Top 10 Dubbed Anime must Watch

I’ve compiled a list of English dubbed anime I have watched. Most of it is geared towards late teen to adult viewers (and yes, there is no hentai on this list). It consists mainly of murder mysteries, psychological thrillers, and adventure series with really strong male leads that always seem to handle any obstacle they come across.

Teenagers and adults looking for an anime with good plots, characters, animation quality, etc., should look no further than this list of 20 best shows that can be classified as “mature” (for the most part). If you’re into childish humor or over-the-top stuff in your animated entertainment, then these recommendations may not interest you, but if there’s one thing about watching Japanese cartoons I’ve learned after all my years, it is to expect a little bit more from what seems like mindless fun. There will always be some show that stands out among its peers because of excellent writing/character development, so don’t let titles such as DBZ fool you!

The list is full of popular TV shows, but some people say they don’t belong there because these series have received criticism in the past. However, I say that’s what makes them great – their popularity and being talked about means other viewers will be interested in watching it too! Bleach has a fantastic plot with intricate story development alongside character growth which also gets you invested in each person on screen. Sword Art Online may not receive as much attention from critics due to its mainstream status. Still, this show does justice for virtual reality video games by incorporating typical MMORPG features like guilds and an immersive world that brings together every aspect fans love most, such as stories of heroism (and IRL romance!).

1. Bleach

The day Ichigo was born, he could see ghosts. At the age of fifteen, his life changed forever when Rukia Kuchiki helped him ascend and become a Soul Reaper–someone who has power over souls. Every night hollow spirits are hunting humans for their spiritual energy for them to live themselves. Still, with Ichigo’s new powers as an extra weapon by her side, nothing can stop this fight of good versus evil!

2. Dragon Ball Z

One day, a small-town farm boy with an unusual birthmark on his butt decides to start defending the world from aliens. He is joined by three friends who’ve each got their own different abilities that help them take down enemies in battle, and together they embark on adventures both near and far—defeating all of Goku’s extraterrestrial foes along the way!

3. Attack on Titan

Eren Jaeger’s town is destroyed, and his mother is killed, but he won’t let that keep him down. He vows to fight the Titans, who have been destroying humanity for years now, determined more than ever before.

4. Sword Art Online

In 2022, thousands of people get trapped in a new virtual MMORPG, and one player named Kirito works to escape. He figures out how these games work and find himself stuck inside them with other players escaping from this game. They can’t leave because death is not an option here.

5. Death Note

A high school student who is intelligent and full of ambition discovers a notebook that can kill anyone whose name is written inside. They are determined to use the book as their secret weapon in eradicating all crime from the world, but they soon realize it’s not so easy when you’re up against people with more power than them.

6. Monster

A neurosurgeon, whose life was once in utter turmoil after he got involved with a psychopath that used to be his patient, finds himself on the run from the police and international authorities when one of their plans goes wrong.

7. Akame ga Kill!

Tatsumi had eagerly awaited the day he would become a man and set out on an adventure. He never expected it to be so soon, though, when his village was raided by some of The Capital’s most dangerous assassins known as Night Raid just hours before his coming-of-age ceremony! They begin their journey together in hopes that they can make enough money from Tatsumi’s skills with weapons to save everyone back home.

8. Divine Gate

The Divine Gate has been opened for a year, and the world is now in ruin. However, there are movements of people who have gathered to try their luck at making it through this gate that will hopefully change everything again. Still, they’re being met with resistance from those already inside fighting over resources.

9. Death Parade

There are a lot of myths about what happens after death, but this one is very different. After you die and arrive at the Quindecim bar, Decim will ask: “What did they deserve?” If your answer satisfies him enough to send you through his door with its black windows, then he’ll take away your memories for all eternity like some twisted purgatory that’s not even worth escaping from or trying in vain to remember anything before it happened because there was nothing good anyway–you’re already dead! But if instead, he gives up on hearing any response out of pity or disgust just before sending them outside back into life as their body still spasms around looking grotesquely alive while everything inside dies off forever…then.

10. Zankyou No Terror

“It’s funny how things work out. When I was a teenager, all the kids in my neighborhood used to say that when we were grown up and living our lives, it would be scary because everything is so connected these days.”

“But now,” she said with a sigh as she looked at her phone one last time before turning off its screen for good, “I feel like there are no secrets anymore.”