When Is Manifest Season 4 Coming Out?

Manifest season 4

Now that Manifest season 3 is all wrapped up, fans are eager to know will there be Manifest season 4. The show has been airing on NBS since 2012 and revolves around the story of commercial airline Flight 828, which reappears after passengers were all presumed to be dead for the last five years. 

For the crew and passengers of the flight, the jump time is represented by minor turbulence; however, they soon resume their life. Soon they find out that a lot has changed since they have gone. 

As they attempt to restart life, passengers also start hearing voices and see premonitions of the events that were about to happen in the future. Through three seasons of Manifest, the audience has been hooked and loving the twists and turns in this sci-fi story. 

If you want to know what you can expect from Manifest season 4, then here is everything we know about the show.

When is the release date for Manifest season 4?

Netflix has still not officially confirmed the renewal of Manifest season 4. NBC has announced the renewal of its other prime-time shows, including The Blacklist, Chicago, and Shows. 

The show is still hanging in the middle of NBC rankings and ratings. It is on 9th rank with demographics of 18-49 years old and is the 11 the best show overall. Given these ratings, it is still not sure whether NBC will renew the show. However, if there will be season 4 of Manifest, the story will definitely be a long one. 

Who’s in the cast of Manifest season 4?

The cast of Manifest season 4 will be steady, most likely. Stars of the show Josh Dallas, Melissa Roxburgh, JR Ramirez, Athena Karkanis, Jack Messina, and Parveen Kaur. In season 2 of the series, Matt Lang also joined the cast. The cast for season 4 will remain the same, most likely with a few new characters to give some twists to the show. 

What’s the plot for Manifest season 4?

Manifest Season 4 does not have a plot description so far. However, we can say that Jeff Rake, the showrunner, will take the series for several seasons.

Manifest is only halfway through the storyline decided for the series and how Jeff envisions it. NBC has announced the cancellation of Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist after two seasons, and Manifest can be the next in the queue. If it happens, fans will never get to know the full story of Flight 828. The best thing for fans to do right now tells NBC that they want to watch more of this show before it is renewed.


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