Best Floral Perfumes For Men

Floral Perfumes For Men

Almost everyone knows about Floral fragrances in women’s perfumes but do you know that there are some best floral perfumes for men also available in the market. 

Smelling good is very important because it gives freshness to the body and comes as a part of personal hygiene. There are many types of floral perfumes for men available in the market, and all of them are good, but we have listed some of the best floral men’s perfumes which you will surely love.

Perfume tells a lot about the personality of a person, so it is very important to choose the right fragrance. Nowadays, everyone loves to do experiments so, why not try these amazing floral perfumes for men.

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Floral perfumes for men

Below is the list of some popular floral perfumes for men to choose from:

Dior Homme

Launch- 2011

Gender- men

House- Dior

Cost- 125

Dior Homme is a classic perfume for men; it gives the best floral scent and provides freshness to the body.

The bottles of these perfumes look even more classier. The black transparent cap with square shape transparent bottle and brown color perfume.

Dior Homme notes:

Top- lavender, sage, and bergamot

Heart-rich amber, cacao, and cardamom

Base- patchouli, leather, tahitian vanilla

Carnal Flower by Frederic Malle

Launch- 2005

Gender- men

House- Frederic Malle

Cost- $59

This perfume contains a sweet flower smell with fruity flavors. If you want to go on your first date, then this perfume can be the best choice. 

Also, if you want to give a fancy perfume to your loved one, then it is the best floral perfume.

Carnal Flower by Frederic malle notes:

Top- bergamot, melon, eucalyptus, ylang-ylang, jasmine

Heart- tuberose, forbidden pleasure

Base- potent, lustful

Escentric 02 by escentric molecules

Launch- 2008

Gender- unisex

House- escentric molecules

Cost- $84.25

Eccentric 02 is a clear and clean perfume; however, it sometimes dries down to something unexpectedly warm and sexy. Its smell is very mild and lovely and designed around the single note of ambroxan.

Escentric 02 by escentric molecules notes:

Top- natural ambergris, hedione, orris, elderflower extract.

Heart- muscone, vetiver

Base- jasmine

Velvet rose & oud by jo Malone

Launch- 2012

Gender- men

House- jo Malone

Cost- $159.49

With the launch itself, Velvet rose & oud jo Malone became the most popular perfume among the young men. It Contains a rose smell and a mild fragrance of natural flowers.

Its bottle looks like a plain black square-shaped bottle with a classy silver transparent look.

Velvet rose & oud jo Malone notes:

Top- clove richness

Heart- damask rose

Base- oud

Citron 28 by le labo

Launch- 2020

Gender- men

House- le labo

Cost- $22.97

It is a classic line of exclusive perfumes; its fragrance has spring/summer wind. Smells like lemon, jasmine, cedar, ginger, and musk.

This is the best perfume to carry in a formal meeting.

Citron 28 by le labo notes:

Top- lemon, ginger

Heart- jasmine

Base- musk, cedar

34 boulevard saint germain by diptyque

Launch- 2011

Gender- men

House- Diptyque

Cost- $199

The name of this perfume was taken from the diptyques’ first boutique L’eau Trente-Quatre, 34 Boulevard Saint Germain. It is one of the oldest floral perfumes for men and has been in popularity since it was launched.

34 boulevard saint germain by diptyque notes:

Top- clove, cinnamon, black currant, cardamom, fig leaf, pink pepper, green notes, citruses

Heart- geranium, tuberose, iris, rose, violet

Base- resin, woodsy notes, eucalyptus

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Bottom line

As we have already mentioned, it is very important to smell good because it defines your personality. So, why not do some experiments and try these amazing perfumes for men.

The above-mentioned perfumes are among the best floral perfumes for men and have good reviews. The choice of the fragrance depends upon the event you are going to, but it is very important to choose the right and awesome perfumes.

These above-mentioned perfumes are a little expensive, but they are awesome and suit every type of personality. So, at least once, you should try these amazing perfumes for men.

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