What Is Grrl Power? Know About Grrl Power

Grrl Power

Grrl power comic is all about superheroines doing dating, shopping, fighting crimes, and saving the world. There will be cheesecake, explosions, villains, heroes, demons, angels, ninjas, and cyborgs. So in this article, we will share about grrl power comic and what is grrl power.

What Is Grrl Power?

Grrl power comic is all about power girls that fight for justice and save the world. You now might relate it to marvel comics, but let me tell you, it is something different. Several of these power girls are genetic mutants. The comic’s main character is Sydney, a girl who is nothing more than an average human. Grrl power follows Sydney discovers the new power inside her, and goes for the adventure as Sydney gets picked up by the military team. 

Before that, Sydney co-owns the comic shop. She thinks that anyone with a superpower can make lots of money in the private sector. So, she goes to the bank to do some errand, and she sees nothing is happening except bank robbers. The bank robbery was interrupted by the golden power girl named Maxima. Sydney Scoville accidentally throws herself one of the bank robbers and gets takes hostage. The other robbers take the shot at Sydney, but the grrl power Maxima stops and defeats the robbers effortlessly, and the story goes on. It is an interesting comic, and not all superheroes can be men; some superheroes can be women too.

Grrl Power Comic Cast

Here are some of the most powerful girls in this comic. 


  • Name – Maximillia Leander
  • Age – 34
  • Height – 6’1”
  • Eyes – Purple
  • Hair – Purple
  • Rank – Lt. Colonel

Her Powers –  Phenomenal speed, armor, strength, and energy beams. Maxima is normally quite tough; however, she has the reserve power that she can whenever she wants. In most dangerous cases; she even can draw other abilities to max out. It is an attribute that gives her staggering capabilities.


  • Name – Sydney Scoville, Jr.
  • Age – 21
  • Height – 5’0”
  • Eyes – Brown
  • Hair – Dirty Blonde
  • Rank – Cadet

Her Powers – The spheres that orbit her. Each one of the spheres grants her a unique power, but she can only use two powers at a time. Powers like a force field, flight, energy beam, telepresence, and telekinetic pseudopod. The power of two other spheres is unknown.


  • Name – Xuriel Shahara Tantalis
  • Age – 187
  • Height – 5’10”
  • Eyes – Left: Blue / Right: Green
  • Hair – Blue
  • Rank – Civilian Specialist

Her Powers – There are so many powers to list, her power derived from multiple sources includes psionics, magic, martial arts, and mutant powers. Dabbler also has the cybernetic arm with the teleporter, which allows her to retrieve gadgets and weapons from her lab.


  • Name – Kenya Cassidy
  • Age – 28
  • Height – 6’7”
  • Eyes – Brown
  • Hair – Red
  • Rank – 1st Lieutenant

Her Powers – Powerful kinetic absorption and super moderate strength. She can dramatically increase the strength with her stored energy and release it in a devastating attack.


  • Name – Daphne DeShantis
  • Age – 19
  • Height – 5’6”
  • Eyes – Blue
  • Hair –  Strawberry Blonde
  • Rank – Corporal

Her Powers – She can teleport, but unlike any teleporters, Harem does not have to shift her original body from one location to another.  She can easily create duplicates of her body. Harem can total have five bodies. These five bodies share a single mind, making her best for spy work.