Effective Natural Methods To Relieve Stress

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Stressed? So are 55% of Americans, according to AIS. So let’s discuss PTSD, workplace stress, mental and physical symptoms of stress, and the ways to relieve stress as well as the natural ways to relieve stress today. Ways to relieve stress include a variety of treatments, activities, and yoga. 

What is stress?

Stress is a mental condition caused due to many things and situations in a person. 

Stress, depression, and anxiety have become a harsh reality of modern-day human life. Work-related stress is one of the most significant contributors to human mental health conditions today. Stress causes many mental disorders, which in turn leads to physical illness in the long term. But thankfully, we are talking about it more openly, which leads to more and more ways to relieve stress being developed.

Some common types of stress are

Workplace stress

Workplace Stress

Workplace-related stress plays a significant role in the mental health crisis in the US. Economic conditions, fear of termination, work deadlines, demanding jobs, long working hours are vital in leading a person to workplace stress. If workplace stress is left untreated, it can lead to serious health problems and significantly decrease productivity at work and in public life.  

But now, people are becoming aware of this mental health problem and using different methods and ways to relieve stress. 

Post-traumatic stress disorder

Suffering From PTSD

   Post-traumatic stress disorder or PTSD is a type of stress caused due to either experiencing or witnessing a traumatic disorder like an accident involving self or a loved one. This type of stress is generally seen in traumatic jobs like the military. Other people generally seen facing this disorder include people who have faced a crime against them or being themselves involved. 

Post-traumatic stress symptoms include anxiety, rage, and self-harming thoughts or suicidal thoughts. 


Causes of Stress

The causes of stress can be as common as a work deadline. There are many other causes of stress which we can enlist as these :

The death of a loved one can plunge a person into stress.

 It may lead the person into loneliness, and the feeling of more significant loss also plays a vital role in such cases. 

Moving to a new place

 It may lead a person to stress as they may be attached to a place and the feeling of loss of something they thought to be their own.

It can also lead to detachment and an issue in adjusting to the new place, leading a person to stress.

New work environment 

It can cause stress as a person’s anxiety about being new to the job is demanding.

 Workplace harassment is also a significant reason for workplace stress.

Abusive parents can also cause stress as it takes a toll on a child’s mental health.

Abusive Parents

 A child considers a parent to be their protector, role model, and the one they can trust, but when a parent breaks these conceptions of the child, it leads the child into stress.

Such conditions often make the child itself abusive and violent.

some other conditions that can lead a person to stress are

  1. A demanding and dangerous work environment like the military generally causes stress and is a significant part of workplace stress.
  2. Loss of job.
  3. Financial instability makes a person insecure about the future and life, causing anxiety and, thus, stress.
  4. Emotional issues(guilt, remorse, anxiety).
  5. Relationship issues. 
  6. Illness or Injury may lead a person to stress as it may render a person useless and take away their life, job, and in some cases, even the person’s partners leave them.

 All these thoughts can lead a person into stress.

Many other things can cause stress, but these are major examples of stress-causing conditions. These conditions in the past were considered very normal, but nowadays, people are talking more openly about them.

Symptoms of Stress

Stress can cause mental conditions, even in normal healthy persons. Symptoms of stress can vary from dizziness to loss of sex drive. Some other significant symptoms are:-

  1. A person has been easily frustrated and agitated.
  2. A feeling of losing control or being incapable.
  3. Having different thoughts and difficulty in relaxing your mind.
  4. Feeling of being worthless, low self-esteem, depressed and avoiding other people.

   Physical symptoms of stress

  • nausea.
  • Body aches and pain.
  •  Frequent cold or flu.
  •  Constipation.
  •      Thyroid fluctuations.
  •   Rapid heart rate.
  •      Headache.

These are some major physical symptoms of stress that were considered normal or ignored in the past, but now, as people are aware more about this, treatments are available. If a person is experiencing these physical symptoms, they need to consult a doctor as soon as possible. Such physical symptoms of stress can also make a person paranoid about being ill of something they are not actually. Thus, early treatment is suggested if a person faces these physical symptoms of stress.


Treatments for stress

Stress can be treated with proper medication and with the help of a doctor or a counselor. Different medical institutions and programs help and treat people with stress and other mental health conditions. One of the common treatments is Aromatherapy. 

Natural ways to treat stress

Girl Doing Yoga to relieve stress

Stress can be treated in different ways, like yoga and medication. Some of the other treatments include many ways to relieve stress. Some best examples of ways to relieve stress are:-


It may sound contradictory as body pain and muscle aches are symptoms of stress.

 But it is one of the most effective and common ways to relieve stress.

 If a person follows a regular exercise routine, it makes them way more likely not to be stressed as regular exercise helps release the stress hormone, which helps make a person more healthy mentally.

 Regular exercise also leads a person to get good and proper sleep, which also helps physical and mental health.

Regular exercise also helps build confidence in a person for their own body and thus makes them feel more competent. 


as it helps calm the mind and heart, is one of the very common natural ways to relieve stress.


writing about the things of interest or a person’s day-to-day life diary. 


Different yogas like channel cleaning breath, Surya namaskar, and many others.

Visiting Nature Spots

Indulging oneself with nature can bring peace and calmness to a person.

Time management strategies.

Meeting New People 

Interacting with people of the same interests.


Having pets leads a person to care for them, thus leading to physical exercise.

Pets also act as a diversion for a person, thus calming their minds.

People also develop an attachment with pets, which acts as a companion and helps fight loneliness.

Interacting with People

 Interacting with people of the same interest also helps in boosting the morale and self-esteem of a person. 

These are some of the major and common natural ways to relieve stress. Other treatments for severe stress conditions include proper medical attention and doctor-prescribed medications. 



So, as you know, what is stress and its causes and treatment we hope you to be more aware of it and compassionate towards people who have this mental condition. 

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