Top Scary Anime Characters

scary anime characters

When we talk about scary movies, Jason and Freddy may come to your mind, and we agree, but the anime movie industry also has its fair share when it comes to horror. Some of the scary anime characters like parasites are sure to keep the viewers awake and from sleeping. 

Although the art of horror is not an easy one, anime characters have taken it a notch up. Numerous horror characters in the anime genre will truly send chills down your spine and will leave you sweating. 

In the article below, we have listed some of the top scary anime characters whose flicks you can watch to feel the sheer horror which an anime can inflict. 

Top Scary Anime Characters

These are some of the scary characters in the anime genre for which you can watch out to feel enjoy the best horror anime movies:

Mamoru Uchida – Perfect Blue

The Mamoru is one of the best horror anime culmination of many anime and media fans’ fear. In the anime, Mamoru is a quiet and lowly man who is not much social and is often shunned by people around him for his lack of social skills. 

In this horror anime, the mamoru finds solace in his favorite and idol singer Mima. he is obsessed with the singer. When the singer decides to transition from singing to acting, the Mamoru is left heartbroken and angered. This obsession with the Mamoru turned him into a mad man. He begins stalking Mima and sending her threat letters. The Mamoru even tries to kill her. 

This is one of the scary anime characters which even in real life, celebrities fear. Yes, some fans are truly mad like the Mamoru and can cross limits for their idols. 

Shion Sonozaki – Higurashi: When They Cry

This is one of the most scary anime characters, and the mind-bending story of this anime will leave you in horror. The tale goes to the character’s tragic past and what motivates the main anime character. It tells us how the tragic past can inspire a person and lead to horrifying events which they can cause. This scary anime girl will also make you feel cautious for every other next-door simplistic girl. 

This anime’s main character is Shion Sonozaki, who is just like an energetic and kind next-door girl. However, she could be unforgiving and cruel if the mood and memories strike her. The stories tell us how she was banished from home at a young age and ford to go to a cruel private school. This transition of her life has turned her into a cruel and cold-hearted person who is very manipulative.

This scary character in the anime has Hinamizawa Syndrome, and when it hits her, she can do terrifying things. She can use her disdain and intelligence against people, and it can lead to causing humiliation, death, and mass suffering. This anime character act can make you feel sheer horror, which makes it one of the best horror anime movies you can watch. 

Lucy – Elfen Lied 

The friends of this scary anime girl think that she is a simple and lovely next-door girl who can barely speak anything. However, what she hides is the vengeance under her pink bangs. The scary anime girl in this flick is a part of the superhuman race which is called the Dicclonious. 

Although the superhumans’ points of pointy horns, the real threat they project comes from the powers that are invisible. They have the power of telekinetic arms, which are capable of ripping apart any normal human being like a piece of cake. In particular, Lucy has been corrupted by the years of experiments on her by the government. She has also suffered an abusive upbringing and thus now is a monster hiding in the disguise of a sweet girl. 

The way she takes vengeance and becomes a perfect killer for her vengeance is something scary. The levels of horror and pain she inflicts on the people make her one of the most scary anime characters. However, you may find her actions somewhat justifiable as she has all the reasons for hating the world. 

Megumi Shimizu – Shiki

If someone says that the Shiki is one of the best horror anime movies, then we would agree. This flick tells us the story of a remote and lowly Japanese hamlet where a vampire outbreak happens. People go missing in the flick, which makes the people suspicious of the new family, which has recently moved into the town. Although there are numerous vampires that stock the town, Shimuz is specifically one of the scariest anime characters among them. 

Shimizu will creep you out as the way she hunts and behaves is something sort of horrific. Megumi, in this horror anime, was the first victim of the new family in town. But after being taken away, she comes there as an avid agent that is ruthless and inflicts great damage. She soon begins to stalk her school crush and aim to take away everything that he loves. 

This horror character story is all about having a crush to being crushed. 

Gantz – Gantz

The Gantz is one of the most horrifying and realistic game series available out there. In it, dead people are taken and pitched into a battle against aliens of different sizes and shapes. 

The people in the series think that the aliens are the real enemies, but instead, Gantz is the real culprit. He is the character that is balled up within a black sphere. The Gantz is the person responsible for running the program in the series. He has quite a temper if anyone crosses him. In the series, depending on whether the Gantz likes the person or not, that person can be a hunter for him or being the most hunted one. 

If the realistic and horrifying plot isn’t enough for you, then the way the blood is spilled will surely send chills down your spine. You may not find the Gantz horrifying in looking, but his ways sure make him one of the scariest anime characters. 

Shiro – Deadman Wonderland

Shiro may seem like a friendly childhood lovely friend at first. But this is not true as the isolation, abusive upbringing, and a life where there being experimented on has turned her into a monster. These horrors that the Shiro faced have turned her into a desensitized person when hurting people. She has literally become the blood-fueled monster to hurt people. 

Even if Shiro doesn’t go into her fugue and vicious stage, she barely has any feelings for other humans. She doesn’t value human life at all and can even kill and hurt people to the extent of death. However, when she visits the dark place, she turns into a malevolent force that dries fear into the toughest users in Branch of the Sin. 

Shiro’s heartless reaction and the damage she inflicts will leave you wondering in fear that if she was real, what would she have done. This makes her a scary anime girl. 

Isabella – The Promised Neverland

The Promised Neverland actually features vicious monsters and giants who eat humans. Yet they all turn pale out of sheer fear in comparison to the mama of Grace Field House. She is someone who can inflict fear and damage that even the monsters can’t do. 

Isabella, in this horror anime, is a character who is manipulative and intelligent den mother. She thrived by keeping her products that are high quality happy. She does this despite the fact that she sells them off after some time. Isabella hides behind the face of an orphan caretaker for ling in the anime, but her true identity is of a tactful and cruel warden. 

In this horror, anime inflicts fear in the orphans. Even when Isabelle is catching the kids when they try to escape or interrogating them for lies, she maintains a smile. Her evil smile cuts deeper than any monster’s claw. She is the true incarnation of what scary anime characters look like, even when they hide behind a smile. 

Gotou – Parasyte: The Maxim 

The parasite tells the plot of a subtle yet scary alien invasion of the world. In the story, the aliens are known as “parasites” throughout the story. The aliens in the movie infect the bodies of the humans and then take their bodies over. After taking over, they manipulate and control the human bodies like zombies, which in turn help them to eat and fight. This concept of the parasite is already very scary and horrifying; the presence of Gotu in it takes up the ante. 

Gotu in this flick is an experimental parasite that is a combination of five parasites and thus a superbeing. This also makes him very strong, and the contortions of it also become very disturbing. The combination of five parasites takes up his bloodlust. This also makes his disdain for humanity even more fierce and aggressive. 

The plot and horrific looks of the Gotu make him one of the most scary anime characters in the anime universe. 

These are some of the most horrifying and scary anime characters which you can watch. All of these scary character options are sure to send chills down your spine. The plot of the anime, which features them alone, will surely keep you awake at night. 

Final Words

There are numerous scary anime characters that can keep you awake at night out of horror. Although choosing the scariest character out of these can sometimes be tough. 

The best way for this is to choose some of the best options and then enjoy how they make your eyes enlarged out of horror when you watch those flicks. 

Jatin Choudhary