Fu Manchu Mustache: How To Grow, Care, And Style

fu manchu mustache

Do you want to have unique mustache styles? Or do you want a style statement to make you stand out from the crowd? Whatever it is that you want, from two, Fu Manchu Mustache can fulfill all of your needs. 

The fu Manchu beard is directly in association with a famous Chinese villain Dr.Fu Manchu. It is one of the most popular mustache styles around the world and for all the good reasons, as it makes you look masculine, stylish, and unique. 

Below we will tell you about various Fu Manchu mustache styles and how to style mustache to look masculine. 

Fu Manchu Mustache Styles

There are various fu Manchu mustache staples that are popular around the world. Some of the most popular styles of this manly mane are:

Braided In The Middle

The braided Fu Manchu style of the beard is very popular among the common man. It is also popular in the movies. 

If you ought to have the beard on the chin, then an area with the mustache, then the braided beard style will look amazing on you. What’s amazing about this style is that it gives you a tough and unique look. 

Short And Thin Fu Manchu Mustache

The short and thin Fu Manchu style is very suitable for people with round faces. This style doesn’t cover the cochin, and the partition is very thin. It is also a good option for people who don’t have proper mustaches and beard growth as the styling is thin. 

Between The Horseshoe

Are you confused about which style to have – fu Manchu or horseshoe? If yes, then this style is your safe bet. 

In it, the upper part is to be kept in the Fu Manchu style, whereas the lower part is in the horseshoe pattern. These mustache styles look different and make you stand out from the crowd. 

Waxed Sideways

Are you a mustache enthusiast? If yes, then the waxed sideways style of the Fu Manchu mustache will look great on you. 

In this style of the Fu Manchu, you need to style the mustaches sideway using the wax. You can also use the wax to guide the mustache sideways in this style to give you a different look. The good thing about the pattern is that it lets you style according to your wish as the wax keeps the mustache together. 

Hung Free

Do you want the classic and original fu Manchu style? If yes, then the hang freestyle of these mustaches is for you.

In it, the mustaches are allowed to grow long, and then they hang freely on the sides. The mustaches hang free without a connection to the beard freely from the lips corners. One thing which you can be sure about this style is that it is unique and will make you look stylish and manly at the same time. 


Are you a style icon? Or do you think you have the potential to be the one? Well, if the answer to any of the questions is yes, then the twisted style is for you. 

The style icon thing is vital as it doesn’t require much effort to get the twists. What makes the difference is not the twists but how confidently and stylishly you carry it. For a perfect outlook in this style, you can use mustache balm or wax for styling. If you do it properly, one thing is sure, that you will have something to flaunt which everyone around will admire. 

Soul Patch Style

If you want to have a professional look along with the Fu Manchu mustache, then the soul patch pattern is for you. In it, there is a small patch on the lower lip.

This patch in this style helps in shifting the focus to the mustache from the lower lip. It also helps in creating a combination of manliness and professionalism together. The patch also elevates your look as the lower lip is not bare. 

Wide and Thick 

Do you prefer the thick and wide look for your face? Then the classic Fu Manchu mustaches will not work for you. 

Instead of the classic style, you need to try this thick and wide style. In it, there is hair growth on the sides as well as on the chin to an extent. This lets you have a thick and wide mustache while maintaining the Manchu style of it. It also helps you in elevating your rough and tough look. 

Stubble Style

A man with stubble can never be wrong, and if you combine it with the mustache styles, then the outlook can be ravishing.

So when you combine the fu Manchu style with the stubble, it gives a unique and classy look to you. It also helps you style your manly mane accordingly as you can keep it thin or wide according to your preferences. 

Hogan Fu Style 

The WWE icon Hulk, the famous Hogan, has kept his signature mustache style for decades. To have a different look, you can also have the fu Manchu style like his. 

To have this type, you don’t need an extensive routine. All you need to do is keep the sides of the mouth full and thick. However, the hairs’ regular trimming is essential for a neat and clean look along with your mustaches. 

Connected Sideburns Style

Are you a beardo man? Or are you a beardoholic? Well, then the connected sideburns style of the Fu Manchu mustache is for you. 

In this style, your mustaches stay connected to the sideburns on the face. At the same time, the beard in this style is shaved from the chin. This is also important as a neatly shaven chin helps in maintaining the fu shape and a Rockin hot mustache style. 

How To Grow Fu Manchu Mustache?

Growing a proper fu Manchu beard and mustache needs patience and a little time; as we know, our facial hair grows only 1½ inches in a month. Although once it’s grown to an extent, the style and masculine look it gives you is worth the time and effort. 

To grow your manly fu Manchu mane, follow these steps:

  • While the mustache is in the growth period, insecure that you style it two times in a week. This is essential to give it the needed shape and style. 
  • One thing you need to remember is that you must only allow the tip hairs of the mustache so that it takes proper shape.
  • Other than the mustache is, shave the rest of the areas of the face, including around the mustache.
  • Use the trimmer for shaping the fu Manchu beard and mustache properly. This will also help you in avoiding the long and bushy growth. 
  • If you don’t want the beard, then you need to shave it off. This will allow the mustache hairs to hang down without a connection to the face. This will help in giving the original fu Manchu style to you. 

How Much Time Does Fu Manchu Mustache Take To Grow?

The time that the Fu Manchu mustaches take to grow varies from person to person. However, according to the general fact of 1½ inches growth per month, it will take around 3-4 months for proper growth; once grown, these mustache styles will make you look fascinating. 

For best results, you need to trim it on a regular basis. Other than this, you can also use supplements like the beard moisturizer for a good and soft shiny growth. 

How To Style Fu Manchu Mustache?

These fu Manchu styles are perfect if you want a tough and masculine look for yourself. You can also style it with little effort and give yourself something to flaunt. 

Follow these steps to style the fu Manchu mustache;

  • Let the whiskers grow on the top area of the lips.
  • Continue this process and let the whiskers grow on the downward sides around the mouth.
  • Shave the hairs which grow past the mouth. This will help you keep the mustache thin. Although if you want a thick and fully grown mane, then you can trim them accordingly.
  • Use wax or various beard styling products. This will help in shaping the mustache and keeping it downwards.
  • You can also style these hairs by braiding or letting them how they are. Also, let them end on the chin or below that area. 

How To Get The Fu Manchu Beard Look?

For having a Fu Manchu mustache and beard look combined, you need to let your hairs on the chin and jaw grow. To maintain the mustache styles and beard pattern, trim them on a regular basis along with using the oils to keep them healthy.

How are Fu Manchu and Horseshoe Mustache Different?

There is a lot of confusion when it comes to differentiating between the fu Manchu style and horseshoe mustache styles. 

The difference between the two is that in the Fu Manchu style, the growth is mainly on the upper lip’s corners. The upper side of the lip is shaved. Whereas in the horseshoe mustache style, there’s growth on the upper lip. Another difference is that there is no growth on the sides of the mouth in the fu mustache styles, and it is separate. In contrast, the horseshoe style has grown around the mouth and upper lip and is connected with the ends. 

Final Words

Fu Manchu mustache is a classic beauty that you can have for a manly and stylish look that will make you stand out of the crowd of clean-shaven. 

The good thing about such mustache styles is that they are classic, stylish, and unique at the same time. They also don’t require much effort from you and are easy to maintain and style. 

Jatin Choudhary