Black Lagoon Season 3- Release Date, Cast

Black Lagoon season 3

Black Lagoon is one of those few anime series that proves that even English dubbed anime can be spectacular, and Black Lagoon season 3 is not behind. From free streaming conversation to sharp accents and strong voice of characters combine to switch even strong character traits, this anime series has got it all. Black Lagoon Season 3 grace us with outstanding English dubbed anime series like never seen before.

Of Course, like other anime Black Lagoon is not as awesome and is imperfect, featuring slow animation with excessive fan admiration to center-of-motion scenes. Keeping aside a couple of minor weaknesses, every anime fan should try out this series at least once. Black Lagoon season 3 will bring out something new to the table like none other.

Black Lagoon Season 3 Release date

Black Lagoon Season 1 was broadcasted originally from April 9 to June 25, 2006, and that every year in October, season 2 was delivered. Black Lagoon Season 3 came back after a four years long wait in 2010. From that point, there is no sign of season 4 making a comeback.

Black Lagoon Season 3 English Dub:

You can find the English dubbed version of the first and second season on Netflix, Amazon Prime, Funimation, and Viz Media, and for Balck Lagoon season 3, there is no sign yet. 

Black Lagoon Characters:

Rokurou Okajima




Fans are still dearly anticipating the launch of season 4. Do not lose trust yet. Most of our estimations have come true when the new manga comes out. We are hopeful that Black Lagoon season 4 will be delivered sometime around 2023. For more updates, keep checking our site.


Will Black Lagoon have a Season 4?

Even though Black Lagoon was one of the most popular shows of its time, it is still awaiting the green signal for season 4. Madhouse Studio and other producers of this show did not renew, and neither canceled the future installments of the series. 

Will Black Lagoon ever return?

Black Lagoon has disappeared but is not forgotten by the die-hard anime fans. They are shrill, hoping for the launch of season 4.

Does Rock like Revy?

The series strongly implies that Revy has her own emotionally crippled way and has strong feelings for Rock. Her attachment disorder, called nihilism with a violent temper, and past traumas prevent her from taking action on her feelings. Rock is not aware of Revy’s feelings for him.

Does Revy die in Black Lagoon?

Balck Lagoon is ambushed by the Luak gang. However, the entire gang is killed by Dutch and Revy. Revy can be seen firing a round from an M79 grenade launcher into a boat to destroy it and is presumed to be dead.

Is Revy a tsundere?

You can consider Revy a Tsundere but mostly have Kuudere and Yandere moments. She is an antiheroine. 

How did Black Lagoon end?

Black Lagoon ending called Roberta’s Blood Trail marked an inconclusive ending in regards to the main characters, especially Revy & Rock.


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