Most Expensive Bike To Ride In Style

most expensive bike

Do you want to have a health-friendly ride? Or do you want to feel the touch of luxury in your ride? Well, whatever it is that you want, trying some of the most expensive bike options can be your thing. 

You may be thinking that how getting a bike could make your ride health-friendly and luxurious at the same time? The answer is that there are bike options available from various brands like Lamborghini, which you can get. What’s even amazing is that some of these bikes are made out of 24k gold. So, they will satisfy your need for luxury while giving an eco-friendly and health-friendly option that is unique and not like the usual options like electric cars. 

In the article, we will explore some of the most expensive bike options which you can get for yourself. We will also tell you about the various other aspects related to these bikes, which will satisfy your curiosity. 

Most Expensive Bike 

After going through a variety of options, we have selected some of the most expensive bikes for you. These will help you to enjoy those moments of childhood with luxury. 

24K Gold Extreme Mountain Bike 

Price: $1 Million

Do you want to own the most expensive bike in the world? If yes, then this bike launched and designed by the Hugh Power is something that will make you fall in love with it. 

This bike is also popular by the name of the “Fat Bike or “Beverly Hills Bike Edition.” The framework of this mountain bike is made using 24K gold in pure form. This bike is less like a vehicle and more like an eye-catching piece of art made for those who want something unique. Other than just the gold frame, the bike also features a number of high-tech features. 

Its features include each part being certified and electroplated. Other than this, it also has a customizable emblem, chocolate brown setas, diamond embellishments, and more. The seats of this bike are made using an alligator’s skin, which also includes some artistic features. We can say that these seats are a true add-on to this mountain bike extravagance. 

Trek Madone Butterfly 

Price: $500,000

Imagine trek bikes that literally give you wings! With this trek butterfly madone, you can get just the wings you want. What’s even astonishing is that this bike takes its name in literal ways. This is why the bike sparked some controversy with the animal groups like PETA as the design uses butterfly wings in it. 

Damien Hirst, the creator of this bike, placed real wings of butterflies on this trek bike rim and frame. Besides the quirky design of this bike, it also boasts some popular riders, including Lance Armstrong. The rider used the bike in the Tour De France Race of 2009. The bike is also aesthetically pleasing to add some beauty to it as it is decorated with purple and pink patterns. 

In case you think that the bike is too expensive then don’t worry about it as it is something that will help in the good cause. All the money that is collected through the profits from this bike is donated to cancer programs. 

24K Gold Men’s Racing Bike

Price: 393,000

Do you want the most expensive bike that a top brand also boosts? If yes, then getting this bike can fulfill your needs as this amazing bike is made by the famous luxury brand Rolls Royce. 

This bike from the brand is gold-plated and handcrafted, is truly something that we can call the sophistications epitome. In the bike, everything is covered in pure gold; whether it is the seats or the wheels or the handlebar, everything is plated with 24K gold. The designers of this bike, Goldgenie, have planned every cranny and nook of this one of the most expensive bike in the world. In its design, you will feel like everything is meticulously planned by the Goldgenie. 

The carefully planned design of this bike makes it one of the stunning in terms of both looks as well as feel. Its framework whines bright than the sun and feels extremely comfy, all thanks to its fine leather sets. The bike is also adorned with precious stones and diamonds. 

Trek Yoshimoto Nara Speed Concept

Price: $200,000

Do you want to have one of the most expensive trek bikes in the world? Well, then getting this bike from the brand will satisfy your craving. 

This trek Yoshimoto bike looks quirky and fun with its shiny bright colors. Its frameworks yellow and blue colors, which are bright, make it specially beautiful and illustrative. The bike also has cartoonist designs of various kids who wear UFO and boxing gloves doodles. It also has the livestrong logo on it, which is something different in itself. 

When you take a closer look at the bike, you will find how it is more than just an attractive vehicle. The bike also boasts a number of various advanced features. These features allow the rides to take sharp turns and maneuver in narrow spaces. The rider can do these moments while maintaining its body balance. 

Kaws – Trek Madone 

Price: $160,000 

When you search for a perfect blend of style, elegance, and comfort, nothing can beat the Kaws bike launched by the Trek Madone. 

This model is also endorsed and designed by Lance Armstrong, who is a well popular figure in the bicycle riders world. The bike is itself a visual stunner, and the bike incorporates a number of other technical features in itself, which makes it superior to other available options. Its features also add some extra oomph to the bike design. 

