Top Sad Anime Girl With the Most Depressed Stories

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Life never says the same. We all face ups and downs, which allow us to learn the most important lessons of life. The same happens with the anime characters. They all face bad times which change their life upside down. There are various sad anime girl characters with big and expensive eyes, which clearly reflect their pain. Continue reading the article to know about the best-depressed anime girls. 

Top Sad Anime Girl Characters

Nothing is constant in life, and the same is the case with bad times. Like everything, bad times also pass. However, the question is, what did you learn from those tough times? Such time always teaches the best lessons of life. 

There are not only sad anime girls but also sad anime boys who face a lot of challenging situations in life. When it comes to anime girls, they are not only cute but also highly expressive. They have big eyes full of emotions, which makes it easy to see their feelings through their eyes. 

Some depressed anime girls show such characters due to tragic pasts, while others cry because they are too sensitive to handle tough times. Whatever is the reason, we have made a list of the best sad anime girl characters who will make your hearts melt.

Iwakura Lain (Serial Experiments Lain)

Iwakura is by far one of the most depressed and sad anime characters. Every as[ect of her personality screams “emo.” Even performing normal everyday tasks also makes her anxious. She often wears a teddy bear suit, which helps her to cope with things that make her sad and intimidate her. 

In addition to this, she also keeps comfort objects and toys that help her feel calm and relaxed when she is really depressed. Checking emails also makes her anxious, which clearly shows how much she hates socializing. At school, she never makes eye contact or talks with her classmates. 

Iwakura has some online friends, which makes her more depressed as she craves interactions with humans. She is highly insecure; even after knowing that her online friends are not actually close to her, she keeps thinking about what they think of her. Iwakura is comfortable with herself, but when she is left alone for a long time, she starts losing her mind and getting suicidal thoughts to end the pain. Her condition clearly shows that she is the most depressed anime character. 

Homura Akemi ( Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica)

If you have watched “Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica,” you will think that she is a typical tsundere who will later stop hating the world and get over her aloofness. But what makes her the sad anime girl? She became a depressed anime girl because of the atrocities of the world, which forced her to develop a tough exterior and give up her emotions. 

It may seem that she is tough, but it is later revealed that deep down, she cries for help. Moreover, she is weighed down by her own sadness and depression. She does not want to live and is not even afraid of dying anymore. 

In the Magic world, when she finds out what a person has to go through after getting magical powers, she tries to convince Modaka that these powers are not worth it. This clearly shows how much she hates her magical powers and the life of a magical girl. 

She used to have feelings of uselessness, which leads her to depression. Homura thinks that magic will make everything better. However, for her, even the magic could not change things, which leads her to more sadness and depression. 

Misuzu Kamio (Air)

If you have watched “Air,” you can not ignore the beauty and cuteness of Misuzu Kamio. She is a cute-looking blond who becomes an anime-depressed girl because of her inability to make friends. She has a goofy personality, due to which she keeps saying weird things such as “Gao” when in trouble. 

When you watch the series, you will find that she has a cursed life. The curse is that if she tries to get closer to someone, she will hurt herself and the other person. Due to this reason, she tries to manage a distance from everyone, but it leaves her with immense loneliness. In the end, she is left only with depression. 

Mamimi Samejima (FLCL)

Breakups are not easy and especially if you are deeply related to the family and friends of your ex. Such events change the life of a person upside down. This is the case without anime depressed girl Mamimi. She is seventeen, and after her first breakup with Tasuku, she becomes depressed. Mamimi loses not only the love of her life but also her younger brother. 

This sad anime girl does not walk with an emotionless demeanor but becomes highly depressed. She starts adopting weird pets and starts naminKunhem” Ta-kun” in the memory of her ex. But all in vain. She becomes a chain smoker and writes “Never Knows Best” on her cigarette. In the series, it is suggested that her parents also get divorced, and she runs away from the house to get rid of everything. This is not the end of her miseries; she is also bullied constantly at her school. This all leads her to more depression and sadness. 

Rei Ayanami (Neon Genesis Evangelion)

Rei Ayanami is one of the most sad anime characters. She is a bitterly unhappy anime girl with a lesser sense of presence. Rei is often referred to as a “doll” because she is highly emotionless. However, she may look emotionless outside; deep inside, she feels a lot of things.

