Fun St. Patrick’s Day Games For kids

St. Patrick's Day games

It’s time for St. Patrick’s Day Party, but a party is incomplete without fun St. Patrick’s Day games. If you are searching for St. Patrick’s Day party ideas to keep the kids entertained, your search ends now. Get ready to take part in Irish Leprechaun games for kids. 

Best St. Patrick’s Day Games :

Here are some fun and crazy St. Patrick’s Day games for kids.

Who’s the Leprechaun?

Are you looking for some Irish Leprechaun games for kids? Then Who is the Leprechaun is a fun game to try. To play this game, you will have to pick one kid, title them “It,” and send them out of the room.

The rest of the kids choose one of them as the Leprechaun. Now play Celtic tunes in the background and have all the kids dancing. The Leprechaun has to choose to make Irish dance moves, and all the kids have to follow him, making the same moves.

Now bring back the “IT” kid into the room. She will observe all the dancing kids and have to guess which player is the Leprechaun. The Leprechaun has to keep changing moves randomly. The IT kids have to keep a close eye on all the kids to identify a Leprechaun and change the dancing moves quickly without letting other players lead. 

When the IT identifies the right Leprechaun, she will get the chance to pick the next “IT” kid to be sent out of the room. 

Gold Hunt

Another best pick from St. Patrick’s Day party games is Gold Hunt. As you know, a leprechaun is always searching for gold; you have to gather all your party guests and send them on a hunt to find gold. Hide several gold color coins around your party space. 

You can also divide the kids into two teams. Hand out a pail to each team and send them on a hunt to search for as much gold as they can in two minutes. When the time is up, both the teams will bring their pails with coins in them. The team that finds the maximum coins will win. 

Shamrock Scramble

It is not easy to find good games for your St. Patrick’s Day Party Ideas. Shamrock Scramble is one of the Irish games that you can introduce to your party.

You need to cut shapes out of four large shamrocks on a green poster board. Tape one shamrock in every corner of the room.

Now play Irish music in the background and ask the kids to dance while the music is playing. Stop the music randomly. When the music stops, the kids have to run and stand on one shamrock each. 

The last kid to get on the shamrock will be out of the game. Keep continuing the game until only one player remains in the end.

Leprechaun Trap

Another one of the fun leprechaun games is the leprechaun trap. To play this game, get a cardboard box large enough for kids to crawl through. Open the box flaps and put the box on the floor so that the open end forms a tunnel. 

Play Irish music in the background. As the music continues, the kids will have to form a line and crawl through the cardboard box one by one. As soon as the music stops, the kid at the front and the kid at the back will close flaps to trap the Leprechaun. 

Then this player will be out of the game. Keep continuing the game until one player is left in the end. 

Gold Coin Toss

St. Patrick’s Day party is incomplete without playing fun games. Gold Coin Toss is a must-add to your St. Patrick’s Day party game ideas.

To play this game, you will need some Leprechaun pots. Put them on the floor and draw a line a few feet away from the pots. Ask the players to stand behind this line and toss the gold coins into the pots. Score one point each time a player gets in. You can give prizes to kids based on their points scored. 

Leprechaun Tag

Another one of the fun leprechaun games called leprechaun tag will be loved by kids. To play this game, kids are divided into fairies and leprechauns, with one of the players being titled “It.” It will trap a leprechaun by tagging him “Freeze Tag.” When the Leprechaun gets tagged, he/she needs to stay still in place. Fairies can free the Leprechaun by tagging him/her. If a fairy gets tagged while freeing Leprechaun, she will have to switch places with the It. 

Rainbow Relay

This St. Patrick’s Day Games list will be incomplete without playing Rainbow Relay. 

In this game, the players will be divided into teams who race to create a rainbow first to play the games, starting by dividing players into two teams. Hand different colored crepe paper rolls to every player. The player who is first in the line will have to run across the room and unroll streamers as he/she goes. 

When she comes back to the team, the next player will run the same course unrolling the streamer over the first player. The first team which completes the rainbow will win the race.

Pot of Gold Relay

The Pot of Gold Relay game requires teams to race against each other and fill their gold pot first. Divide players into two teams. Put one pot at the beginning of the line for both teams. Fill two pots with gold or candy and keep them several feet away from the starting line. 

Line up the kids and signal them to start the race. The first player in the line will run to bring one piece of gold from the pot and come back to put it in the empty pot. The remaining players will repeat the same one by one. The first team to bring all the gold back will win the game.

Leprechaun Relay

Irish Leprechaun games are so much fun to play. For this game, you will need two leprechaun costumes. You can get them from a costume shop or make them using clothes kept around the house. You can even use leprechaun hats and green clothing pieces instead. 

Divide players into two teams and hand out leprechaun outfits to the player standing first in the line. Signal to start the race, and the players will have to put on leprechaun clothes, run through obstacles and return back to the teams. Then they will have to take off their leprechaun outfit and pass it to the player second in line. 

This process will continue until all the players have run the relay race. The first team to complete the race will win the Leprechaun race.

Patrick’s Day Parade

St. Patrick’s Day parade is celebrated in many cities. Start your own parade at home by giving the kids some fun costume pieces and props so they can start St. Patrick’s Day parade in your backyard. 

Some fun prop ideas include:

  • Kilts
  • Irish banners
  • Leprechaun costumes
  •  Irish fairy costumes
  • Toy musical instruments
  • Wool caps
  • Cardboard boxes they can decorate and wear as “floats.”

Irish Dancing

Who doesn’t love Irish games? A St. Patrick’s Day party is incomplete without Irish dancing. Put on some music and let your guests show some new dancing moves. You can even hire a dancing instructor to teach kids fun Irish dance steps or let them make their own jigs. 

Build an Irish Cottage

One of the most fun St. Patrick’s Day party ideas is to let the guests decorate their own Irish cottage. For this game, you will require large cardboard boxes which already have cutout windows and doors. 

Give the kids decorating supplies of different types like stickers, paint, markers, shamrock garland, and green streamers. You can even hand out cardboard cutouts of signposts so that kids can name their cottage. 

Freeze Jig

For this gameplay, traditional Irish music in the background, and the kids have to dance along. Stop music randomly. When the music stops, the kids have to stop dancing and freeze in one location. The last one to stop will be out of the game. This game will continue until only one kid remains on the dance floor. 

Wearing of the Green

When you have guests over for your St. Patrick’s Day party, prepare them beforehand for fun games. For this one, ask your guest to dress in green color outfits. Gather all the players in a circle and hand white t-shirts to one kid. Play Irish music in the background. 

The player with the shirt has to put it on and off as quickly as possible and pass it on to another player on the left. The next player follows the same steps and passes them to the player on the left. 

When the song stops, the player who is caught wearing the shirt will be out of the game. The game will continue until only one player is left in the end. 


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