Paul Ratliff – Surprising facts about Maggie Siffs’ Husband

Paul Ratliff is an American marriage and family therapist who was once a design strategist and innovation consultant. He’s best known for his partnership with Maggie Siff, which began when they were both teenagers in high school.

Maggie has gone on to star as Tara Knowles on Sons Of Anarchy while also being involved at many other times throughout television history, such as the show Still Standing alongside Andy Richter or even NewsRadio, where she played Dr kidney stone patient ‘Libby’/’ Sandy Flusner.’

The husband of a famous actress, Paul, has been the subject of public interest since he emerged in the limelight after getting married. And there are still many questions left unanswered surrounding this man’s personal life, including age and career details that have yet to be revealed by either party involved with their relationship – or even themselves.

Who is Paul Ratliff

As we mentioned before, Dr. Paul is a family therapist who has not shared any information about his date of birth or where he was born; however, it’s clear that this man loves talking to strangers on the street because as soon as they start asking questions – which usually starts with “What are you?” — all bets seem like off.

He’ll tell them anything from how old one needs to be before getting married (21) down to what ethnicity brings into play when deciding whether someone could date yourself: I’m white, so there must be something wrong here.


Ratliff is a very intelligent man. After graduating from high school, he attended Wesleyan University, where in 1985-1988, he earned a bachelor’s degree focusing on film/cinema/video studies and theater with an emphasis being put on counseling psychology during his final two years at Pacifica Graduate Institute before earning both degrees simultaneously this year (2018).

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Paul Ratliff is a family and Marriage therapist.

Paul’s Linkedin profile states that he began his career as an Understander at E-Lab, but it doesn’t say what company or organization this was for. After leaving there in 1997 to work with other companies like Sapient (January 1998 – June 2002), Paul became a Design Strategist and Innovation Consultant, where they can see how much experience is behind all those qualifications.

Paul Ratliff Played Baseball

Rumor has it that Paul Ratliff is not just a former baseball player but also an actor. He reportedly played high school ball at Pasadena High before being signed by the Minnesota Twins in 1962 and sent to their minor league team for ten games, where he had one hit on his ledger.

However, this didn’t stop him from getting more into acting; after appearing twice on CHEERS between 1981-82 with different characters, both times wearing glasses – you can say they were kind of memorable ones, too, considering how much time was spent filming them smoking cigarettes while talking about sports.

But yeah–this guy’s been all over Hollywood, thank goodness, because if there are two things people will remember most readily involving me, then it’s my voice and face.

Paul Ratliff and Maggie Siff MARRIAGE DETAILS

The beautiful couple walked down the aisle in 2012 and had a wedding ceremony. They were even more gorgeous when they shared their love, which is what led them to get married ten years ago.

The husband has two children from his previous marriage while being a stepdad for one – this makes it so awesome that he found someone as great again after such an important person passed away during World War II.

They have a daughter together.

The couple was blessed with a daughter. Maggie announced that she and her husband were expecting in 2013, giving birth to little lucy, who they’ve named after an old family friend-and now eight years old as of 2022.

The only thing more interesting than this story? How much information about the child do they want us to know?

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Who is Paul Ratliff’s Wife, Maggie Siff

Manhattan’s own Maggie Siff is a theater favorite. From her early days on the stage to later television appearances, this New York City native has been labeling herself as an actress with many faces and voices that will be sure to entertain not only you but also teach unforgettable lessons along your journey through life.

After starting her career in theater, Maggie Siff received multiple awards for excellence. She has been featured both on TV and in the film with roles that span across many genres, including dramas like Law & Order: Special Victims Unit or comedy films such as Then She Found Me (2007).

Paul Ratliff’s Net Worth

The famous husband is estimated to have a total net worth of $1 million. But, he has built his fortune from being in the industry as an actor and designer/innovator who consults with companies on how to increase innovation within their company culture.

Is Paul Ratliff on Instagram?

He’s not on Instagram or any other social media platform because he wants to keep his personal life private.

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