Beautiful Annual Flowers for Shade Spots in Your Backyard

annual flowers for shade

If your backyard has a lot of shady spots, then there is nothing to worry about. You can still grow beautiful flowering plants to add a green touch to your place. Now, you must be thinking, is it possible to grow plants in shady spots? The answer is yes. There are various annual flowers for the shade that do better in shady spots. Here is an article with the best annual flowers for shade to manage a beautiful garden throughout the year. 

Best Annual Plants for Shade

What are the best annual flowers for shade? Some plants do better in little sunlight, which makes them the right choice for shady spots in the backyard. In case you do not have enough space but love gardening, then you can follow the vertical garden ideas to make your backyard beautiful. Below mentioned are some best annual flowers for shade.


If you like yellow annual flowers for shade, then nothing can be better than begonia. They are on the top of the list of shade-loving flowers. There are different types of begonia to choose from. However, the ones with white and yellow annual flowers are the best to add a refreshing touch to your garden. 

When all begonias are combined together, they look spectacular, but they look no less beautiful in solo planting also. They are one of the best low-maintenance plants, so if you have a busy schedule and lack enough time for plant care, they are the best pick for you.


When it comes to annual flowering plants, impatiens are everyone’s favorite. They can be used for mass planting on the shady spots on your landscape. Moreover, you can also plant them in window boxes or planters to add quick color to your decor. They are the best annual flowering plants to get plenty of compliments. Impatiens do best in afternoon shade in places with hotter climates. However, when the temperature is moderate, they can tolerate full sun. 


If you want some blue annual flowers in your garden for a colorful touch, then Lobelia is the right pick for you. Their beautiful colors make them an amazing choice. To add a more elegant touch to your landscape, combine Lobelia with white alyssum and red geraniums. The varieties can withstand sun and mid-summer heat better than other plants. They also perform amazingly in partial shade. One best thing about these blue annual flowers is that they are deer resistant, so they are best to protect your garden. 


When it comes to purple annual flowers, Browallia is gaining remarkable popularity. They are the best alternatives to Impatiens and grow beautiful flowers in shades which makes them one of the best annual flowers for shade. 

These purple annual flowers add a beautiful touch to your garden. These plants are highly versatile and can grow flowers in different shades like blue, violet, white, or periwinkle blue. They do not require deadheading throughout the season, which makes the best pick for gardeners. Want to grow some herbs at your place? Follow the herb garden ideas

Woodland Tobacco

If you are looking for deer-resistant, drought-tolerant, and fragrant annual flowers for shade, then Woodland Tobacco is all you need. The stem grows around 4-5 feet tall and supports clusters of beautiful tubular white flowers. These flowers are not only deer resistant but also favored by hummingbirds. 

It is best to grow these annual flowering plants in the dappled shade like under deciduous trees, as intense heat can cause damage to them. Consider growing these plants in moisture-retentive soil for the best results. 

Wishbone Flower

Once you grow a wishbone flower, you will always include it in the list of your favorite purple annual flowers. They are the best annual flowers for shade, and you can easily grow them in your shade containers. These are snapdragon-types of flowers that grow amazingly in the shade. Moreover, they also combine perfectly with other annuals. 

It is best to place them at the edge of a basket or container as they are short trailers. It makes them the right pick for containers in which long trailing stems are not suitable. The wishbone flowers are heat tolerant and deer resistant. Moreover, they also do not require deadheading which makes them a perfect choice. 


Whether you kike double or single blooms, upright, trailing, or compact habits, rick colors, or pastel shades, Fuchsia fits in all your requirements. These easy-care annual flowers for shade can be used for bountiful blooms. If you do not want a lot of Fuchsia in your garden, make sure to remove the seeds. They are best to attract hummingbirds in your backyard. Though Fuchsia is a frost-tender plant, they are grown as annuals also. 


If you are looking for foliage plants for the shade containers of summer, then Coleus is the right pick for you. They are the trendsetter at present due to their beautiful green leaves. Coleus features large green leaves marked with spots, plashes, or stripes in shades of pink, burgundy, or silver. 

Make sure not to overcrowd the container as poor air circulation can lead to fungal disease in the plants. In addition to this, do not overwater them so that they can grow properly. All you need to do is keep the soil barely moist but not logged with water. 


Looking for something to add a romantic touch to your shady backyard, then this one is the right choice for you. The heart-shaped and large leaves of Caladium can add drama and romance to any landscape. It is best to grow Caladium in containers but do not overwater them. In case you use the drip irrigation system, it is better to keep them away from the other plants. 


If you love yellow annual flowers, then Moneywort is the best pick for you. It has green vegetated and bold yellow leaves and beautiful yellow flowers. It is a type of short tumbler, so you can grow them in window baskets and containers. The colorful foliage is best to brighten up the shady areas instantly. 

Final Words

With annual flowers for shade, the shady areas in the landscape are not a point of concern. The annual flowers can add a beautiful touch to your landscape and can brighten up the area instantly. If you need to wake up the shade spots, annual flowers for shade are the perfect solution. Tell us about your favorite annual flowers by dropping a comment.