Best Shoes For Walking On Concrete

best shoes for walking on concrete

Getting the best shoes for walking on concrete is extremely important if you have to move on rough surfaces all day. No, they don’t include the men fall shoes which are there to take up your fashion game. Most of us who live in the industrial age spend maximum time walking, running on the road to go to school or work, maybe to hang out with friends or run errands, etc., The one friend who always accompanies you whenever we step out of the house is our shoes.

Buying good-quality shoes are extremely important to provide maximum protection to your feet. There are lots of shoes that you can find on the market with different styles, features, designs, and brands. However, not all of them are good. This is why we are here to help you pick the best shoes for walking on concrete without compromising on comfort and style and drop your choice in the comment section if you want an article on concrete and concrete products

Best Shoes For Walking On Concrete:

Check out some of our favorite picks of shoes to walk on concrete all day long without any problems.

Loom Sneakers for Women

If you are in search of the best shoes for walking on concrete made for women specifically, then check out Loom sneakers. This is apparently a new name in the footwear industry, but they will keep your feet pain-free guaranteed.

These shoes tick all the boxes for being the best shoes to walk or stand on concrete. They are well-cushioned, impact-resistant, and breathable. The uppermost layer is H2-GO- which keeps your feet nice and dry. The inners are lined with Loomwear merino wool to maintain low temperatures. This shoe layer is anti-bacterial and odorless. 

You will be shocked to know that Loom sneakers have lined the bottom of the shoe with merino wool as well, which prevents the feet from sweating and keeps them comfortable all day. Lately, these feature Excelcast solely to deal with impacts and extreme shocks and are designed specifically by podiatrists and foot doctors.

Loom Sneakers for Men

Loom definitely knows how to stand out in the market. These are already men’s favorites and the best shoes for walking on concrete. The style, comfort, and durability make them the best pick. 

These loom sneakers are perfect as hiking boots, walking shoes, trainers, and slippers. They feature TrexFit four-layer technology. The first layer is made of H2-GO, which keeps the feet nice and dry throughout the day. The next layer is Loomwear Merino Wool which lowers the internal temperature of the shoes and prevents odor. The outsole is made of Excel Cast, which professionals design to minimize impacts and shocks. 

New Balance 626V2 Work Shoes

If you are a shoe lover, you must have heard about New Balance. This brand is based in Massachusetts and has been around since 1906. Their shoes are known for extreme comfort.

These 626V2 sneakers are a great choice if you work all day on concrete. Made of durable soft leather, the upper layer makes it look stylish. These come with a lace upper, padded collar, and tongue to keep the ankles comfortable and safe.

It also has a pull-up collar which makes it easier to pull on the shoes. These are lines with synthetic, moisture-wicking fabric which offers great breathability. The great thing is that the insoles are removable, which lets you put orthotics inside whenever needed. 

The midsole of New Balance is made of foam-based polymer to give accurate arch support and supreme stability. It also reduces shock, diminishes fatigue, and has a balancing force. These New Balance Sneakers will not disappoint you when it comes to standing long-term on the concrete. 

Skechers Segment The Search Loafer for men

Another great pick is from Sketchers from its The Search Loafer range. Sketchers has been a go-to brand for so many years now because we love the comfort they offer. We all love to look stylish but not by compromising comfort. 

These shoes feature memory foam cushioning and are gel-infused for maximum comfort. The midsole is highly supportive, which makes you feel at home with every step. 

It has a pull-on loop at the end, which helps in an easy pull on and off of the shoes. Also, the elastic goring adds to the flexibility of the shoes. With Search Loafers, you will have enough room to fit the feet, and in the meantime, they will fit you like no other shoe does.

CLARKS Everlay Elma Oxford for women

Are you someone who wants comfortable shoes, but style is also an important factor? Are you attracted to elegant shoes even if you are not comfortable in them? Do you end up buying shoes just because they match your style and then regret them later?

Well, if your answer is yes to all the questions, it’s time to make a new addition to your collection- Clarks Elma Oxfords. These are the most comfortable low-wedge shoes. If you spend your day on concrete in style, then you need to put these shoes on. 

These shoes have soft fabric lining with soft & comfy ortholite insoles. The upper leather is not durable but gives a chic look, and the rubber outsole offers great traction and is shock absorbent. It features 1.5-inch heels to keep our legs and back safe.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are some FAQs to help you with the buying guide of the best shoes for walking on concrete. 

Is walking on concrete floors harmful for your feet?

If you have work that demands standing on concrete floors for a long time, then your feet are at risk of swollen legs, sore feet, hip, back, and knee pain. With continuous strain, you can suffer from chronic pain and also get injured.

Are memory foam shoes the best shoes for walking on concrete?

Memory foam is a great material to protect your feet from getting hurt due to walking or standing for extended periods on concrete floors. Besides this, the cushion to the feet and softness will also make you comfortable when you move. 

Can running shoes be used for walking on concrete?

Running shoes are cushioned and protective and are designed to minimize pressure on your feet when you walk or run. Not only are running shoes better for comfort and provide protection in comparison to walking shoes. These features make them most suitable for walking on concrete. 

Can I wear running shoes in the office?

Running shoes can be used for so many purposes other than running or doing sports activities. Wearing sporty shoes is trending right now, and you can even wear them to school, offices as long as it is allowed in your workplace. 

Final Words:

When you spend most part of your day on concrete, you need the best shoes that offer cushioning, traction, durability, and are super flexible. All the above-listed shoes have everything you are looking for. 

We love Sketchers and Loom the most for women. Both these shoes have amazing features. You just have to pick the size carefully. For men, we like Loom Sneakers the most. They give a comfy, casual, and stylish look.

I hope you find this article helpful. If you do, do not forget to leave a comment below. 


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