Best Romance Anime Movies and Series of All Time

romance anime

We all need a little lovin’ in life. Whether you have a crush on someone or you are madly in love with some, it is good to confess your feelings. Love is the most beautiful feeling in the world. If you have found your true love and are looking for some inspiration to confess your feelings, then we have made a list of the best romance anime movies and series for motivating you. 

There is a wide range of genres of anime movies, but romance anime is one of the best if you want something light-hearted. These movies will definitely pull your heartstrings and fill the void in your life.

Best Romance Anime

If you are a true anime fan, then you can not ignore romance anime. The best romance anime movies and series include cute anime characters and an amazing storyline that takes you on a roller-coaster of emotions. Continue reading the article to find out the best romance anime. 

Clannad: After Story

IMDb – 8.6

It is one of the best sad romance anime movies featuring a solid storyline and a lot of emotions. This romance anime revolves around the life of a sad anime boy: Tomoya. We all have a life full of ups and downs, but Tomoya’s life has more downfalls. 

Tomoya and Nagisa were madly in love with each other. After completing high school, their relationship reaches new heights. Nagisa teaches Tomoya how to lead a quality life. They both get married, and their love grows deeper with time. However, this one is not the story with a happy ending. It is the best tear-jerker. After giving birth to a daughter, Nagisa dies due to a weird disease. Tomoya is left alone with his daughter, all broken and depressed. This romance anime series will make you cry out loud but will also make you fall in love with Tomoya. 

Your Lie in April

IMDb – 8.6

If you love high school romance anime, then this one is the best for you. This movie is full of amazing music, which makes it perfect for music lovers. It will take you on a music trip that you will never forget. In this movie, the music will connect you with the characters. The story of this movie is all about friendship, passion, moving forward, and inspiration. 

The story of this best romance anime revolves around our protagonist Kousei Arima who quits piano after the death of his mother. After some time, he meets a beautiful pianist named Kaori Myazona, who encourages her to live life again and face the music. This movie is highly encouraging and will motivate you to fight something you really love and want in your life. 


IMDb – 8.4

This romance anime is about a lot of things: friendship, love, rivalries, music, and much more. Nana Komatsu is normal, and almost every girl can resonate with her in one way or another. She falls in love with a boy – Shouji Endo, a musician without too much caution. 

Nana decides to chase her boyfriend and boards a train in which Nana Osaki, who is also a musician, is already present. Both the Nana gel up super quickly, and their casual conversation leads them to a strong bond of affection. When they both become roommates, day-to-day obstacles start affecting their friendship. 

Some parts of this romance anime series will make you cry; some will make you pull out your hair, while others will make you laugh out loud. This series shows ups and downs in a way that you will easily connect with it. 

Fruits Basket

IMDb – 8.3

It is one of the best romance anime movies and series and includes everything that you love. It revolved around the classic story of the curse Sohama family and Tohru Honda. This romance anime literally has everything: high school hijinks, people turning into animals, lots of drama, amazing comedy, and some of the best romance we have ever seen in anime. 

If you are looking for something full of drama and romance, then this one is a must-watch for you. Moreover, if you love sojo-anime, then make sure to watch this one. 

Kids on the Slope

IMDb – 8.3

It is also a musical romance anime that will leave an amazing impression on you. This anime is not only about romance but also features music, long-lasting friendship, and love. It is a period drama and revolves around the story of Koru Nishimi, who is a loner. 

He meets Sentarou Kawabuchi, who is a Jazz fanatic. Along with them, there is Ritsuko Mukae who is a beautiful girl who befriends both of them. Together, the three of them explore love while bonding over jazz. This one is a perfect blend of love, music, and friendship. The story will make you smile and pull your heartstrings. 

Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day

IMDb – 8.2

This movie is from the lead production of Toradora. It is a romantic anime and is different from others. Now you must be thinking about what is different in this and why it is one of the best romance animes. It combines elements of romance and the supernatural in an amazing manner.

The story of this anime revolves around a loner Jitna Yadomi, who plays video games the whole day. He starts seeing the vision of his dead friend Menma, and this one is the missing puzzle in his story. 

When Jinta often starts seeing Menma, he and his friends from the past reunite with the intent to lay her spirit to rest. This romance anime will teach you to respect your friends and their importance in life.

Nodame Kantabire

IMDb – 8.2

If you want something light-hearted, then this one is a rom-com anime and is a perfect choice. It follows the story of Noda and Shinichi’s romance. Shinichi is a smart musical prodigy and wants to go to Europe to play with the elites. The only thing holding him back is the fear of falling. 

