Exploring the Transformative Impact of the Intranet in Empowering Small Businesses

According to statistics, there are 5.55 million small and medium enterprises in the UK, and the numbers are increasingly rising since most individuals are seeking the freedom to work on their own terms. Logically, every small and medium-sized enterprise will eventually want to become a large enterprise, and the Intranet has a vital role to play in this process. Intranet is a tool with which every small business owner can scale up by enhancing employee productivity and collaboration. 

Therefore, if you are a small business owner and would like to understand how an Intranet works, you can opt for an Intranet free trial. Moreover, if you want to understand how this technological advancement can transform your businesses, continue reading the article below:

What is an Intranet Network? 

An Intranet is a private network that enables secure and efficient communication among the members of an organisation.  It acts as a central hub for knowledge sharing, collaboration and communication within the organisation. Moreover, for a small business, it is more than just a tool that streamlines operations; it works as a catalyst to create a cohesive environment where every member feels like they have a major role to play in the organisation and develops a sense of unity with their colleagues. 

Advantages of Intranet for Small Businesses

Let us look at how a small business can benefit from an Intranet connection:

  1. Bridges Communication Gap:

As a small business, you may have a scattered workforce, which can sometimes lead to miscommunication. According to statistics, 44% of workers in the UK work from home or have a hybrid model of work. In such scenarios, efficient communication becomes the lifeblood of every organisation, and one can’t emphasise enough how it can lead to effective problem-solving and on-time business processing. The Intranet helps the members of your business communicate with each other, fostering an environment where team members are aligned with the goals of the organisation and everybody is on the same page. The Intranet works as a central platform through which teams can share their updates, discuss how to go forward with a project and disseminate critical information. 

  1. Streamlines Business Processes:

An Intranet helps streamline business processes by integrating it with project management tools and discussion forums. This helps your employees follow a similar business process and helps avoid miscommunication. Moreover, an Intranet is a vital tool to acquaint new employees with the policies of the business. When employees get all the necessary information in one location on the Intranet, it is easier for them to understand the goals and principles of the organisation. This saves you time in familiarising the new hires with how the business functions and its core values. 

  1. Helps Nurture a Unified Company Culture:

The values and principles of a small business are its USP, and imparting these values to the employees is very important to help them run successfully. Most businesses fail because they are unable to align their employees with their values. Therefore, an Intranet helps you nurture a unified company culture with the help of features such as knowledge-sharing forums, discussion portals, employee spotlights and virtual social events. Further, one of the top challenges small businesses face is difficulty finding good employees, which can be easily solved by nurturing an inclusive environment where employees feel valued and their contribution matters. Moreover, even though conducting mental health awareness programs and encouraging employees to take breaks between work to relieve stress make employees feel valued, to make them feel they are a vital part of the organisation, you need to have an Intranet connection that has an employee recognition feature. 

  1. Boosts Productivity:

For a small business to be successful, it has to have a strong team of employees who are extremely productive and give their maximum input. In order to ensure that your team is working at its optimum level, you must provide them with tools that will assist them in giving their best. One such tool is an Intranet that helps employees cut through clutter and find useful information. Its advanced search features can help employees search for specific information without the use of metadata or keywords. Moreover, employees don’t have to go through a puzzle of links and hyperlinks to find what they are looking for. The advanced search filter features help them find information instantly. Moreover, the Intranet also has features that help employees work on the same document simultaneously, which helps save time and improve efficiency. 


The Intranet is an indispensable tool that helps small businesses handle their day-to-day activities with ease. Its features are carefully designed to optimise the performance of every employee and enterprise. Therefore, if you have not availed of an Intranet network, you should reconsider your decision and talk to a reputable service provider today.