Best Surf Movies of All Time To Binge

best surf movies

Are you a surfing enthusiast? Or do you love to go surfing? Or enjoy watching how people play with those waves? If the answer to any of the questions is yes, you will also love the surfing movies. 

Living the dream, riding endless waves, embracing the various surfing lifestyles, searching every day for new surf spots, and meeting new people and cultures – surfing movies can be the windows to endless imagination. Something which you will find common in surf cinema, whether it is a movie or a surfing documentary, is the sense of dreamy waves, endless fun, and freedom. 

In the article below, we have put together some of the best surf movies which you can watch. These movies will let you closely enjoy the fun, freedom, and experiences of some of the best surfers. 

Let’s be Frank

Release: 2016

In recent years surf movies have taken the form of short clips that you can watch while scrolling Instagram. During this downfall period of the surf cinema, the let’s be frank came out as a pioneer in 2016. This movie received international acclamation for being a full-length, plot-driven, surfing movie, which is worth the time and effort. 

At first glance, you may feel like the film is not much as it covers the story of a lesser-known south-African surfer – Frank Solomon. However, if you haven’t seen the movie till now, it’s worth your time, and the storyline will keep you glued to the screen. 

The Heart and The Sea

Release: 2012

This film is from the famous byron bay filmmaker Nathan Oldfield. He is popular for telling visual stories about surfing in an interesting current of Avante-Garde. 

Like many other acclaimed films by him, The Heart and The Sea is also a masterpiece. It has a cast of recognizable actors like Ryan Burch, Dave Rastovich, and Alex Knost. An alternative to this, the craft range from retro fishes to alias to logs. The film personifies the life around the ocean and the joy in it.

In short, this masterpiece from Nathan Oldfield is a must-watch and worth the time. 

Lost Atlas

Release: 2011

After the grand success of the Modern Collective, Kai Neville, his debut film in 2009 as a director, brought lost Atlass. The Lost Atlas was a follow-up movie and something which brought the noise to Kai Neville. 

It stars a dozen surfers, which are double the six surfers in the original Modern Collective. The movie also has the original thumping bombastic European track of dance from its predecessor Lost Atlas. It flipped the original soundtrack to lo-fi garage rock and added esoteric international vibes to it. 

Overall the lost Atlass is one of the must-watch surfing movies which will keep you glued to the screen. The plot-driven storyline, along with the acting line, is something that makes it worth watching. 

The Wave I Ride: The Paige Alms Story

Release: 2017

Before the competitive success, Paige Alms was a stand out performer in the movie series the Jaw. She is also a two-time winner of the big wave world championships for women. But her success story began after she demonstrated her command at big waves. She did this at the Women’s Pe’ahi Challenge in 2016. This success of her at the large waves made her a star overnight. 

Since the inception of surf cinema, it has been a game of man from actors to the behind camera crew. But changing this, The Wave I Ride: The Page Alms Story stars the female surfer as a lead. This film by Devy Bisson is an embodiment of a badass woman who pushes her limits. The movie tells us how a woman can achieve anything if she wishes and has the willpower. 

This is one of the best surfing movies on Netflix, which you will surely love. It is also a great surfing documentary that expresses women’s empowerment well. 

Manufacturing Stoke

Release: 2011

The invention like ECOBOARD to use natural rubber and recyclable wetsuits, the surf industry is recognizing the importance of the environment. These inventions tell how their products affect the environment for which the products are made. 

It’s hard to pinpoint a single reason for this shift of the industry to eco-friendly products. This ‘going green’ is also happening in other industries, which is a good thing for mother earth. It is also safe to say that there are some leaders who played a role in taking the industry towards this change. 

The movie manufacturing stroke tells the story of the leaders who took the surfing industry towards this change. This is one of the best surfing movies on Netflix, which you can binge. The plot and interesting facts of this surf cinema masterpiece will keep you interested for the whole movie. Another amazing thing about it is that you can also use it for your children to teach the importance of the environment. 

