Sword Art Online Season 5: Release Date, Cast, And Plot

Sword art online season 5

Are you also the one who got fascinated by tales of the king who has the ultimate powers and carries a sword. Only the one who is worthy of the sword can take the sword in hand. Well, if it is so, then you must have watched the shounen anime sword art online. Now You must be waiting for sword art online season 5. A season of the shounen anime much awaited by every anime lover.

What are its characters going to be? What is the plot of the next season? When is the next season going to release? Well, I would say calm down. It is because I have all the answers to your questions in the further article. So just read, connect, and explore. 

About Sword Art Online


A massive stone and steel castle flying in an ever-changing sky. That was the whole globe.

It took one month to look at the spot for a vaguely diversified group of handicraftsman. That too with a diameter of roughly 10 km — large enough to accommodate the whole of Setagaya-Ku. Up above, 100 levels were stacked upright, the magnitude of which was astonishing. How much data it consisted of was not even conceivable to guess.

Inside there were several huge towns, towns and villages, forests, grasslands, and even lakes. There were many smaller settlements. Thus, only one stairway connected every floor, and stairs were in dungeons, where many monsters wandered, so it was not a simple task to discover and get through. Moreover, when someone impacted and reached a city on the higher floor, it would be feasible for anyone to walk freely through the teleport gates and every town on the lower floors. 

Sword Art Online Brief

Sword Art Online is a fictitious Japanese light show made by and represented by Reki Kawahara. Sword Art Online has improved overall, with light news items sold worldwide more than 26 million prints. Moroever, there were great evaluations in the light fiction series, mostly for later curves, while others like Progressive liked from the beginning.

Moreover, the animal show is mixed up in honest evaluations in terms of his animation, creative music, and investigation of subconscious prospects of virtual truth, its pace, and arrangement.

The animation has been adapted from Kawahara’s first four novels. However, the films are created and animated by A-1 Photographs by Aniplex and Genco. Between July and December, the first season in 2012 and the second season followed the same season in 2014. 

The directors then opted to eliminate the Ordinal Scale Sword Art Online film, a tale from the author. Season 3, which has been highly criticized, finished in September 2020 with its final episode. Now, SAO is ready to start Sword Art Online season 5.

Story Till Now

Sword Art Online’s latest episode was the Alicization Arc. In February 2021, it was broadcast. We witness Kirito receiving a call from Rinko, telling him Alice is disappeared. However, he chooses to meet her at Rath only to have the Rath emblem on her package delivered to his door. He opens the package to find Alice inside, to his surprise. 

They dress her up and go to the dojo family to spar. Alice gets a strange email connecting to the underworld. The other heads of Rath to check their theories. Alice, Asuna, Kazuto. Later on, we see the descendants of Ronnie, and These scared away by an Abyssal Horror space monster.

With their aircraft, they get taken down, and Kirito and the others try to rescue them. When they defeated the monster, Kirito and the others were recognized and rejoiced. It is because the Star Royal couple were recovered together with Integrity Knight Alice. In the final scenes, they fly back to Cardinal.

Sword Art Online Season 5 Release Date

Sword Art Online is one of Japanese Light Fiction’s most popular shows and is currently about to enter its next chapter. They have released an official banner for the progressionist’s on the current Twitter feed of Sword Art Online. It emphasizes on Asuna Yuki’s blade pull as the huge city of Aincard cells.

These light fictions from Sword Art Online have created a popular and huge privilege, which encompasses various adaptations to fiction and manga.

The fans were keen to identify the release date of Sword Art on Netflix for the Sword art online season 5. You even must be thinking that will there be a 5th season of sword art online or not? All the releases are now fixed for 6 November 2022.

Sword Art Online Season 5 Cast

The cast has always played a key role in Sword art online till now. Therefore, fans expect a lot from the showrunners and producers to maintain that level throughout the seasons. Moreover, the creators have kept this thing in mind and have kept the cast at a good level. Following is the cast for sword art online season 5:

  • Kirito
  • Yui
  • Asuna
  • Silica
  • Leafa
  • Sinon
  • Lisbeth
  • Yuuki
  • Agil
  • Eugeo
  • Klein

Sword Art Online Season 5 Trailer

A teaser has been revealed that shows Asuna looking for Sword Art Online Sport in a matter of non-combat apparel. It helps Asun, who loses her spouse and last lover, Kirito, inside Aincard.

Sword Art Online Season 5 Plot

Sword Art Online’s latest installation was the alicization curve. On February 2021, it was announced. We acknowledge the request made by Kirito from Rinko, who informed Alice that she had lost.

At Rath, he chooses to face her to have a box with the Rath emblem at his doorstep. To his astonishment, he uncovers Alice in the box. They all see her ready and continue to battle in the dojo lesson.

An email that can be correlated with an underworld is sent to Alice. Moreover, Alice, Kazuto, Asuna, and others climax in Rath to discuss their thoughts. To discuss these ideas. Later we see the descendants of Ronnie and Teese constantly dispersed by an Abyssal Horror space beast.

They are struck down by their planes, and Kirito and the others are in action. After beating the animal, the descendant’s respect and enjoy the star Prince and Princess Knight Alice. However, they are the ones who have delivered them with integrity. They are on the final screens after Cardina.

Now that you all are taken up, the potential for Sword Art Online seems to be here. The show has all chosen to broadcast sword art online in season 5. However, it will never be released shortly. At the end of 2022, we assume the series is ready by November, and we’re always keeping you up to date.

Final Words

Sword Art Online is a fictitious Japanese light show made by and represented by Reki Kawahara. Sword Art Online has improved overall, with light news items sold worldwide more than 26 million prints. The answer to whether sword art will have a season 5 or not is now clear. All the releases of sword art online season 5 are now fixed for 6 November 2022.

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