How To Grow A Handlebar Mustache? Tips For Beginners

how to grow a handlebar mustache

Do you know how to grow a handlebar mustache? Well, traditionally, the handlebar mustache is worn without the beard, creating a unique fashion statement in every phase of life, be it at leisure, work, or with family. 

However, in a less traditional and modern-day world, the handlebar mustache with the beard. Generally, bushy and thick hair to balance the wholesomeness of a unique addition is a recognized style; however, it somewhat works down the peculiarity.

What Is A Handlebar Mustache?

There are much variety of mustaches that come under a handlebar title. The common attribution is of a long mustache with curved ends, generally the upward flourish with the help of styling treatments like mustache wax. The popular handlebar club in London describes it as the hairy addition of an upper lip. This mustache has other names like Italian mustache and hipster mustache.

How To Grow Your Handlebar

So you have chosen that the ordinary mustache lip is not for you and want to try out something with a more amazing factor and the head-turner to boot. So here are some steps to grow the handlebar mustache.


Let the hairs grow as much as they can. Let the hair on the lip surface shoot out and thicken; however, under no circumstances do not trim the hair. The mustache needs hair needs as much as possible to shape and groom towards the lengthy sideward. Moreover, if you have got the new style under control, then any sort of trimming will lessen the chances of success. Even the annoying areas at the corners of the mouth should be whole as every hair will see towards the final look.


The first rule to grow a mustache is that “Be patient.” It can take up to three months to grow something that can be deemed the handlebar style, and it is made of long hairs from head to the cheek and beyond, with a bushy and thick appearance.


After the patience, there are some actions you can take to help the mustache. Once the mustache is grown to the comb-able length, then train the hairs to grow outwards by parting them vertically under the nose. After that, comb each side in the correct direction using the natural fine-toothed wooden comb to give the shape to the mustache.


After taking a shower, use beard and mustache wax. Also, before using the wax, warm the wax between the fingers because the hair is still damp after showering. Now start applying the wax from the middle, spread the wax along the upper edge of the mustache, and spread along each side. After that, use the comb to spread it down in the hair and check that it is evenly spread throughout. Also, remember to comb the little hairs in the right direction, towards the cheeks, to help them to get into the position. Moreover, if you have used too much wax, then just comb the rest out and discard.

Twist And Shout Shape

Once the mustache has grown long enough at the ends, then twist them with the help of wax at the beginning of the curl, inwards and upwards. As the ends become longer, then twist them tightly around the fingers and work on it how you want them to look. Without the extra shaping, the new look will weaken and become the Walrus mustache look rather than the handlebar you want, so it is worth the effort to make a shape, whether it includes refined twists or large loops. The wax will dry and leaves the desired style you want.


Finally, we are using the trim word; however, only if it is necessary depends on the style you want. Now you could trim the ends if the desired look is to remain as smart as the handlebar will allow. However, if you are after the big impressive swirl, then put the trimmers back down. Whatever you imagine, never trim the bottom end of the mustache over the mouth under any conditions. You need these hairs to grow and remain long to comb into the overall shape of the mustache.

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Maintaining The Handlebar Mustache

Now you have finally grown the unique facial feature, so now you will need to maintain it by washing, waxing, combing, and curling. Brush out the dust, if any, and wax excess with the natural bristle brush; after that, uses the best quality beard wash to remove dirt. After this method, follow the steps above for waxing, combing, and curling.

The mustache’s hair is trained away from the mouth because they are long, and it will easily attract crumbs, food morsels, and soups, and any other liquids you drink. 

Final Words

Well, now you know how to grow a handlebar mustache. This mustache is certainly more than just the fashion; it is an enchanting ornament for men. The more extreme the handlebar mustache becomes, the more superior the overall effect. 

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