How to Wear the Right Jewelry to Enhance Your Appearance

Image Credits: Getty Images

Accessories are, without a doubt, one of the most important parts of women’s lives. Women have been wearing accessories from the beginning of time. If you are unsure about the right accessories to choose that will enhance your experience, don’t worry, as we have a few recommendations.


There are different types of earrings with different shapes, and the decision to choose the right earring for you depends upon your overall look and body features. If you have an oval-shaped face, you are in luck, as any earring will look great on you, but if you have a heart-shaped face, then triangular and chandeliers earrings would be the best option.


Without a doubt, a necklace enhances your personality to a great extent. The type of necklace that would suit you depends on your height. If you have a medium height, then the V-shaped or Y-shaped necklaces are the best ones, and if you are petite, you can go for large-sized jewelry. For medium-height women, the V-shaped or Y-shaped necklace can also make them look taller.


Another very important accessory for women is the bracelet. Right bracelets can enhance the beauty of your hands. The decision to choose the right bracelet must depend upon your personality. If you are a spiritual and sophisticated person, the beaded bracelets are highly appropriate. But if you are petite, you can wear thin and delicate bracelets, which will make you look prettier.

Other Things to Keep in Consideration

Skin tone

Many women tend to ignore skin tones when using their jewelry, but that’s not wise as if ignored, it could have a bad impact on your overall appearance.

Eye color

Another thing that goes unnoticed while considering the type of jewelry to wear is eye color.