car race. In this part, the focus is shifted from race-car protagonist McQueen to rusty sidekick Mater. He is unwillingly drafted into a secret operation due to which he gets caught in his own intriguing adventure. 

In the movie, a pair of bad guys try to ruin the race. Will Lighting McQueen save the race? Find out and enjoy the movie. 

Wall-E (2008)

IMDb Ratings – 8.4/10

Directors – Andrew Stanton

Writing Credits – Andrew Stanton, Pete Docter

If you are looking for the best Disney movies of all time, then trust me, this one is a must-watch. The movie shows the distant future in which nothing is left on earth except a waste-collecting robot. Naturally, being alone, one of his kind, he feels lonely and sad until Eve arrives. She is a robot from another planet who comes to earth to find evidence of life. When she leaves, Wall-E goes on a space journey to find his love. His journey ultimately decides the fate of humankind.   

Up (2009)

IMDb Ratings – 8.2/10

Directors – Pete Docter, Bob Peterson

Writing Credits – Pete Docter, Bob Peterson, Tom McCarthy

The story of this movie moves around a grumpy old man Carl Fredricksen, who turns out to be cool when he meets a young boy. Though it is not a new concept, Disney has made it look shinier and amazing so much that the concept seemed completely new. 

A construction builder wants to build across Carl’s lawn. But Carl refuses to get out of his home and refuses to go to a retirement home. Instead, he ties balloons to his home and flies to Paradise Falls with his new scout friend, Russel. 

The Princess and the Frog (2009)

IMDb Ratings – 7.1/10

Directors – Ron Clements, John Musker

Writing Credits – Ron Clements, John Musker, Jason Oremland, Greg Erb

It is one of the high-rated Disney movies. The story revolves around a waitress who wants to fulfill her dreams of becoming a restaurant owner. Her dreams and ambitions get derailed when the frog prince Naveen shows up. He is turned into a frog and believes that a kiss from Tiana will help him to break the curse. However, after one kiss, they both become frogs. So will they become human again and get out of the mess?  

Toy Story 3 (2010)

IMDb Ratings – 8.3/10

Directors – Lee Unkrich

Writing Credits – John Lasseter, Andrew Stanton

Usually, the popularity of a movie decreases in the next part, but this one is not the case with Toy Story. This one is the last part and has got the highest ratings, which make it one of the best Disney movies of all time.

In this one, the toys accidentally get donated to a daycare center when the owner Andy becomes seventeen. In the beginning, everything is good, and toys love to be played with again. But later, they find out that the welcoming Loto bear is a tyrant, and they need to get out of the daycare center. Woody convinces the other toys that they were mistakenly donated and not abandoned. So, will the toys be able to come up with a plan to return home?

Alice in Wonderland (2010)

IMDb Ratings – 6.4/10

Directors – Tim Burton

Writing Credits – Linda Woolverton, Lewis Carroll

Alice Wonderland is a classic Disney movie. If you are a Johnny Depp fan, then this one’s a must-watch for you. In the movie, a nineteen-year-old girl Alice returns to a magical world where she used to come as a child. She meets and reunites with her new friends and finds out that her true destiny is to end the terror of the Red Queen. Watch the movie to find out if she will be able to free the wonderland. 

Tangled (2010) 

IMDb Ratings – 7.7/10

Directors – Nathan Greno, Byron Howard

Writing Credits – Dan Fogekman, Jacob Grimm

This one’s a classic Disney movie based on the famous story of a long-haired girl Rapunzel. She spends her complete life in a tower and has given up the hope of getting out in the world and leaving the tower. But suddenly, a prince shows up, and he is her lucky key for the outside world. She is about to live in the new world far away from the tower for the first time and find out who she actually is. 

Brave (2012)

IMDb Ratings – 7.1/10

Directors – Mark Andrews, Steve Purcell, Brenda Chapman

Writing Credits – Mark Andrews, Brenda Chapman, Steve Purcell, Irene Mecchi

This Disney movie revolves around Princess Merida, who is determined to choose her path and make her own future. She doesn’t like her mother, who provokes her to be a Queen. Disappointed with her mother, she takes help from a witch to cast a spell on her mother. But the curse turns her mother into a beast. Now Merida has to find a way strong enough to break the spell. 

Final Words

Disney movies are a treat to watch, and no matter how many times you see these movies, they are always entertaining. It is quite difficult to get bored of the best Disney movies of all time. If you want to watch something historical, try historical movies, or you can also watch romantic comedies to enjoy your weekend. Now, what are you waiting for? Grab some popcorn, get your blanket, and pamper yourself with the best Disney movies.