Use Of Mustache Wax for the First Time

Growing a mustache can be an intimidating process for first-time mustachioed gentlemen. It took me months to finally decide on the perfect facial hairstyle, but I have since been rewarded with compliments and interesting conversations about my new look. There are many tools available to help you grow your own magnificent mane; here’s what they do:

When should I start using wax on my mustache? This is often one question among many gentlemen who wear their whiskers proudly in either full or partial fashion. Growing that illustrious furrow atop your upper lip takes commitment from both yourself and patience as well – it was not something that came naturally at all! The journey towards achieving perfection will require some hard work, dedication, determination, and even courage.

Step 1: Start Growing It

If you haven’t already started, go ahead and let those whiskers start shining through the follicles. The early stage of your mustache is short-lived, so now’s a good time to help promote healthier growth before it starts getting longer! Rub on natural beard oil to keep everything under control while keeping healthy with Jojoba Oil from quality waxes like our Olde Country Wax.

Step 2: Train the Hair

Now, while most of us know that the mustache symbolizes masculinity and ruggedness in our day-to-day lives, we don’t always realize how much grooming it takes to maintain such an iconic style. Probably one of the best ways you can get your stache on point? Investing time into training those hairs where they need to grow! You’ll want to start with brushing them up onto your lip so as not only does wax adhere better but also because this will make sure any stray hair ends up at least over there instead of getting stuck between teeth or anything else down south…

Step 3: Style Up for Look and Hold

Now that your mustache has started to grow, you will need a plan for how it should look. Some guys are busy with work and do not have much time to style their facial hair in the morning. We recommend an easy grooming routine for maintaining whiskers on the fly without too much fuss or muss; we would suggest either using some medium hold wax (which is perfect for those “on-the-go” moments) or keeping a travel-size tube of this stuff at home so you can take care of any stray hairs whenever necessary!

One common misconception that many people have is that the only options for mustache wax are to either look natural or go with a stronger hold. The truth of the matter, though, is there’s something in between those two categories called “normal” stronghold, and if you’re going out tonight, then that might be what you need! A good example would be our Death Grip Wax which will help your hairs stay on-point all night long but still look perfectly groomed. Give it a try when you feel like stepping up your game!

Final Step: Maintain & Protect

Waxing your mustache can be a relatively easy process. Just because it has the right length doesn’t mean you should set and forget; make sure to use non-chemical-based waxes not to damage the hairs underneath and condition with oils or balm at least once per week. It is also important that one washes out their mustache using natural soap, warm water while remembering never to trim split ends, damaged hair, or long flyaways, which could keep all of this for how much someone likes things looking like!