Effective Ways To Stop Eating Sugar – Potent Methods To Reduce Sugar Intake

how to stop eating sugar

Eating lots of sugar in your diet is the major problem for so many chronic diseases. Consumption of too much sugar has lots of negative effects on the body and harms your health in severe ways. 

High sugar intake is the major cause of chronic diseases like type 2 diabetes, heart problems, obesity, tooth decay, and cancer. (Source 1)

However, sugar is an important food for our body, but consumption in higher amounts leads to so many health issues, which is not very good for our body. 

People usually think cutting off refined sugar is enough to limit the sugar intake, but there are several high-sugar content fruits as well as vegetables that also lead to the same issues. 

But consumption of fruits and vegetables is a better alternative for processed sugar food items as they also provide numerous minerals, vitamins, and fiber. 

Reducing sugar intake is a difficult task, but it is very important to lower sugar consumption for better health. 

In this article, I will tell you easy and effective ways to eliminate sugar from the diet and lead a healthy lifestyle. 

Methods For How To Stop Eating Sugar

how to eat less sugar

Do Not Drink Refined Sugar Content Drinks

Most of the drinks are loaded with refined sugar, such as coffee, soda, sports drinks, energy drinks, and packaged fruit juice. These drinks contribute about 44% of refined sugar contained in the American’s daily diet. (2)

Some of the highly promoted healthy drinks are still loaded with added sugar, and rather than providing health benefits, and they invite so many health issues in our body. 

Our body does not require calories that are derived from drinks instead of food, and even drinks do not make us feel a fuller stomach. This leads to overconsumption of calories that lead to weight gain and obesity issues. 

In these following ways, you can stop eating sugar easily:

  • Consume water 
  • Make a homemade soda like lemonade with natural sugar
  • Tea or coffee
  • Herbal tea
  • Detoxify water with cucumber and mint

With these methods, you can easily cut your sugary drinks intake and choose a healthy option that helps maintain weight. 

Do Not Eat Sugar Containing Desserts

stop eating too much sugar

As you may already know, there are very few desserts that provide nutritional benefits to your body. 

These desserts are loaded with heaps of refined sugar that increase the blood sugar level and increase the chances of type 2 diabetes. 

Instead of desserts, you can choose healthier options like:

  • Eating a ripe and fresh fruit
  • Unsweetened Greek yogurt 
  • Dark chocolate
  • A handful of nuts or dates
  • Baked fruits like apple, pears, or plums

Do Not Eat Sauce That Contain High Amounts Of Sugar

how to cut out sugar

Ketchup, sweet chili sauce, and barbecue sauce is most commonly used in the kitchen and is the higher source of added sugar in your diet. 

However, there are very few people who are aware of the shocking sugar content in the ketchup and sauces. 

A big tablespoon of ketchup contains about 15 grams of sugar, which increases the sugar intake in your diet. 

Instead, you can cut out sugar intake in the following ways:

  • You can add fresh herbs and spices to add flavor to your food
  • Freshly chopped chili will leave a little sweet flavor to your dish
  • Vinegar is a better alternative for ketchup as it will give the same kick to your dish with no added sugar and calories to your diet. 
  • Add Pesto to your dish, which gives a fresh nutty texture to your dish and make it healthy as well as delicious. 

Consume Whole Grain Foods

how to stop eating sweets

Nutrition experts say whole grain foods are a better option for diet as they contain no additives and refined ingredients that cause health problems. 

People who like to eat processed food must know that these contain artificial flavors, emulsifiers, additives, and colors that are highly dangerous for health. 

Ultra-processed food like pizzas, cereals, pies, desserts, soft drinks, and cereals contain high amounts of added sugar, which do no better to your health. 

You can start eating whole grain foods as they contain nutrients in their natural form. Most of the homemade foods are whole foods that are made in the most natural way without any artificial sweeteners and additives. 

So if you are thinking about how to stop eating sugar, then consuming the homemade food that is made with whole grains and vegetables is the best way to stop eating lots of sugar. 

Watch Sugar Content On Canned Food Items

eliminate sugar from diet

Most people use canned food as they are convenient and easy to add in dishes, but they are loaded with lots of sugar. 

Instead of canned food, you can eat raw fruits and vegetables as they contain sugar in their natural form. 

Raw vegetables and fruits are also better options for your busy day as you don’t need to cook them and can consume it directly for deriving maximum benefits.

You should avoid eating canned foods like syrup or any other food as they contain lots of artificial sweeteners and additives that may affect your health. 

Do Not Come In The Trap Of Healthy Snacks

eat whole fruits to consume less sugar

Most people understand that candies contain lots of sugar, so they choose an alternative that is called a “healthy snack,” but it is a tricky trap. 

Healthy snacks items like protein bars, granola bars, sugar-coated nuts, and dry fruits are better than candies. However, these healthy snacks are loaded with refined sugar, which does no better for your health. 

A granola bar will give you about 32 grams of sugar if you consume the whole in one go. 

Instead of these packaged healthy snacks, you can try:

  • Nuts and seeds in their natural form with any sugar-coated layer
  • Consume fresh and ripe fruit that make you feel full also
  • Try consuming trail mix to give you all the essential nutrients from so many nuts, seeds, and dry fruits. 

Final Words

Eliminating sugar intake from your diet is not a big deal; you just need to find alternatives. As you have read the article, there are much better, healthier, and tastier alternatives for reducing sugar intake from your diet. 

Most of the people do not focus on these food options and end asking themselves how to stop eating sugar every time. 

I hope this article will give you a better idea about how to stop sugar intake from your diet and improve your health tremendously.