10 Most Expensive Water In The World

Expensive water

How much would you spend on the bottle of water? Bottled water at the convenience store or normal grocery store is just a dollar, which is what many people will pay. While others will pay a bit more for the brand they want, well, trust me, it just tastes better than the regular brands. However, some expensive water tastes amazing, comes with so many minerals, and of course, it’s not affordable. So keep reading to know more about the ten most expensive water bottles in the world.

Fine – $5 per 750ml

The water comes from Japan, and it is naturally purified from the old volcanic rock from deep beneath Mount Fuji to make the mineral-rich and fully pollutant-free water. This water is luxurious and pure and never comes in touch with man-made pollutants that can pollute the water like other spring waters that come from the shallower springs. It is soft to the pallet and has a unique yet subtle taste. The company made the appearance in 2005 and has been bottling this best quality spring water for $5 per 750ml.

Tasmanian Rain – $5 per 750 ml

This bottled water is from Australia and comes from Tasmania island. This water so pure that it falls from the sky, like rainwater, and is bottled into stylish and sleek bottles. The rainwater taken for your satisfaction falls from the sky, where the air has been considered the cleanest air globally. This water never touches the ground, and once it is bottled, it is also infused with bubbles to make it enjoyable and delightfully soft. This water bottle costs $5 per 750ml.

Lauquen Artes Mineral Water – $6 per 750ml

This water comes from the mountain aquifer, and it is found near San Carlos Bariloche, Argentina. The spring is 500 meters under the ground, and it is surrounded by 20 acres of forest untouched. The spring is under constant pressure and a normal temperature year-round, of 4 degrees Celsius. This water bottle costs $6 per 750ml.

Aqua Deco – $12 per 750

The word deco means artistic, and this water brand is one of the unique deco bottles you will find for water. This water is held in the stylish bottle that comes from the unspoiled, untouched springs in Canada. This brand has won the gold for being one of the best non-carbonated water in 2007. Moreover, it remains one of the favorites among water lovers. This bottled water is selling mostly at hotels, high-end restaurants, and spas. This water bottle costs $12 per 750ml.

10 Thousand BC – $14 per 750ml

This water is located on the coast of Canada. This water is so far from human pollutants and contamination, located in the Hat Mountain Glacier, Canada. The aim of the company was to be the first to make the product of bottled water that came from the mountain glacier. It is highly sophisticated, stylish, and a world-class brand. This water bottle costs $14 per 750ml.

Veen – $23 per 750ml

This water comes from Finland, and it is one of the freshest and purest waters in the whole world. It is located close to the Finnish Lapland, just outside the small village called Tengelio. This water is naturally filtered through the ice age before it reaches the Konisaajo natural spring. The water has been considered superior, with the unusual ability and smoothness to satisfy any thirst. This water bottle costs $23 per 750ml.

Bling H20 – $40 per 750ml

Bling water comes from the English Mountain Spring located in the Mountains of Tennessee. There are nine-step purification processes that are used in order to make sure that the company’s award-winning taste matches the award-winning design. It is extremely delightfully refreshing water served at spas, top restaurants, and this bottle looks almost like a bottle of expensive champagne.  This water bottle costs $40 per 750ml.

Fillico – $219 per 750ml

If you love chess games, then you will see the design and look of Fillico’s uniquely designed bottles. The design looks like the Queen and King pieces of Chess, which represents royalty. The Swarovski crystals with glass bottles are elegant; also, the water is luxurious. The water comes from the highly valued spring in Kobe, Japan. This water is expensive, which costs $219 per 750ml.

Kona Nigari Water – $402 per 750ml

This water is said to help energize you, lose weight, and improve the skin’s quality. The water comes from Hawaii Island, a thousand feet beneath the surface of the ocean. Kona Nigari water is said to be more satisfying the thirst. This water contains naturally happening deep ocean electrolytes. Famous dermatologists and fitness trainers recommend Kona Nigari. This water bottle costs $402 per 750ml; the second most expensive water in the world.

Acqua Di Cristallo Tributo A Modigliani – $60,000 per 750ml

At the price of $60,000 per 750ml, this water is the most expensive water bottle in all the world. This water comes from France and Fiji’s natural springs, and this bottle comes with a 24 karat gold bottle. The bottle is one of the most expensive pieces of the water product, although it is said to have a different, tantalizing taste and softness, which will fascinate even the biggest bottle water experts.

Final Words

Expensive water brands have their own connoisseurs called water sommeliers, people aware of the various filtering processes and best combinations to match specific kinds of water with distinct dishes and meals.

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