Raise Your Fashion Game With Stylish Anti-Tragus Piercing

anti-tragus piercing

Bored of simple-ear piercings? If yes, then it is time for you to try something different. If you want to have a unique ear-piercing, then anti-tragus piercing is the best choice for you. 

Anti-tragus piercing with the right jewelry looks unique and makes you the center of the attraction. Here is an article about anti-tragus piercing. 

Anti-tragus piercing is one of the most popular types of ear piercings. Due to its unique location, anti-tragus piercing has gained remarkable attention in the past few years. In this earring, the piercing goes from the fold present on the curved area present on the earlobe. It sits adjacent to the tragus; therefore, the name is anti-tragus piercing. 

What is Anti-Tragus Piercing?

The anti-tragus region in our ear refers to the cartilaginous ridge, which is present on the top of the lobe. It is a cartilage piercing, and it calls for a ring or barbell.

In anti-tragus piercing, the perforation is done on the outer cartilage of the ear in order to insert a piece of jewelry. This type of tragus piercing is common in both genders as it looks cool and helps to create a strong style statement. 

Pros and Cons of Anti-Tragus Piercing

Now, if you are planning to get an anti-tragus piercing, let’s have a look at the pros and cons.


  • Anti-tragus piercing looks amazing.
  • It renders a unique look.
  • Anti-tragus piercing is common in both genders. 
  • It looks cool even if done on a single side.
  • A wide range of jewelry choices is available for anti-tragus piercing. 


  • The pain in anti-tragus piercing is more as it involves the cartilage. 
  • Make sure to check the anatomy of your ear before getting pierced, as it may not suit you. 
  • The healing time is high in the anti-tragus piercing.
  • In this piercing, the chances of infection are more as compared to other piercings. 
  • You may face issues while using earbuds, earphones, or talking on the phone. 

Procedure of Anti-Tragus Piercing

If you are planning to get an anti-tragus piercing, make sure to choose a professional piercer with the right experience. It is better not to compromise when it comes to piercings as the wrong perforation can cause infection and other health issues. 

While doing anti-tragus piercing, the piercer first checks the anatomy of the ear. It is highly essential to check the anatomy of the ear as the piercing depends on it. After this, the piercer cleans the ear and then makes a mark using a surgical pen. It will provide you with a clear idea about how the piercing will look. 

After marking the locating, the piercer holds the inner cartilage with a surgical clamp and then makes a perforation using a curved or straight needle. The perforation is followed by the jewelry to finalize the procedure. After piercing one ear, the piercer will carry out the same procedure on the other ear. 

Pro Tip – Minor bleeding is normal in the process of anti-tragus piercing, so do not panic. 


The cost of anti-tragus piercing depends on various factors like the piercer, the location of the piercing salon, and the experience of the piercer. However, the average cost of anti-tragus piercing can vary between $39 to $180. This price does not include the cost of jewelry. 

Anti-Tragus Piercing Pain 

Pain Level – 6/10

Does tragus piercing hurt? Each person has a different level of pain tolerance. However, people usually feel more pain as it involves cartilage. If we mark on the pain scale, the pain involved in this piercing is 6/10. The reason for this pain is inner cartilage and the pressure used to insert the needle through it. Other factors responsible for anti-tragus piercing pain include equipment and your pain tolerance. 

Healing Time 

Now that you know the answer to the question; does tragus piercing hurt, let’s understand the healing time. 

After anti-tragus piercing, the first thing that comes to mind is the healing time. The healing time in this piercing is more as compared to other ear piercings. The normal healing time for anti-tragus piercing is around 3 to 6 months. However, it can take around 8 to 16 months for full healing, depending on the aftercare. Make sure to follow the aftercare guidelines provided by the piercer as it will allow the healing proper and soon. Moreover, it will also help in dealing with the anti-tragus piercing pain after the process is done. 

Aftercare for Anti-Tragus Piercing

It is essential to follow aftercare tips to encourage healing. The anti-tragus is easy to access as compared to the cartilage piercing; therefore, it is easy to take care of this piercing. This spot is also susceptible to snags and bumps, so it is important to follow aftercare tips adequately. 

