How to Choose the Right Virtual Assistant

hire a virtual assistant

A wide range of activities is involved in every business. These tasks require energy and time and should be better handled by someone else to focus on your core business. Hiring a virtual assistant is a great move. It will not only be affordable but will also help you in saving time. Now you must be wondering how to choose the right virtual assistant. Here is an article to help you hire a virtual assistant so that you hire the right person. 

Features to Seek In a Virtual Assistant


The work of virtual assistants includes handling sensitive information. It can include handling email addresses, contact details, and even credit card information of your clients. Therefore, it is essential to hire an honest virtual assistant. While hiring a virtual assistant, ask questions like how they handle information and ask about the places they worked earlier. 


The work of virtual assistants is to handle mundane tasks, but these tasks are essential. Therefore, you should hire a reliable virtual assistant to ensure that all the tasks are completed correctly on time. If you do not hire a reliable person, it will increase your work pressure.

Attention to Detail

A professional virtual assistant pays great attention to minor details. The work of virtual assistants often includes interacting with clients, answering emails, and handling booking tasks. You would need someone who takes time to correct mistakes and works hard to ensure that every detail is right and sorted out properly. Hire someone accurate with details. 


You should always hire a resourceful virtual assistant. The person should have the ability to overcome problems with creativity and innovation, and such a person will be a great addition to your team. A virtual assistant will solve all your problems adequately and keep the information carefully organized if the problem arises again. 


In virtual assistance, it is essential to have the ability to multitask. A virtual assistant should be able to handle clients, schedule meetings, manage multiple clients, and organize tasks simultaneously. You should hire a virtual assistant who can perform multiple tasks with great attention. It will help in increasing productivity and managing running things smoothly.  

Able to Handle Changes

The virtual assistant should have the ability to handle changes. They should be able to work well under tough situations and pressure. A virtual assistant should be able to handle the clients properly like they are their only priority. 

Time Management

A virtual assistant has to complete a lot of work. They have a lot of tasks on their plate. Therefore a virtual assistant should have time management ability. You should hire a virtual assistant who knows how to manage time so that they can juggle various tasks.

Skills A Virtual Assistant Should Possess

Now that you are clear about what qualifications a virtual assistant should possess, below are some necessary skills that a virtual assistant should have. 

Communication Skills

A virtual assistant must communicate daily with different people, including your clients. It means that a virtual assistant should have top-notch communication skills. This includes knowing how to talk to people. In addition to this, it also includes that a person should be able to communicate via message, text, email, chat, and phone call. While hiring a virtual assistant, make sure that the person can communicate properly using different forms. 

Basic Accounting Skills

Virtual assistants do not have to handle your accounts, but they should know basic accounting skills. It includes basic information about how to use accounting software, monitor expenses, and track bills paid by clients. Moreover, you would want to hire a virtual assistant who could handle different things like budget and taxes; however, a virtual assistant with basic accounting skills will provide you value in different ways that you could have never imagined. 

Computer Skills

Virtual assistants must have excellent computer skills. It includes the ability to type properly at a good speed. They should be good at surfing the internet and know about top task management and project management software programs. They should also be familiar with email programs, chats, video conferencing tools, scheduling calendars, and any program associated with your industry. 

Writing Skills

A virtual assistant should not have a good typing speed but should also have top-notch writing skills. They should have the ability to type around 30 WPM. They will have to interact with clients via email or chat. They will have to write essential documents several times. A virtual assistant should have a good command of the English language and vocabulary to accomplish these tasks. They should also have a proper understanding of English grammar. 

Internet Research Skills

It is essential to hire a virtual assistant that knows how to navigate the internet. Many virtual assistants know how to use different tools, but the best virtual assistant is the one who can find out the best tools, new approaches, best deals, and quick ways of completing work. When you hire a virtual assistant, ask about internet research skills. Trust me, a virtual assistant with top-notch internet research skills is worth its weight in gold. 

Knowledge about Top Management Tools

If you want to operate your business smoothly, you will have to use top management projects. Therefore, you should hire a virtual assistant having excellent proficiency in different management tools. If not, they should be able to navigate through these tools and quickly learn the project management tool used by your firm. 

Hiring a virtual assistant is the best way to increase your productivity as it allows you to focus on things that matter. To make sure you hire a good virtual assistant, review the qualifications above and your skills.