Best Indoor Pool Designs For Your Big House

indoor pool designs

Have you ever thought, “What if you can swim at any time you want? No restrictions and no boundations. Yes, I am talking about the indoor pool. What matters more while getting an indoor pool is that it should be the one that provides you relaxation. Yes, you are guessing it right the indoor pool designs. 

There are various types of indoor pool designs, some connected to nature and some that add to your lavish lifestyle. The major task is how you pick the best designs. To make that task easier, I am here for you with my article. The further article contains some of the best indoor pool designs for your big house. So just read, connect, and explore. 

Perks Of Indoor Pool

Before talking about some of the best indoor pool designs, it is important to talk about the perks of an indoor pool. Therefore, the following are the benefits of having an indoor pool:

  • In a temperature-regulated area, you can swim.
  • No wind, sleet, rain, snow, or any other weather can prohibit you from swimming every day.
  • It is privatized more than outside.
  • No need to worry about the blocking of your system of leaves, pods, and plant debris
  • Any time of day or night you can swim.
  • It can be cleaned and kept easily.
  • Bodies and decks can match materials in the rest of the building or be similar, giving a feeling of continuity.
  • It is a perfect location for a swimming pool or a smaller spa than typical pools but offers water sport.

However, you should know that swimming pools require a lot of care. Such as you should know how to drain a pool.

Mid Century Indoor Pool Designs

This famous pool is heart of the midcentury masterpiece created for industrial designer Raymond Loewy by Albert Frey the architect in 1948. The swimming pool is indoor/outdoor on the hills all above Palm Springs.  It allows visitors to swim inside the living room so that they can participate in a chat or swim outdoors when things get heat up.

Pine Lake 

An integrated spa is set right inside the pool at a contemporary knife-edge pool at Pine Lake, nearby Detroit. However, this indoor pool has rackless glazing walls, stone walls in Fon-du-Lac, a granite cascade background, travertine floor, aluminum sliding walls, and a concealed panel storage, designed by DesRosiers Architects. Other facilities include a towel laundry, a fireplace, a workout area, and a vestibule.

Woods View And The Indoor Pool

The Rill Architects of Bethesda (Maryland) proprietors wanted the company to build a pleasant swimming pool and training environment. Thus, making them feel like they were doing a job in the woods. Now, the homeowners can swim, work out and open the sliding doors to the fresh air throughout the summer.

Griffin Island Pool 

Hammer Architects renovated many modernist residences initially constructed by the Boston Institute of Contemporary Art’s architect Nathaniel Saltonstall. The houses were erected in the early 1950s and late 1940s on the Griffin Island near Wellfleet in Massachusetts. 

Hammer has renovated the home to a wide deck and master suite with an indoor laptop pool in the hillside on the bottom floor. A solar panel feeds the pool. And, also the neighboring shower with hot water on the roof.

Indoor Pool With Patio

An indoor pool with a courtyard look outdoors: there are the countryside, lounge chairs, a parasol, and a beautiful garden where you can enojoy. The owners of this house in Tampa, Florida, designed by Holloway Pools, have nothing to do with moisture, mosquito, and other summer weather delights. 

However, the mosaic tile at the pool. Also, the spa custom is from the USA. Holloway is the precast coping and covering. It is one of the best small indoor pool designs for homes. 

Subterranean Pool

A four-story underground pool became part of refurbishment of the Mews property in London’s Mayfair area. The whole length of the pool, designed and crafted by Tanby Pools, consists of quartz all from the deck to the pool floor. The centerpiece is as an exquisite diver’s bronze statue. Colored LED lights can establish the mood.

Woodstock Type of Indoor Pool Designs

For its resorts, the Catskill Mountains are well known. The building was erected among the towering length trees of the Catskill wilderness. However, it is 2,000 square feet but just 18 feet wide by North River Architecture in the hills near Woodstock. It includes 60-foot lap swimming pool, meditation room, spa bath, and a walkway above the deck. The architecture of North River opens the building to the outside while maintaining an efficient energy system.

Triple glass doors let natural light and conserve energy in colder months. In warmer months, fresh air like the deck or a patio will be let through the bifold doors. Airtightness and the insulation minimizes the energy needed to maintain comfort for the structure and the pool throughout the time. It is among the most beautiful indoor pool designs. 

Red Bridge

The American Architects created the lap pool at the House in London measuring 39 x 9,8 ft (12 x 3 meters) with panel-marked cement (a method of designing concrete which leaves an image of wood on its final face), which extends down the back wall to the foot of the pool. The ground and the rest of the swimming pool at Pebbletec are done.

 Garden View Indoor Pool Designs

A rectangular pool overlooks the garden but is covered and enveloped, if the rain is predicted, as Oxfordshire, England. This is extremely likely. The estate was formerly a rectory and respected its rich heritage but has been renovated for the lifestyles of the 21st century. This new pool structure is distinct from the rest of the property. The swimming pool area is designed by Yiangou Architects and links with media and other recreational areas.

Smart Indoor Pool Designs

An indoor pool with New Wave audio and lighting technologies highlights a smart house in the English county of Kent. Besides the thermostats, doors, and climate-controlled by the wireless Internet access, smartphones, pool and wellness management, and lights, stunning outcomes may be simply altered (the pool turns purple).

Classic-Style Indoor Pool Designs

It is evocative of the Roman Pool at Hearst Castle, the Greek-specified pattern tile on the floor of this JAB Design Group in the Valley of the Penn. The suitable pool, with formal seats, sconces, and pendentive lighting, has a traditional rectangular design. It is one of the most vibrant indoor pool designs.


Aspen is a ski town with gorgeous houses that offer rooms and facilities for the winter season to make inhabitants fun and comfortable. This indoor lap pool was developed by Brewster McLeod and is a good location to hang out even if you’re not swimming. Vintage lifeguards embellish the wall, a mirror lengthens the room. Moreover, the resin-rattan-resistant furniture with heavy tissue pads offers a pleasant nap-place after training.

Final Words

Indoor pools are always useful and enjoyable. They have many advantages, such as In a temperature-regulated area you can swim. Moreover, no wind, sleet, rain, snow, or any other weather can prohibit you from swimming every day. Several indoor pool designs can make your life more happening.

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