6 Best Historical Movies On Netflix

Historical Movies On Netflix

History may not have been your preferred subject in school, but that does not mean you can not like historical movies on Netflix. These movies serve many ideas while being hugely entertaining. Well, for history geeks, they become a topic of great discussions- picking all the threads, showing out mistakes, and discussing the meaning of the stories. 

These are the interesting tales of old-time, of a community that we do not live in, and the world’s history we never get to see (except if the time machine is created!). 

It does not matter which genre you like, and you can not reject historical films’ value. They are entertaining, informative, and, most importantly, alert signals, warning us of what the world could be like if humans make the same errors again. There is a saying that “history repeats itself.”

By each passing time, Netflix has been expanding its range about the genre of tales it says. However, if you need a history education, without the classroom’s tiresome, in this article, we have shared some of the best Historical movies that you can watch on Netflix. This list also includes historical drama films, historical war movies, and historical fiction movies.

List of Best Historical Movies

A Little Chaos (2014)

Directed and leading Alan Rickman, this movie follows the tale of two people who are assigned with designing the great Garden of Versailles. Sabine De Barra’s role is played by Kate Winslet, a civilian who is selected to help with the gardens’ design. Sabine De Barra is chosen by Andre Le Notre, who was a well-known scenery artist. The movie also takes into the story of the political conflict in the court and shows the French nobility’s lifestyle. 

Though, its main focus rests on the relationship between Andre Le Notre, whose spouse has been cheating on him, and Sabine De Barra, who is troubled by something in her past. The movie is not close to being historically precise, and it does it bother to do so. Still, the actors’ great performances, especially the lead partners, make it worth a watch.

Devil’s Bride (2016)

The trials of witch are not something that occurred in just an individual part of the world. Till science got a proper grip on the world, many people believed in enchantress, and many women were killed because of that. Many women were the victims of false allegations, their sin being that they provoked someone who did not stop directing them to death over anything. 

‘Devil’s Bride’ chases the story of a woman who falls in love with a married man. She was trying to get his wife out of his life so that she can be with him; she blames the innocent woman of sorcery. However, she regrets it when she finds that what community does to the women marked as witches.


The Angel (2018)

If we talk about historical films, it always enchants up the picture of the events that lie at least a hundred years previous to one’s own era. To be honest, what happened a long time ago is also history, although it will count as the most recent one. Moreover this movie, you must watch, because it plays as more of a spy-thriller. It is based on the book written by Uri Bar-Joseph, it directs on the narrative of an Egyptian man who worked as a secret agent for Israeli intelligence. 

Set in the outcome of the Six Days War, it tells how the Prime Minister of Egypt and his cabinet discussed how they can get back to Israel after their current loss. Prime Minister son-in-law Ashraf Marwan let in on the debate. However, he is roughly reproved when he makes a solid suggestion. This puts him towards Israeli intelligence, and after that, what happened was history!


Outlaw King (2018)

Robert Bruce is kept in high respect in Scottish history. Robert is known as one of the most fearsome soldiers and guided the first war of Scottish Freedom. ‘Outlaw King’ centers on the events after surrounding the Stirling Castle, where all the Scottish aristocrats surrendered to England’s King. After that, Robert Bruce started a revolution against the British, motivated by sensing the change between the regime’s sizes and the public showing William Wallace’s damaged body. 

Titular king was played by Chris Pine, while Florence Pugh, Billy Howle, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, and Tony Curran performed in other significant roles. Like any other movie, you can suspect some historical errors. But you will get the overall summary of all the events that guided him to become a leader, and, after that, he became the King of Scots.

Mudbound (2017)

It is one of the best movies of the year, ‘Mudbound’ is made in the post-Second World War period. Two warriors return from the war, with no memory of their Pre-war life. Ronsel Jackson was in the infantry, and Jamie McAllan was in the army pilot. Back home, Jamie’s elder sibling, Henry shares a marriage with Laura. On the other hand, Ronsel’s family works in the fields of Macallan’s. While returning home, Ronsel and Jamie strike a friendship sharing their war experience. 

But, the absorption of whites and blacks was not a common thing at that time, not where both lived, also both of them face problems because of that. The movie focuses on Post-traumatic stress disorder ( PTSD), which mainly troubles Jamie and the bias that Ronsel has to stand witness to, which he is not accepted to after becoming a member of the army.


The Red Sea Diving Resort (2019)

It is a Netflix original movie, The Red Sea Diving Resort is based on how Israeli intelligence department (Mossad) led to smuggling out Ethiopian Jews from Sudan to Israel. Israeli intelligence agent Ari Levinson proposes to his superiors that they can purchase a beach resort and use it as a shield to carry out the covert mission. 

They follow out the mission in Sudan, but not long ago before some confidential were disclosed and the lives of the people and the agents they were protecting, they were surrounded by danger. The movie had quiet elements to make a gripping thriller. Still, writer-director Gideon Raff totally wastes away the shot by coming up with poorly-written roles and not providing the actors with enough work. 

Final Words

Netflix loves revisiting the past and bringing to light several narratives that are based on or driven by real-life experiences. The old story combines some of the greatest details of storytelling: costume or period dramas, whole casts in interlocking narratives, imitations of actual events or people. 

All of which have the ability to send audiences back in time without them having to leave their couch. So we have mentioned above some of the best historical movies on Netflix. If you find this information useful, drop a comment below this section.


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