Best Crescent Moon Tattoos

crescent moon tattoo

The moon, stars, sun, and sky have been the center of attention throughout history and have fascinated humanity. The moon symbolizes a wide range of beliefs and interests, making it a suitable tattoo choice for anyone who appreciates the beautiful sky full of stars or loves that aesthetic look. 

The moon, which lightens the night, has been considered sacred in different mythologies and cultures. Artemis protected the young animals, mothers, and virgins in Greek mythology, becoming the moon goddess. Neopagans relate the moon with the Triple Goddess, popularly known by the names of the maiden, the mother, and the crone. All three represent specific elements of the passage of time. 

In Christianity, the moon represents the cosmic events, transient nature of life, and divine epiphanies. In particular, the crescent moon symbolizes fertility and motherhood. There is not just one crescent moon meaning. 

The moon also has a wide range of history related to witches. Alchemists related the moon with beautiful silver because of its bright light. In Wicca, the moon is believed to emit energy that is considered receptive and feminine, which refers to the goddess’s energy. Getting a tattoo of a crescent moon traps the lunar body in the transition of time, creating a reminder of ever-changing ways. It reminds us that all things possess a natural cycle. 

Though there are deep meanings behind the crescent moon’s tattoos, getting a tattoo doesn’t mean you have to believe in it. Since it is a small symbol, it is better to get it behind the ear, the ankles, or the inner wrist. Here are some amazing crescent moon tattoos that you can get. 

1. Crescent Moon with Beautiful Small Hand

Crescent moon with a beautiful small hand makes the tattoo look more attractive. In addition to this, it emphasizes the femininity of this great symbol. The moon is filled with some black art to contrast the line-art hand. 

2. Mid-Size Crescent Moon on Ankle

Crescent Moon

Crescent moon looks amazing on the ankle. The moon containing a face adds a little bit of whimsy to the tattoo design. You can also ask the artist to add some dots near the moon. It will act as stars near the moon. 

3. Minimal Crescent Moon

small moon tattoos

The simple nature and small size of the crescent moon make it the perfect choice to hide it behind the ear. This design includes only one outline, making it a perfect design for minimalists. If you want a chic but beautiful small moon tattoo, this is a perfect choice. 

4. Black and Grey Crescent Moon

crescent moon tattoo

To create a real crescent moon, you can ask the artist to use black and grey techniques. The outer black edge is kept thicker to create a dark and solid shape. The grey shadowing provides the illusion of the glow of the moon. 

5. Watercolor Crescent Moon Tattoo

Watercolor crescent moon tattoo looks amazing and highly fashionable. The symbol is associated with nature and spirituality; color makes the tattoo more customized aesthetically. 

6. Crescent Moon with Cat

The Crescent moon tattoo carries different meanings. The moon has different deep meanings in varied cultures. Adding a cat to the tattoo increases the symbolism associated with witchcraft or goddesses. 

7. Crescent Moon Tattoo Made of White Ink

Whit ink crescent moon tattoo is usually made on a ring finger. It is small-line art, and making the tattoo using white ink adds a feminine and delicate touch to the tattoo. 

8. Bright Colored Crescent Moon

A Crescent moon tattoo surrounded by dots and starbursts of different colors is one of the best ways of making the tattoo look more customizable. You can ask the artist to add bright colors and simple lines to add more cartoonish effects. 

9. Dark Inked Crescent Moon

This crescent moon tattoo is simple and filled with shading and dots, which adds more texture. A dark ink technique is used to create a thicker outline.

10. Crescent Moon with Star

A Crescent moon tattoo with a star looks amazing, and it adds more meaning to the tattoo. It represents the heavens and everything divine with amazing feminine overtones.