How To DIY Mason Jar Terrarium

mason jar terrarium

A mason jar terrarium is a perfect housewarming gift on teacher’s day or to bring a little something to a sick friend. A plant in a jar thrives on neglect, which means that even a plant serial killer will be able to keep them alive. 

A terrarium jar is inexpensive, and depending on which plant you use, it can last for years and takes less than 30 minutes to make. 

Making an amazon terrarium is super simple but requires finesse because you will have to work on a very small planting area. Let’s find out how to make a terrarium in a jar?

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Things You Need:

  • Mason jars 
  • Small plants
  • Moss (optional)

How to Make

Clean and Dry Your Jar

Before starting, make sure to wash the jar using a glass cleaner or soap and let it air dry completely. Now take the top of your mason jar and put it on a flat surface. Make sure the center disk of the jar is placed securely on the lid.

Moisten the Soil 

Damp the potting mix for your plant and remove the pot or cell. Make sure not to harshly pull it out of the top. If the soil is in the pot, tap it and slide the plant gently by squeezing the sides and tip in into the hand. 

If your plant is kept in a cell pack, try squeezing the bottom to take the plant out.

If your plant is bound by roots, then rough up the roots by rubbing or tearing them to the bottom side. 

Place the Plant

Squeeze the root ball and keep the plant in the mason jar lid. Keep the root ball compact and, if possible, cover the roots with soil. Press the root ball into the jar lid to mound, but do not overflow it. 

Add the Moss

Give your terrarium a finished look by taking small moss pieces and pressing them into the soil around the plant. This will create a pretty green mound. Place the moss away from the plant crown. 

Test Fit the Jar

Corral the plant leaves and branches carefully to fit the mason jar. Push the branches and leaves up. Gently place the bottle over your plant and, using your fingers, push the plant into a mason jar terrarium. You can also try twisting the jar. Keep rotating the jar until you notice threads catching the lid.  

This part is a little tricky, and even if the threads do not catch the lid, you can simply rest the lip on the jar and create a seal. Always be careful when trying this move.

How To Care for Your Terrarium

Keep your mason jar terrarium out of direct sunlight but make sure to provide indirect lighting. You do not need to water it for months, though keep checking if the soil is moist, but it should not be wet. If you notice condensation on the jar, leave the jar open for a few hours to let the soil dry when too wet. 

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Final Words:

You can use succulents for your mason jar terrarium or any other small plant that can fit. To add a little decorative or whimsical touch to the mason jar terrarium, place shells, stones, and other cute miniature figurines that can survive in a humid environment. 

You can even make a memory mason jar terrarium by collecting and adding some keepsakes from your vacation. When giving a gift to someone, add a ribbon around the lid.

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