Erased Season 2: Cast, Release Date, And Plot

Erased season 2

What if you are fond of ice creams and suddenly a person comes with the best flavor of ice cream. He makes you taste it, but just after the first, he takes that away. Well, you might be thinking about what this nonsense is all about. But, seeing it from my eyesight is just connective to erased the anime, which shocked everyone with its story and animation. Now people are just waiting for Erased season 2 because the first season was only 12 episodes.

Yes, that sounds somehow unimaginable an anime with a great story and only 12 episodes. Don’t worry because I will let you know everything about the erased season 2 release date, cast, and plot. Therefore, just read, connect, and explore.

About Erased

The science and fiction series features Satoru Fujinuma, a young man of 29 who can return to his time when a person’s life is endangered. But, following the assassination of his mother, he returned to primary school, eighteen years into the person’s past. However, now the person’s mother’s fate is related to his kidnapped and slaughtered three classmates.

It is titled “Boku Dake ga Inai Machi” in Japan. Moreover, “Erased” began as an 8-volume manga series. However, it has since been transformed into a live-action film, an animated show, and a Netflix live-action.

Is Erased Season 2 Possible?

Fans of popular science fiction anime waited approximately five years for its comeback. The fans had previously been eager about the next stay inside the initial streaming of the program during January and March 2016. Almost all franchise adjustments, like the manga series, have been assessed positively.

Erased is an Anime series released in 2016. However, it was one of the top shows in 2016 and was ranked on almost every major rating platform. But A-1 Photos today, although strong demands, has still not greened the animal.

Well, most anime alterations are designed to promote the content of its source. You only survive till you have announced your light novels or manga series. But this did not seem to be the situation with Boku Dake ga Inai Machi anime. While it contributed to erased manga volumes, the series was finished differently than the first.

Furthermore, almost every brand adjustment, including films and series, was covered by the entire story of the manga. Therefore, none of them should return at the beginning for one more round.

So it may be no more opportunity if the studio does not produce a unique plot in season 2 for erased. Furthermore, given the history of A-1 Pictures, the chances for Erased return are quite hard. However, A-1 Pictures or some other company involved can undertake the project if numerous fans support the sequela.

Erased Season 2 Cast

Even four years after its original release, the wish for a second season is very significant. In addition, the current reissue of the Netflix series has expanded its scope. After her Netflix release, the anime finally rose. As a result, calls were also on the rise for Erased Anime Season 2 on social media.

Since season 2, the future cast is still a mystery that has not yet been verified. It would depend only on the plot and, therefore, on its features. The first spell of “Erased” includes two voice actors that play the main character in two separate episodes. However, it may not make any sense for the following episodes.

At the age of 29, Ben Diskin speaks to Satoru at the age of 10, and at 10, Michelle Ruff. Famous voice actors in Western Animations and also anime English dubs. Surely the fans had heard Diskin before, maybe like Naruto’s Sai: Shippûden and Boruto, or JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure like Joseph Joestar.

However, in the meantime, Ruff has spoken in “The Three Lupin,” among many other parts, in the sci-fi Anime classic “Akira” and in the Fujiko Mine. You can either return, but that depends on the plot of the anime.

Erased Season 2 Plot

Satoru Fujinuma, a manga novelist with unique skills known as ‘Revival,’ is the story of the hit anime series. He travels back in time with this power shortly before a life-threatening catastrophe. This helps him, therefore, to prevent any serious unpleasant circumstance before it may ever arise. 

However, Satoru is pushed back 18 years in a strange turn of events when an unknown assailant murdered his mom. With this capacity, the primary character cannot save his mother just, but can also stop one of his classmates from being abducted and murdered.

Even if the manga story was still not kept by the anime, the assassination mystery ended. Thus, the loose ends were also resolved. Therefore, for a second season, what else should be covered? Naturally, the authors might develop a new novel that focuses on Satoru’s ability to travel time, apart from the source material. The manga, however, included a spin-off novel that examined the events of ‘Erased’ and analyzed the killer’s intentions more deeply.

“Erased” Stage 2 may use this material, although the series format may be very distinct from that of Stage 1. However, the original author also wrote and showed a “Boku Ga Inai Machi: Re.” It is a spin-off manga that centers on Kayo Hinazuki, one of the primary victim’s children. Moreover, there’s plenty of source material to offer a new season while the main tale is over – it simply would be a bit different.

Erased Season 2 Release Date

There is not yet news that “Erased” will be released for a second season. There is no release date at this time. Five years have passed since the anime was completed, yet it has drawn new supporters into streaming on Netflix. 

Netflix and the animation studio A-1 Pictures may notice and produce the second season fans like fans demonstrate affection to the series. After all, Netflix took a particular interest in the production of anime since late.

Since the initial release is over four years old, A-1 Pictures might be the greatest time to announce a renewal. Once the new episode is given the green flag, it could take a year to finish the production process. So Erased Season 2 will probably reach the screens in mid-2022 based on this format.

Erased Season 2 Source Material

Even the most popular anime series will depend on its source material for the future. Only uncommon projects can be returned, even if the content for adjustment is not present. Your production company generates a new story in such unusual instances. 

Well, apart from these extremely few situations, it takes little time for studios to abandon a show because of the absence of sufficient source material. Unfortunately, Erased Season 2 could be prey to tradition.

The Boku Dake ga Inai Machi manga series was written by Kei Sanbe in June 2012. The series was released. However, it had been serialized for the end of April 2016 in Kadokawa Shoten’s Young Ace magazine for four years. Bis then, the series had only come out with nine volumes. But it was somewhat abrupt at the end of this voyage. 

However, Sanbe’s manga series history has yet to be completed and left the readers on a cliffhanger. Since it was already four years, the possibility is quite unbelievable for the mangaka to come back. The TV anime series Erased spanned its first seven volumes. Only two more volumes of his preferred fan manga series were printed after the anime was launched. 

The plot is incomplete, except that the remaining source material will not be adequate for erased season 2. Thus, a second installment will only have the little possibility if the mango continues to write more manga volumes.

Final Words

The 2016 Anime series Erased was one of 2016’s top shows and was rated on nearly every major rating platform. In favor of the resumption of the series, fans began to sign petitions. Therefore, it will be difficult to notice a clamor around the sequel at this moment for A-1 Pictures or other firms. However, Erased season 2 might release in the year 2022.

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