Rei often finds it difficult to make social interactions as she does not know how to express herself when she is around people.  

The thing that makes her personality depressing is the fact that nothing is known about the past. So as viewers, we do not know the reasons for her sadness and mysterious personality. The mystery behind her sadness also makes her one of the top sad anime girl characters in the world of anime. 

Tsubaki (Mirai Nikki)

Mirai Nikki is one of the best anime to watch. In this anime. Tsubaki Kasugano owns the sixth diary, which is called “Clairvoyance Diary.” In the beginning, she is introduced as a polite girl with no intention to harm or kill anyone. But later on, her evil side is revealed when she begins to use her powers to harm the other participants of the game

However, once you get to know about her past, you will realize that she is a sad anime girl. You will find that though she tries to act normal, she is dying inside. When she was born, her parents left her in a temple of their own religion due to her weak eyesight. In fact, they told the world that she has clairvoyant powers. They force her to manage this fake act for years. When they finally decide to end everything, they are killed by people who want to keep up this fake religion. In the end, Tsubaki is left with pain. She may look evil, but she is a depressed anime girl. 

Enma Ai (Jigoku Shoujo)

Ai is the protagonist of “Jigoku Shoujo.” She is a spirit with sadness and depression all the time. Enma was not always like this. However, after becoming a Hell Girl, she started developing a cold demeanor towards her surroundings. She barely speaks anything, and she only opens her mouth to say necessary things. 

She becomes a sad anime girl because of her dark past. Enma was sacrificed by the people of her own village to their mountain god. It led to trapping a lot of emotions inside her. Her depressing backstory makes her a part of the list of a sad anime girl. Consider yourself lucky if you find any change in Ai’s expressions while watching this anime.

Mizore Shirayuki (Rosario to Vampire)

It is one of the best sad anime movies on Netflix you should watch. Having the power to control temperature seems like blessings. However, in Shirayuki’s case, it is a curse as she does not have control over it. She is depressed, lonely, and often misunderstood by her schoolmates. 

She also starts dating her teacher in the first semester, but he takes her for granted. It leads her to use her magical powers to freeze him. She falls in love with Tsukune, but her love remains unanswered, which leads her to further depression.

Mizore reaches a point in her life where she tries to commits suicide; however, she survives somehow. It leads her to become coldhearted and sad/ She starts roaming with stoic facial expressions. Moreover, she also starts losing her mind and accepts the fact that she will be alone forever. Her story clearly reflects that she is a lonely and sad anime girl with a broken heart. 

Princess Shiroahoshi (One Piece)

Shirahoshi is a giant mermaid and the youngest kid of King Neptune. Despite being giant and huge, she is very sensitive and fragile. In fact, she cries over even the pettiest of things. She is one of the highest pampered. No one in her family has ever raised their voice. Therefore, when one day Fluffy yells at her, she starts crying loudly. 

She is so fragile that even a pin is sufficient to scare her. Wherever she is scared, she cries her eyes out. You may think that she is a cry baby, but her years of isolation can explain why she is a sad anime girl. She never got sufficient exposure to the outside world when she was a child, which led her to become a sad and depressed girl. 

Izumi Takanashi (Working)

Izumi is a romance writer and loves wearing black. It is the perfect color that clearly speaks emo. Izumi always tries to write in her room, which leads her to look downcast all the time. She thinks that writing well needs silence, and nothing can be better than hiding in a room. Izumi is so depressed that she locks herself in the room and never pays attention to her looks. She’s always covered in ink, and physical movement causes her pain. What makes her more depressed is that though she is a romance writer, she has no real love in life. 

Final Words

Anime movies are full of entertainment, emotions, and fun. If you have ever had rough times, you can easily relate yourself to the sad anime girl characters. Like us, our favorite anime characters also go through complex phases that change their lifestyle and nature upside down. However, one thing that we should learn from the anime characters is that we should always stay strong. 

No matter how tough life is, always remember to stay strong. It allows you to fight the worst situations without losing your mind. Tell us about your favorite anime character by dropping a comment.