List of Best Educational Movies for Kids

Educational movies for kids

Are your children getting bored with schools and tuitions? If yes, then you can make them feel refreshed by showing animated educational movies. Moreover, the movies are not only for entertainment; they have some educational purposes also. There are various popular educational movies for kids. 

Sometimes schools and books are not enough for your kids. There are many life lessons which they can learn from the movies. Moreover, no book can teach you practical life lessons, but movies can. Some movies are made with a particular purpose to address the audience with a social message. Those kinds of movies are known as educational movies. 

Funny and educational movies help in your child’s overall development as these movies hold life lessons that a book can not teach you. Movies help children to enhance their mental and emotional development (Source). 

Now you might be thinking, which are those movies? Well, here this article will help you with educational movies for kids. So please read the full article to know about movies and which life lessons they carry. 

Best Educational Movies for Kids of all Time

There are many educational movies for kids that are beneficial. It is thought that the kids learn faster when they watch something, so these movies will help them gain information and knowledge about the varieties of subjects. Movies with good and unique concepts leave a great impact on children and help them learn the valuable lessons. Moreover, movies also help the anti-social kids to transform into the social person. They also enhance the behavior of kids in a good manner. 

Here are some of the best educational movies for kids of all time, and your kids will love watching them. 

The Lion King 

The Academy Award-winning film is worth being on the top of the list of educational movies for kids. The great animation and inspirational music of the movie are enough to steal the heart of the audience. 

Simba is the character that will make you fall in love with him. The Simba got lost when his father, king of jungle ‘Mufasa,’ died, and he considers himself responsible for his father’s death. At the same time, his uncle is the real culprit in the movie, who killed Simba’s father and distracted Simba to get the kingdom. 

But Simba fights with his fears and comes back to his family again after a long time. Moreover, he also kills his uncle, who is the main villain for the whole jungle. This movie will teach your kids how they can handle their fears and move further in their life. 

Finding Nemo 

The movie will not take a lot of time to jit into your heart and minds. Finding Nemo is an amazing movie with a great concept. The movie’s director has shown the unconditional bond of a father and his son in this kid’s movie. 

Finding Nemo’s story revolves around the concept of parenting. In the initial phases, the director shows that the kids listen to their parents and should not cross their limits if they are not allowed to. The other phase of this movie teaches you that you need to be courageous in difficult times. Moreover, the movie also focuses on friendship’s good bond and the relations you make with people and how they help you in your difficult times. 

This movie shows how fathers can push their limits for their kids. This movie became the top family movies of all time and proved to be a good children’s movie. 

Inside Out

Inside out is considered to be one of the top educational movies for kids. When the children move forward to bigger ages, a lot of changes take place physically and mentally. The movie focuses on the mental health of children

Adolescence is the age when a lot of emotions start running in your mind, and it is common in an eleven-year-old child. Riley is also the same, as a kid she got surrounded by many emotions in her mind like; distress, joy, sadness, and fear. She holds these feelings inside a small headquarter (brain), and they distract her positive thoughts towards negative thoughts. 

These little emotions pop out in the brain of Railey like real creatures. Moreover, she is a small kid who doesn’t know how to handle these emotions, but she never quit and managed to solve this issue. We all have random emotions in our minds, which affects our positive attitude toward life. So this movie shows how you can handle your emotions and maintain positivity. 

The Incredibles

This is one of the masterpieces from Pixar. Incredibles is a very interesting and funny movie, not only the children, but the adults also love this movie. The concept and the direction of this movie is just another level which attracted the audience automatically. The movie was released in the summers and became the biggest summer blockbuster of all time. 

If you are looking for entertaining and educational movies for kids, this one is perfect. The entire movie revolves around the story of a family with unique superpowers. In the movie, all the family members were shown working together in keeping themselves safe from harmful activities. The movie teaches what responsibilities you need to fulfill if you have superpowers. 

The main aim is to know your responsibilities and fulfill your duties towards your family. 


This is another great movie on the list. Moana is one of the best educational movies for kids for showing them the real definition of love. The story of this movie is way beyond finding true love in this world. There is one cutest character in the movie, ‘Maui’ who is the most entertaining element in the film. 

The movie is all about the simplest love in the world that is ‘self-love.’ The movie teaches you that you should always listen to your heart no matter what the situations are. Moreover, your kids will also learn to fight courageously against their fears and move onwards in life. 

If you watch this movie carefully, you can learn a lot from the movie’s different characters. Each character in the movie has its unique characteristics and will teach you good life lessons. Also, Maui’s voiceover in the movie is given by the famous actor Dwayne Johnson. What else do you want for amazing and educational movies for kids? 

Toy Story 2

Toy story is one of the greatest cartoon educational movies for kids and is known as the best follow-up to the original films. The movie shows how the toys get alive and rushed out of their comfort zones.

There are three parts of the toy story series, but the second part of the movie has its special place in the series and the hearts of the people. Toy story 2 shows the value of friendship and loyalty. Moreover, you will also learn how much your family means to you and how your family supports you all the time. 

Woody, the movie’s central character, finds the meaning of his life when he meets the other toys in the house. Initially, Woody was very egoistic and rude to other toys, but later on, he realized his mistake and knew the value of family in life. Moreover, Buzz became his best friend in the movie, and their bond shows a great friendship to the audience. 

Final Words

Movies are generated only for fun and entertainment, but they also carry life lessons. Whenever your kids feel bored while studying, do not scold them; handle the situation smartly. Show them the educational movies which can be learning along with fun. So now, you know the best educational movies for kids. You can show your kids any of them when they wish to watch a good movie. If you find this article informative, please leave a valuable comment and your favorite movie too.