Bosch Season 7-Trailer, Release Date, and Cast

Bosch season 7

Amazon Prime Video has released Bosch season 7 and the finale trailer. This is the longest-running Amazon original series. The trailer of Bosch season 7 focuses on detective Harry Bisch as he gets involved in an arson investigation where five victims get killed by a masked man. One of the victims is a ten-year-old boy, which is why the detective takes this investigative personality and risks everything to take this man down.

Like previous seasons Bosch’s season 7 is based on a crime novel written by Michael Connely. The book for season 7 is The Burning room which is inspired by a real-life arson case. In the novel, Harry struggles with soon retirement while trying to train his partner Lucia Soto to replace him. 

Bosch season 7 release date:

Amazon Prime has announced that Bosch season 7 will premiere on June 25. Currently, it is unknown whether all the episodes of the series will be available or it will be a weekly affair.

Bosch season 7 cast:

Like in previous seasons, Homicide detective Harry Bosch is all set to return again. Other actors that will be returning include Suits, Castlevania, Nova Vita, and The Town. Harry Bosch will be joined by Jerry Edgar, Maddie Bosch, Irvin Irving, and Grace Billets.

Will there be a season 8 of bosch?

Bosch season 7 will be the finale season of this Amazon original series. Teh drama will finally come to an end after this. However, this is not the end of the story in general because spinoffs have been confirmed already. Most probably Amazon will start the spinoff series production any time this year.


Where can I watch Bosch season 7?

You can live stream Bosch season 7 on Amazon prime after the release.

Does Jerry Edgar die on Bosch?

Jamie Hector, playing Jerry Edgar, dies in Bosch. He was shot and killed at the end of season 3.

Why did Eleanor die on Bosch?

Eleanor dies after her discussion of a failed marriage with Harry Bosch over a meal at Du-par’s. She walks over to her car when two people in helmets on a motorcycle come and shoot her.

Who died in the last episode of Bosch?

Daisy Clayton


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