Below mentioned are some instructions to follow for the aftercare of anti-tragus piercing. 

Keep the Pierced Area Clean 

 Maintaining better hygiene is the best way to promote quick healing. You should keep the piercing dry. After tragus ear piercing, make sure to keep the pierced area clean. It helps to reduce the risk of infection and encourages healing.

You can clean the piercing with antibacterial soap and warm water twice a day. Moreover, you can also use a saline solution to clean the piercing. Saline solution can help with the healing process also. 

Keep Away the Foreign Objects

You need to take care of certain things during the healing process. Make sure to keep away the foreign objects. Different objects like clothing or hair can get snared in piercing jewelry and cause injury. Moreover, these things can also bring harmful bacteria, which can hamper the healing process. 

Keep your hair back or tie them so that you can keep them away from piercing. Make sure that any scarves or hats also stay away from the piercing. Be careful while changing the clothes so that you do not rip the jewelry and cause damage. 

Do Not move the Jewelry

Cartilage piercings are likely to develop cartilage bumps or scars during the healing. It happens when the skin present around the jewelry faces trauma. Make sure not to play with jewelry so the skin can heal happily. 

Be Careful with Earbuds and Headphones

The location of this piercing is delicate, and you will definitely face issues in using any type of headgear during the healing process. Earphones will press the jewelry against the front, and earbuds will press against the jewelry’s back. Therefore, it would be better to say no to earphones or earbuds during the healing process. 

Best Aftercare Products

Now you must be thinking, what are the best aftercare products for tragus piercing? Relax. We have rounded up a list of the best aftercare products. 

  • Urban ReLeaf Piercing Care – It is an effective non-iodized and vitamin-rich healing sea salt. This aftercare product can clean, disinfect, and heal your new or stretched piercings safely. The best thing about this product is that it is 100% natural. 
  • Urban ReLeaf Piercing Solution – It is 100% natural and safe for all skin types. This aftercare product can safely clean and heal your piercings. 
  • H2Ocean Piercing Aftercare Spray – It is a sea salt solution to clean oral and body piercings. This one is made of natural ingredients and suitable for all skin types. 
  • NeilMed NeilCleanse – This piercing aftercare solution drug- free, sterile, and preservative-free. It is amazing for piercing aftercare as it does not cause stinging or burning. 

Sings of Infection

Minor bleeding following a swelling after the piercing is normal; however, if it gets worse, then it becomes a sign of injection. Below mentioned are some common signs of an infected anti-tragus piercing. 

  • Excessive swelling
  • Too much pain
  • Continuous fever
  • Excessive redness
  • Continuous discharge of dark brown pus
  • Embedded jewelry

An infected tragus piercing can be really painful and difficult to heal. So, make sure to visit a doctor as soon as you see any signs of infection. 

Best Jewelry for Anti-Tragus Piercing

Piercing without the correct jewelry is like a body without a soul. It does not look good at all. Before wearing jewelry, it is essential to choose the right piece of jewelry. Below mentioned are some popular jewelry choices for tragus ear piercing. 

  • Studs
  • Curved barbell
  • CBRs
  • Ring hoop

One of the most popular jewelry styles for tragus ear piercing is a cartilage stud with a flat disc. You can also opt for gemstone or simple beads to create a classy look. In addition to this, you can also opt for circular or small curved barbells. It will make your tragus ear piercing look amazing and help you create a bolder look. 

Make people opt for wearing captive bead rings or seamless hoops also. When they are paired with other hoops, it creates a cohesive cartilage cluster, which makes the anti-tragus piercing look amazing and bold. No matter what type of jewelry you choose for your tragus ear piercing, make 

Final Words

Anti-tragus piercing is a perfect choice if you are looking for a unique ear piercing. It will allow you to create a bolder look and stand out from the crowd. It is quite painful and requires proper care, but don’t let the thought of pain stop you from creating a new look. With the right piece of jewelry, anti-tragus piercing looks amazing, and trust me; you will love it. Do share your experience with us by dropping a comment.