Natalie Wihongi – Everything You Need to Know

Natalie Wihongi is an award-winning makeup artist who made headlines when she married actor Karl Urban. The couple welcomed their second son in 2005, but they divorced less than ten years after having been together so long! Natalie has since worked on domestic and international film projects – check out some of them here.

Fame isn’t too familiar to this New Zealand native anymore because now people know exactly where to find her: everywhere from movies like “The Lord Of The Rings” spin-offs entitled ‘Rings’ through fantasy dramas such as Beauty And Beast or animated flicks including Finding Dory which came out last year.”

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Natalie Wihongi Early Life

Natalie Wihongi, a makeup artist behind many popular beauty trends, was born in New Zealand. Likewise, we have no information on her birthdate or birthplace; however, she belongs to NZ citizenship and is Caucasian ethnicity (which means white). She also maintains close family members back home who are very supportive of what they do for work- but unfortunately, this isn’t available through public records, so you’ll need to trust me when I say it’s all true.

Natalie Wihongi: Age, Weight, and Height

Natalie Wihongi is an Auckland-born New Zealand national who grew up in the city. In her early forties, it’s possible that she could be much older or younger than what appears to be currently based on information available through research so far, which does not include any date of Birth (DOB) data for this individual outside WhoeverYouKnow/cemetery records – where they are listed under “Natalies duplicate burials” with just one estimate given at some point.

Natalie Wihongi Nationality

While her ethnicity and nationality are a mystery, it is clear that Wihongi was born in New Zealand. She may also hold citizenship there; however, due to privacy laws, no other details about the 41-year older woman’s educational background were released at press time.

Natalie’s Education

The celebrity makeup artist went on to attend Epsom Girls Grammar School and took a makeup course.

Natalie Wihongi Career

Natalie’s love of makeup started when she was finishing high school. Afterward, Natalie worked as a professional artist and got the opportunity to work on Privateers in 2000; it would be her first time meeting Karl and playing his character for meets.

Natalie worked as a makeup artist on Rain, based on Kirsty Gunn’s 1994 novel. There is little information about her professional career despite being well-known for being an ex-wife to celebrity Tim Flack, who was also famous before he became politically active with his new girlfriend, MSN queen 2008 until the present day.

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Makeup Career

After finishing her secondary school at Epsom Girl’s Grammar School, Natalie built up her enthusiasm for makeup. Soon afterward, she started working as a professional makeup artist and got to fill in on Privateers in 2000! I met my former husband Karl, who would become famous when they became Mrs. South Africa in 2011 -Natalie Bridlewood.

Facts About Natalie Wihongi

After making a name for herself in the movie industry, it was time to turn her attention to television. Natalie’s first breakthrough came when she performed her skills on an episode of The Privateers in 2000; she has gone on to work on many high-profile TV shows such as Rain with Halle Berry or crime dramas like Crossing Lines ( Uk ), which features actors professionals, among others.

Natalie Wihongi pre fame Life

Natalie attended Epsom Girls’ Grammar School in Auckland. She reached enormous popularity through her marriage to Karl Urban, a famous Hollywood actor. He starred as Doctor Spock on Star Trek and Thor, among other films, making him internationally acclaimed. They married in September 2004 but had their first son while they were still together (2000), then secondly divorced with an increased net worth probably due at least partly to the settlement amount awarded during this divorce process.


Natalie Wihongi is currently single, but it wasn’t always this way. She was previously married to Karl Urban, and together, they had two sons: Hunter (2004)and Indiana(2006). The marriage didn’t work out; the couple decided it would be best if each went their separate ways after ten years apart.

Natalie Wihongi Kids

Her elder son, the Hunter, is quite active on Instagram and often flaunts his love for dogs and fishing skills. Despite divorce, they maintained a good relationship for the sake of their children by co-parenting them with Urban’s ex-wife in an amicable manner despite differences that arose during marriage proceedings.

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Relationship status with Karl Urban

When Urban’s makeup artist Wihongi gave birth to her first son in 2000, they named him Hunter. A year later, on September 16th at St Thomas More Cathedral, she married the love of their lives (and now husband) Indiana with two other children already waiting outside-firstborn Indy protein hurry up.


The couple announced their separation in a joint statement through an official PR agency, as per the NZ Herald. They said that they were committed to maintaining family relationships and reducing any negative impact on children from this decision which would likely be difficult for them both dueling legal proceedings while also caring simultaneously over two households with differing concerns about logistics such as child-rearing interference or shared custody agreements etcetera.

Natalie Wihongi, after divorce.

Natalie and Karl keep a low profile in terms of their personal lives. There’s no official information about whether they’re single, married, or divorced because it seems like the actors Want To Be Left alone with whatever romance may exist outside Hollywood circles.

Natalie Wihongi Net Worth

According to sources, Natalie Wihongi must have made a good living as her makeup artist because she’s worth around $1 million. Working as an MUA oneself can be lucrative! Karl Urban is also said (by reports)to collect quite the check when it comes down to a coin collecting money from sources working in other fields with mediation products or services recorded.

Natalie Wihongi House

Natalie’s family has an extravagant mansion worth $3.58 million (NZ$5,400000). They used to share another five-room manor in Herne Bay that was also quite pricey at over 665 thousand dollars – but they recently sold it for a higher price of nearly 7050000.

Natalie Wihongi on Social Media

Natalie has successfully maintained her secret life private and away from the media.

Where is Natalie Wihongi Now in 2022

Natalie Wihongi has been living a comfortable life in Auckland City on the North Island, New Zealand. After moving back to New Zealand, she kept things private, so most of her existence was secret from prying eyes and microphones. Still, we can’t help wondering if there’s anything more behind this decision than privacy.

A few weeks ago, reports came out saying that Natalie changed her contact details at work, which led many people who knew nothing about them before wonder what kind-hearted person would do such a thing for another individual.

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