As a result, he takes admission in a music university in Japan. There he meets Megumi Noda. First of all, he gets unimpressed with her clumsy and ditzy personality; but soon learns that she is a musical genius. We all know that opposites attract; Nida and Shinichi start falling in love with each other. This romance anime is a roller-coaster of emotions and is both endearing and heartwarming. 

Cross Game

IMDb – 8.2

Cross Game includes all the popular anime genres: comedy, romance, sports, and school. It is one of the best young-love stories which will bring back your memories of school. This romance anime revolves around the story of Kou and Aoba, who fight all the time in the beginning. They are like Tom and Jerry in this movie. 

Though Kou is destined to marry Aoba’s sister, the story does not continue his way. A baseball match brings Koi and Aoba closer, and their love story begins. It is an amazing Adachi-anime and is highly amazing. 


IMDb – 8.1

It is one of the best sad anime movies to watch on Netflix. It is an amazing blend of romance, comedy, and a lot of emotions that will make you cry and laugh at the same time. The movie revolves around the story of Taiga Aisaka, who is tsundere and carries a wooden Katana with her. 

She meets the male protagonist Ryuuji Takasu with an intimidating face. In the beginning, they both decide to help each other to get the attention of their crushes. But, with time, their friendship starts turning into love. 

Kamisama Kiss

IMDb – 8.1

This romance anime combines romance and the supernatural. It revolves around the story of a young girl named Nanami Momozono, who is left homeless due to her father’s debt. She is a cute and sweet girl who always helps others and is always ready to go out her way in order to help strangers. 

Once Nanami saves a man from dogs and her life completely changes. In order to thank her, the man offers her one abandoned place to live. Suddenly it turns out that the abandoned place is a shrine, and Nanami is now a deity.

In a weird way, she falls in love with Tomoe (a fox), who is her familiar. They both fall madly in love with each other. This cute romance anime explores the romance and love between nonhumans and humans. 

 Maison Ikkoku

IMDb – 8.1

This is an amazing romance anime that follows the story of Yusaku Godai and his beautiful landlady Kyoko Otonashi. You may not like your landlord or landlady, but this story is completely different. Their story starts with becoming friends, and they both fall madly in love with each other. 

The character of Kyoto will stay with you even after the anime is finished. She is a beautiful and sad anime girl struggling with her own life. Kyoto is a widow who thinks that she can not fall in love again. But then she meets a charming tenant who sweeps her off her feet.

Nodame Cantabile

IMDb – 8.1

Nothing is better than music to make two people fall in love with each other. This is a romance anime with amazing music. The story revolves around an ambitious violinist named Shinichi Chiaki who wants to become a top star. However, he is afraid of the ocean and airplanes, so he is stuck in Japan. 

Finally, he meets a free-spirited girl pianist named Megumi Noda. They both become friends and finally fall in love with each other. It is an older classic love story that will make you fall in love with the characters. 

Lovely Complex

IMDb – 8.0

This romance anime is also called Love Com. It will introduce a hilarious love square to you in which a short boy and tall girl help in getting a relationship with their crushes. Things get tangled, and the feelings of each character start getting mixed soon. 

This romance anime is profoundly cute, and the chemistry of all the couples is profoundly amazing. Another thing that makes this anime interesting is that it deals with sensitive issues such as complex about being different from each other, letting people fall in love with you for who you are, and accepting the way you are, 


IMDb – 8.0

This one is a cute rom-com anime. It features a cute, independent, and tough Misaki Ayuzawa who sets an example at her high school as a perfect school president. After some time, the school becomes co-ed, and now Misaki is surrounded by boys. 

However, she also works as a maid at a cafe, and one day her classmate named Takumi Usi discovers this. It starts a friendship between them both, which is soon followed by a cute teenage romance. If you love rom-coms and want to see one, then this best romantic anime movie is for you. 

Kaguya-Sama: Love is War

IMDb – 8.0

It is an ongoing romantic anime series. The story of this anime is set in a prestigious private school. It follows the story of two high-Iq students. The class president Miyuki Shirogane is the second-best student in the school, and Kagyu Shonimya, the top student, falls in love with each other. 

However, they are too stubborn and proud to make the first move. So, they both trick each other to make the first gesture. This romance anime is full of love, friendship, comedy, and a lot of emotions. 

Final Words

Romance anime is the best way to get some romantic inspiration in life. If you are bored of action, horror, and looking for something light-hearted, then you should watch the best romance anime movies and series. They will take you on an emotional roller-coaster while pulling your heartstrings. Watch these anime, and do share your experience with us by dropping a comment.