Best Disney Princess Movies List For Disney Fans

Disney princess movies list

Almost all of us have spent our childhood watching Disney princess movies. And let’s be honest, we all loved Disney movies. Though now we enjoy movies suited to grown-ups, sometimes it is better to go back to the childhood days and watch all Disney princess movies. Trust me; it is the best way to take a break from all the grown-up stuff and busy lifestyle. We have rounded up a Disney princess movies list to help you watch them in the right chronological order. 

Best Disney Princess Movies List

You are never too old for the Disney Princess movies. Stories of beautiful princesses in colorful dresses, amazing graphics, and music are always a treat to watch. No matter whether you like Disney live-action-remakes or animated movies, Disney movies never fail to entertain anyone. Below mentioned is the list of best all Disney Princess movies you should watch. 

Snow White (1937)

IMDb – 7.6

If you love fairy tales, then nothing can be better than watching Snow White. It is the first movie on the Disney princess movies list and was released in 1937. This one’s a classic Disney movie, and it won the hearts of all the fans. Despite various naysayers, this Disney princess movie was a huge success. Due to the remarkable love received by the fans, this movie was re-released in movie theaters. Moreover, it was not available for home video until the 1990s.  

This movie set the foundation for upcoming animated films of Disney. The storyline of this movie revolves around a beautiful princess named Snow-white whose stepmother tries to kill her to remain the most beautiful and fairest woman. In order to hide from her stepmother, Snow White lives with seven cute dwarves in the forest. The Disney princess accidentally eats a poisoned apple given by her stepmother. Will she be able to survive? Watch the movie to find out, and trust me, this is the best movie to start with.

Cinderella (1950)

IMDb – 7.3

Cinderella is the second and one of the most entertaining movies on the all Disney Princess movies list. It tells the story of a beautiful young woman who lives with her stepmother. She is forced to live as a maid by her stepsisters and stepmother after her father’s death. In the kingdom, when the prince refuses to marry, a huge ball is organized by the royal palace for all young women. 

Cinderella’s stepmother keeps her from going to the ball. However, Cinderella sneaks off from her home with the help of her fairy godmother and mice friends. But the condition was to return home before 12 pm as the magic would end by that time. After completing her time at the ball, Cinderella runs in a hurry and forgets one of the sandals in the palace. Will the prince be able to find her? Watch the movie to find out. 

Sleeping Beauty (1959)

IMDb – 7.2

Young Aurora is the third princess on the all Disney princess movies list. Sleeping Beauty is based on Russian, German, and French stories. It is one of the best Disney movies of all time. Aurora is the daughter of a king and queen. At her birth, she is betrothed to a young prince of the huge neighboring kingdom. However, her parents anger the evil fairy Maleficent. She curses Aurora to go on a long sleep on her 16th birthday. 

In order to avoid the prophecy, three fairies raise Aurora in secret until her 16th birthday. Aurora grows as a curious and beautiful girl. However, she was not aware of her curse. On her 16th birthday, a big feast is organized at the palace. Will Aurora die or survive? You need to watch the movie to find out. Want some more romantic movies? Watch the best romance anime movies of all time. 

The Little Mermaid (1989)

IMDb – 7.6

Have you heard of elegant and beautiful mermaids in the ocean? This story is all about a young mermaid named Ariel, who wants to become a human in order to win the love of a prince. She is the first Disney princess who is not fully human. The Little Mermaid is among the most amazing of all the movies on the Disney princess movies list. It has a child-friendly happy ending which makes it most loved among fans.  

The movie revolves around the story of the youngest daughter of King Triton named Ariel. She is not only the youngest but also the most rebellious. Despite her father’s warning about humans, she falls in love with a prince. After that, she strikes a deal with a witch to become human in exchange for her voice. Will she be able to marry the prince and see the outer world? Need some more entertainment? Watch the best 80s cartoon on Netflix to remember the good old times. 

Beauty & the Beast (1991)

IMDb – 8

This movie is fifth on the list of all Disney princess movies in order. It has the highest IMDb rating due to its amazing storyline. It tells the story of two characters. The First main character of the story is a prince who is cursed to spend his life as a hideous monster. He can only get his humanity back by getting true love from a young woman. 

The second primary character in this princess movie is a beautiful girl named Belle. She is not only intelligent but also independent. Belle sacrifices her freedom in exchange for the freedom of her father when he is imprisoned by the big beast. She starts living with a beast and teaches him how to love. Her unconditional love for the beast breaks the spell and turns him into a handsome prince. 

Aladdin (1992)

IMDb – 8

This is one of the best among all on the Disney princess movies list. It revolves around a young princess Jasmine and a young boy Aladdin. Though it is not about princess Jasmine, her character is bold and brave in the story, which makes her the most daring princess. Moreover, Jasmine is the first non-European princess. 

This princess movie revolves around Aladdin and his magical lamp. It is derived from the popular folk tale named “One Thousand and One Nights.” In this movie, the street arching, Aladdin falls in love with Jasmine while she visits the city as a commoner. After getting the magical lamp, Aladdin tricks the entire kingdom into believing that he is a prince with the intention to win Jasmine’s love and marry her. 