Strange Rumblings in Shangri-La

Release: 2014

In 2014, Joe G, whose full name is Joe Guglielmino, debuted with all accounts to his opus, which is Strange Rumblings. This movie is a surf cinema masterpiece in collaboration with the Globe. It features the famous Dion Agius, Damien Hobgood, Creed McTaggart, Nate Tyler, Noa Deane, and more. 

The film’s storyline and plot also lead it to win the SURFERS Poll of the year awards. However, this win of the film was overshadowed by Noa Deane’s discontent with the World Surf League. 

However, if you want surfing movies on Netflix to binge on something interesting, this can be perfect. The plot of the movie will not let you down as it is one of the best surf movies. 

Under an Arctic Sky

Release: 2017

Under an arctic sky is a masterpiece of surf cinema from the reclaimed Chris Burkard. It rekindles the spirit of adventure which exists in all the surf movies of the modern era. This movie is something that will let you enjoy the exploration craving of a surfer and see the world from their perspective. 

The movie features a crew that has the stars like Burkars, Justin Quintal, Timmy Reyes, and more. In the movie, you will see how a crew travels to Iceland during a storm, which occurs only in blue-moon time. The crew surfs there along the frigid fjords of Iceland. 

In the story, you will see how they explore the new surf spots and what they discover and go through. Overall this is a must-watch surf cinema movie which you are going to admire.

Bethany Hamilton: Unstoppable 

Release: 2018

Talk about determination in the face of tragedy, and Bethany Hamilton is the person to present. She is a true inspiration as even after a harrowing shark attack in which she loses her one arm, she rose to prominence through her determination.

This is a surfing documentary which is not only inspiring but also a masterpiece of cinema. Bethany’s story of success in tragic circumstances led her to popularity. She wrote a book, became part of a morning talk show, and had a Hollywood movie on her. After the incident of the shark attack and her popularity, she has become a mother of two over the years. She is also one of the top women surfers around the world

The movie is unstoppable and tells about Hamilton’s triumphs and vulnerabilities. This movie is something that will tell you how powerful a woman can be even in tragic situations. 

Come Hell or High Water

Release: 2011

The come hell or high water is the first film on bodysurfing. This is one of the best surfing movies which you can watch in modern times. 

The movie is directed by the famous Keith Malloy and captures the pure form of surfing sans board. This movie’s storyline and catchy plot will inspire you to go out to enjoy a womp. 

Blue Horizon

Release: 2004

If you want a legendary surf movie, then the blue horizon is perfect. This movie is from a time when Billabong’s roster had Andy, Rasta, Dorian, Taj, and Jack McCoy. It was followed by Dave and AI for a time of two years to document the divergent paths of these surfers. In many ways, it was to show the similarities between all surfers. 

In the movie, the andy’s opening wave is something that is perfect if you want to commit memory of a single wave. After watching the wave, you will surely be left thinking about how the surfer manages such depths. 

God Went Surfing With the Devil

Release: 2010

Most of the surf cinema is nothing more than watching how artistically the best surfers ride the waves. But for some, it is an entry point for telling a broader and bigger story perspective. 

The God Went Surfing With the Devil is a fall into the second category of surfing movies. This movie shows the fractious relation between Gaza and the Israeli government in the backdrop of surfing. It shows the relationship between the Israeli government and Gaza territory, which is technically a part of Israel. 

The movie shows how surfing sports have taken root stubbornly and give locals an option to enjoy. It shows how the locals get a moment to forget hostilities between the two parties and exist in the present enjoying surfing. 

Final Words

Surfing movies are something that is interesting and inspiring at the same time. These movies give you an option to dive deep into the world of surfing.

The movies let you enjoy the movies and documentaries about some of the most legendary surfers. They are also an amazing thing to watch if you like to watch something for women’s empowerment. Some movies like Bethany Hamilton: Unstoppable will leave you fascinated about how even in adverse situations can a person rise. 

Jatin Choudhary