Marvel Legend Thor AKA The God Of Storm

Marvel Legend Thor

If you love marvel legend Thor and want to get full knowledge about him, keep reading the following post.

Marvel legend Thor is a god of Strome. He is one of the best characters in a comic book named Marvel, created by Stan Lee. In the comic, he is the king of Asgard and the son of Odin. Odin was the first king of Asgard.

The real name of Thor is Chris Hemsworth. He worked in many Marvel movies. In this movie, he is known as the god of the storm because he has the power of electricity in him. Thor also had a hammer called Mjolnir. 

Thor is the most powerful and strongest avenger; he also has a family consisting of a father, mother, brother, sister.

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Let’s talk about thor’s personality:

Marvel legend Thor is the king of Asgard, god of thunder, superhero, and earth’s protector.

He is a great warrior, and he saves the life of Asgardians and the people of earth. He is part of the avengers who save the earth and kill enemies.

The personality of Thor is just awesome, and he is a big strong guy with a long beard and hair. He also has a hammer and ax. The name of his hammer is Mjolnir, he has to open his hand, and Mjolnir automatically comes in his hand. It was not possible for anyone else to hold Mjolnir.

Thor is known as the god of thunder because he has the power of electricity in his body.

As we all know that everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses, so, following are Thors’ strengths and weaknesses:


  • loyal status
  • electric powers
  • love for jane
  • relationship with Loki (thors’ brother)
  • Strong conviction


  • Taking enemies lightly 
  • Poor negotiation skills
  • Scorning humanity
  • hubris
  • Hotheaded ways

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Thors’ powers:

Thor has a lot of power in himself. Like Thunder power, Mjolnir, muscles, sharp mind, long vision.

He also has superhuman strength, speed, agility, durability, etc.

Mjolnir was made up of uru- metal generated by a piece of the star.

In short words, Thor has a great personality and powers in him.

Thor’s brother:

The name of Thor’s brother is “Loki,” the prince of Asgard. However, he was adopted, Odin took him after the war on fraggie, but Odin gives Loki a great life and never makes him realize that he is adopted. After Loki gets to know that he is adopted, he wants to become the king of Asgard, for which he fought many times with Thor.

Loki also has the power of disappearing and can change his look with anyone. 

He tried many times but always failed to get the seat off the king. Even he tried to kill Odin and Thor many times,

At the time of the infinity war, Thanos killed Thor’s brother (Loki) and destroyed Asgard.

Thor’s movies:

As we all know that Thor is a great character of marvel, so he has his own many movies mentioned below:


At this time, Odin gifted Mjolnir to Thor and wanted Marvel legend Thor as a king. Due to some of Loki’s strategies, Odin got upset with Thor, so he took back all his power and sent him to earth. 

It was the first time when Thor came to earth; he met Jane and fell in love with her.

Somehow after some time, he fought with the villain and got all his powers back, and went to Asgard with jane.

The avengers

After Thor’s part, all they got to know about Thor and asked him to come on earth to save people.

So, in Avengers first, he was there to save the people from the attack of the villain.

Thor: the dark world

In this part, Jane mistakenly touched an infinity stone and got the stone inside her body. 

Thanos sent his villains to get stones from her, and Loki allows them to enter Asgard.

Villains attack Thor’s mother, due to which she died.

However, in the end, Marvel legend Thor killed all the enemies and saved jane.

Avengers: age of Ultron

This time Thanos asked Loki to get the infinity stone from the earth, and Loki accepted the offer.

He went on earth with a huge fighting army. He fought with the avengers and tried to kill them.

Again he was not able to do that, but he disappeared from there. Thor killed the army and saved the people.

Thor: Ragnarok

This time Odin died, and the villain was Thor’s sister hella. She wanted to kill Thor for getting the seat of the king.

So, she broke Thor’s hammer and sent him on the other planet and got the crown of a king.

After some time, Thor came back to Asgard and tried to kill Hella, and he did it by using Ragnarok. 

Thor lost one eye in this part.

Avengers: infinity war

After fighting with hella, he was taking the people of Asgard on earth, but suddenly Thanos went there to get the infinity stone from Thor.

Thanos killed all the Asgardians and Loki.

Guardians of the galaxy saved Thor, and they all went to kill Thanos, but they failed to kill him and lost 50% of the population.

In this part, he got his ax named storm breaker.

Avengers: Endgame

Till this time, marvel legend Thor created a new Asgard. However, other avengers found the location of Thanos and asked Thor to go with them. Thor went to the location and cut Thanos’ head with his ax.

For taking back 50% of the population, all the avengers traveled in a time machine and again got all the infinity stones and got the disappeared population back, then again all the avengers fought with Thanos and won the war.

It was the last Avengers movie.

Final words:

Marvel legend Thor is the best avenger and a great marvel character. Thor has a good personality with a sharp mind, and he had a good family. His brother tried to kill him many times but always failed. 

Thor has created many superhit movies also. Almost everyone who loves marvel loves marvel legend, Thor.

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