Jasmine might not be the main character, but her curiosity to see the world outside the palace makes her highly noticeable. Moreover, she is also confident and refuses to marry the suitors she does not find suitable. All these features make her the boldest and bravest Disney princess. 

Pocahontas (1995)

IMDb – 6.7

Pocahontas is the seventh Disney princess and the first brave and beautiful Native American princess. Technically, she is an ordinary girl and not a princess because her father is not a king but a chief. Moreover, she does not marry a prince. However, in the European norms of the ruling, a person born in a Native American family is equal to the royal family. 

In addition to this, Pocahontas is the first character based on a real figure. The story of this princess in the Disney princess movies list is inspiring as she is brave and makes bold decisions to meet the love of her life. In this movie, the tribe of Pocahontas comes across the cruel British colonizers with the aim to conquer the new world. There she falls in love with a handsome Captain named John Smith. In order to marry the Captain, she makes efforts to stop the tension between the English settlers and her people. For more entertainment, watch the best animes on Netflix

Mulan (1998)

IMDb – 7.6

Mulan is another inspiring movie among all the Disney princess movies in order. It tells the story of a brave girl named Mulan. She is an official Disney princess; however, she was neither born in a royal family nor married in one. One best thing about Mulan is that she met all the criteria required to empower Disney princesses. 

The story of this movie is based on a Chinese legend. It revolves around a young girl named Mulan who takes a bold step to save her father. In this film, China requires one man from every family to be a part of the imperial army in order to defend itself from invading Huns. In the Fa family, Mulan’s father is the only man, and with the intent to save him, Mulan disguises herself as an army man and goes to war. Later she became the savior of the country by saving the royal household and the emperor.  

The Princess and the Frog (2009)

IMDb – 7.1

It is the ninth film on the Disney princess movies list, and it presents a beautiful Black American princess named Tiana. She is a young and enthusiastic woman working as a waitress so that she could make enough money to own her restaurant one day. A visiting prince who is turned into a frog mistake that Tiana is a princess, and her kiss turns him into a prince again. However, she is also turned into a frog after kissing the prince, and now they both have to find a way to break the curse. 

A romantic relationship with a man is not the focus of this Disney princess movie. In this, the princess is more headstrong and independent, which makes it a must-watch for everyone. Need some more inspiration to be strong in life? Watch the best inspirational movies on Netflix

Tangled (2010)

IMDb – 7.7

Rapunzel is the tenth Disney princess, and Tangled is one of the best movies on the Disney princess movies list. It is based on a fairy tale in which Rapunzel’s parents are not any royalty. They lose their daughter to a witch. During the pregnancy of Rapunzel’s mother, her craving leads his husband to steal the Rapunzel vegetable from the garden of a witch. In order to get the Rapunzel vegetable, the couple has to give the child to the witch. 

However, the story is somewhat different in the Disney princess movie. In the movie, a pregnant queen eats a magic flower which gives her a beautiful golden-haired child. The hairs of the girl child have amazing healing abilities due to which a witch kidnaps her. She keeps the princess hidden in a tower so that she can use her magical hair to stay young forever. Will the princes escape from the tower? Watch the movie to find out. For more entertainment, read about the famous fictional characters of the television world. 

Brave (2012)

IMDb – 7.1

This Disney movie is about a young princess named Merida who is determined to make her own path in life. He is the 11th Disney princess and the first one who does not match the features of stereotypical beauty like other princesses. She does not sing and also does not have any romantic interest. In fact, she is a princess who is bold, brave, and prefers more free-spirited activities. 

In the movie, her parents want her to marry a prince among the three allied clans. However, Merida does not want to marry and wants to be free to do whatever she wants. She wishes to change her fate and live a life filled with freedom. 

Frozen I (2013)

IMDb – 7.4

This Disney princess movie shows the struggle of a young princess to save her kingdom. In this movie, the new;y crowned queen named Elsa mistakenly uses her powers which turns things into ice, and curses her home to endless winter. In order to save the kingdom, her sister Anna forms a team with a mountain man, a snowman, and reindeer to change the weather conditions. The movie revolves around the young princess and her journey to end the infinite winter which has fallen over her home.  

Moana (2016)

Moana is a Polynesian Princess who is beautiful in her own ways. She is another princess who does not have any romantic interests. Instead, she focuses on her own adventure. When Moana becomes ready to take the place of the village chief of Montini, an uneven situation makes her believe that everyone has to leave the island. However, her father refuses to let her leave the village because of his fear of the ocean. 

Later Moana finds out that she has to leave the island in order to restore the heart of the big Te Fiti before the darkness spreads over Motuni and other islands present in the ocean. Will she save the island? Watch this amazing Disney princess movie to find out. 

Final Words

Not every princess story has a handsome prince and a romantic storyline. The Disney princess movies prove it by presenting various bold princesses with no romantic interests and the courage to save their loved ones. Always remember that you can watch Disney movies in any order and remember the golden days of childhood. Now that you have the Disney princess movies list, what are you waiting for? Watch them and tell us about your favorite one by dropping a comment.