For instance, this bike also comes with a trademark chomper which has teeth like in pattern on its front. The rim section of this trek bike is also something that is completely Kaws. This bike’s aerodynamics design is also something that provides a great balance, and the ergonomic seats along with the handlebar make it easy to control. In addition to this, the bike is extremely flexible and lightweight. 

Aurumania Gold Bike Crystal Edition 

Price: $114,000

Do you love vintage? Or do you want to own some vintage beauties? If yes, then the Aurumania company’s bike is what you will love.

This is a French brand that has manufactured a limited edition of the golden bike that has vintage looks. It is also one of the most expensive bikes in the world. The framework of this bike is also gold-plated, super sleek, and lightweight, which makes it handling a piece of cake. Its simple, elegant, and minimalist design is something that makes it beautiful in a way that it looks like it belongs in a museum. 

The crystal edition of this bike comes with a frame that is encrusted with diamonds and stones. This golden bike is completely handcrafted, has leather seats that are custom made, and it also has ergonomic handlebars which are also sewed in. In short, this bike is not an ordinary and fancy bike but is something that is subtle yet very extravagant. So this is something that only one true connoisseur will appreciate. 

Trek Madone 7 – Diamond

Price: $75,000

The Trek Madone is a very popular name in the bike industry which is loved all over the world by adventurers and lovers. This brand is also famous for making the most expensive bike options in the world. 

The bike is a sports version and looks very professional, and is armed with a set of some super cool looks and features. It also guarantees the riders the ride of their life. On this bike, you also get a carbon fiber-made framework that is encrusted with some precious stones. In fact, the diamonds are also embedded in the spokes of this bike body. Other than all these amazing features, the bike also has a gold plate in the front section. 

The yellow and white gold plate in the middle of this bike frame enhances the glamour and glitz of this bike. So if you want some of the most expensive bike options in the form of the most expensive road bike, then this is the perfect option for you. 

Chrome Hearts X Cervelo Mountain Bike

Price: $60,000

This is a limited edition luxury bike that has been built by Chrome Hearts in collab with the Cervelo. The framework of this bike features patented designs that are exclusive to only the Chrome Hearts. This is one of the most expensive bike for jewel-encrusted framework patterns to rhinestones and heart designs; you get it all in this bike. 

Other than this, its black carbon color, along with gothic design, makes the bike feel like a motorbike. This bike looks elegant, expensive, and luxurious at the same time. Frankly, this bike looks like a work of art that belongs in the art galleries and is not ridden on the roads. 

Aston Martin Limited Edition One – 77 Factor Cycle

Price: $39,000

Who doesn’t know the world-famous car brand, Aston Martin? Now the Aston Martin has collaborated with the Factors bike for launching the one 77 factors cycle. This bike is a contender on the list of one of the most expensive bike. The cycle is made by keeping in mind the collectors and elite enthusiasts. 

This bike’s framework is stylish, chic, and sleek, making it amazingly astonishing. The bike is also loaded with innumerable techs, which include the construction of carbon fiber and powerful support of aerodynamics. It also offers Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity which will keep your entertainment up to date during the journey. 

Lamborghini X Cervelo P5X 

Price: $20,000

Lamborhinning is world-famous for making some high-end and most expensive cars in the world. Now it has collaborated with Cervelo to make the most explosive bike for the enthusiasts. 

This bike from the brand is compact, ergonomic, and minimalist in design, and there are only a few adjectives that can truly define this bike. The bike is a trilithon cycle that offers flexibility, seamless aerodynamic movements, and aerodynamic storage. These features help the rider to maintain their body balance even when they are riding at high speeds. 

It features a Y-shape frame which is predominantly yellow and black in color. The bike looks like a miniature version of the famous character Bumblebee. 

These are some of the most expensive bike options available in the market, which you can get for yourself. The good thing about all the options which we have put together in the article is that they boast style, design, strength, and technology at the same time. 

Final Words

Do you want to own the most expensive bike in the world? Or do you want to get the most technologically and style-loaded bike for yourself? Well, whatever it is, you can get it from some of the most expensive bike options available in the market. 

There are numerous options available in the market which you can get for yourself. But choosing the one which makes you stand out of the crowd of regular ones is what matters the most. So, choose wisely when going for the most expensive bike options for yourself. 

Jatin Choudhary