Tips to Avoid and Treat Shoe Bites

shoe bite

You may purchase a new pair of shoes that match your outfit and look good, but what if the shoes start giving you painful shoe bites? Shoe bites can be agonizing and uncomfortable, and can make you hate your favorite shoes. So, what is the solution? How to avoid shoe bites? 

Blisters on feet from shoes are one of the common issues and trust me we all face these issues. But, shoe bites are not an appropriate reason to say no to your favorite pair of shoes. There are simple ways to get rid of shoe bites. Here is an article with tips to avoid and treat shoe bites. 

What are Shoe Bites?

A shoe bite is the result of friction due to rubbing of skin against the shoe. It is a painful area and can peel off your skin if left untreated. 

Shoe bite are also known as blisters and it usually takes place around the ankles, back or the toes, or back of the feet due to continuous rubbing of shoes. 

Why Does Show Bite Happens?

Shoe bites are common and can happen due to various reasons such as –

  • Poor quality sandals and shoes
  • Shoes or sandals made of hard or rough material
  • Poorly fighting or tight shoes, heels or pumps

When you wear tight or poor fitting shoes your skin rubs against them and causes friction. This friction leads to pain, inflammation, and rashes. It often causes blisters and even swelling. 

Shoe bite fades away all the excitement of wearing the new shoes. Shoe bites hurt more when you stand or walk. 

How to Treat Shoe Bites?

Shoe bite can cause severe pain. It can restrict you from wearing your favorite shoes. Here are some tips to treat shoe bites.


Honey is an amazing remedy that can be used for treating shoe bites. It is a rich source of anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. Due to which it is also used in making DIY face masks to get glowing skin. The properties in honey help in reducing the inflammation and pain around the blisters.

Honey is loaded with healing properties which helps in preventing further infection. All you need to do is dab some honey on the blisters on feet from shoes. 


White toothpaste is a popular remedy for treating shoe bites. It is one of the most accessible home remedies that can be used to treat shoe bites. 

In order to treat shoe bites, all you need to do is apply white toothpaste on the blisters. It will give you a relaxing and cooling sensation. Leave the paste and let it dry. Wash it away with lukewarm water after it dries. 

Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe vera is packed with a wide range of healing properties, which makes it a perfect solution to treat shoe bites. Apply some aloe vera gel on the shoe and you will notice the change. 

Aloe vera gel will help in relieving the pain instantly. Moreover, regular use of aloe vera gel can help in reducing scars caused by shoe bite. Get rid of shoe bite, by applying some aloe vera gel on your blister. 

Petroleum Jelly

Shoe bite causes scars on feet and makes the skin rough. Petroleum jelly can help in easing the pain and making the skin smooth. All you need to do is apply the petroleum jelly on the wound and trust me it will make you feel better. A shoe bite can cause severe pain so apply petroleum jelly to keep you feet relaxed.


Aspiring is used to relieve inflammation, fever, and pain. It can also be used to relieve pain caused by blisters from shoes. It has anti-inflammatory properties which can reduce the swelling caused due to shoe bite. 

In order to use aspirin to treat shoe bite, all you need to do is make a paste of the tablet by adding water. Apply the paste on the affected area and let it dry. After that, wash it with water. 

How to Avoid Shoe Bite? 

In order to avoid a shoe bite, it is always a good idea to purchase good quality shoes. Buy the shoes that perfectly fit you.

In case your favorite pair of shoes is causing shoe bite, here are some tips to avoid blisters from shoes. 

Band Aids

If you know that the shoes are tight and can cause discomfort and shoe bites, then it is better to use a band-aid. All you need to stick a band-aid or shoe tape to the shoes, right at the place that rubs against your skin. 

In most cases, the part that rubs against the skin is the hind part and in pumps, it is below the strap or belt. It will keep the skin of the feet from rubbing against the shoe which in turn will help in avoiding the blisters on feet from shoes. 


Wearing socks is the best way to prevent blisters from shoes. It will help in avoiding the contact between the skin of your feet and shoes. 

Baby Oil

Another best way to avoid shoe bite is to make the shoe soft. For this, all you need to do is rub the baby oil or petroleum jelly on the part of shoes that leads to shoe bite. Let it stay in your shoes overnight. 

The oil or petroleum jelly will soften the hard or rough area that causes blisters on feet from shoes. It will help in avoiding shoe bites. 

Shoe Pads

Using insoles or shoes can help you in keeping the skin in areas like heels from rubbing against the shoes. It is beneficial to prevent scrape in heels. 

Toe Caps

In order to prevent the direct contact between toes and shoes, it is always a good idea to use toe caps. It will help in avoiding blisters on toes caused due to tight or uncomfortable shoes. 

Final Words

The simplest answer to the question of how to avoid shoe bite is to buy good quality shoes that fit properly. In case, the shoes are not of the right size, you should opt for wearing socks. 

If your favorite pair of shoes are causing you shoe bite, then follow the above-mentioned tips to treat and prevent blisters.