Strongest Anime Characters Of All Times

strongest anime character

Are you a fan of anime characters? Or do you love anime movies? Well, who doesn’t? But do you know the strongest anime character among all the characters that we see on screen?

Anime has been a popular piece of entertainment since the 90s, and it is gaining more popularity with every passing day. They’re one of the most captivating and interesting pieces of entertainment you can see around the world. These anime characters are known for their powers among the fans as each of them has their own powers, but some characters are strong than others. 

However, knowing the strongest anime character can be both interesting and tough due to the long list of available options. After a deep exploration, we have listed some of the strongest anime characters for the fans and anime lovers in the article below. 

Strongest Anime Character

The anime characters that we have selected are some of the strongest among the tons of anime characters. In this list, the ranking of the characters goes from lowest to highest, Baki being at low. The strongest characters are:

Baki Hanma – Baki The Grappler 

Baki is a character of the show Yujiro Hanma and is one of the strongest anime characters in recent history. He has the sole mission of being more powerful ten his father and one day defeating his father. 

He has the mission of defeating his father from the day the show started airing, and he is yet the strongest anime character in the show. In the show, he trains for hours each day and defeats numerous masters along his defeating father’s journey. During his journey, he also finds his love in season 2. This has also given him new motivation to increase his stature among the anime characters and defeat his father. 

Light Yagami – Death Note

The light Yagami is the protagonist in the suspenseful and dramatic Death Note anime. He would get smoked in his heartbeat in the anime if he fought any of the other anime characters directly. However, for winning or gaining, he doesn’t need to fight any of the characters directly. 

The light can end anyone if he knows their full name through the utilization of his lethal death note and intellectual geniuses. All he needs to do for ending any character is their full name. This ability of the light makes him one of the top 10 strongest anime characters of all time. In the anime death note, light ends numerous people effortlessly. He targets those people who try to uncover his diabolical plot. 

The plot and the powers of this anime make it one of the best animes of all time that you can watch. 

Kenshiro – Fist Of The North Star

Kenshiro is an anime character who is the master of Hokuto Shinken and imagines a post-apocalyptic world. He fights against the veil people who use their power to abuse the defenseless and weak. 

This anime character possesses incredible strength along with a ridiculous honed sense of battle. He is among the strong and popular anime characters as he has the ability to end anyone if he strikes their correct pressure points. Although this entry on the list is not that strong in comparison to other anime characters, it’s still the best. He can defeat any of the foes if they let their guard down for even a bit. 

Guts – Berserk 

The guts are one of the top 10 strongest anime characters you can see in various anime. Guts is a black swordsman who has a powerful warrior spirit and manages to end nearly anyone. He can end impossible strong demons using his dragon slayer sword, armor that suppresses pain, and a hidden cannon containing a prosthetic arm.

Although the exploits of all these top anime characters are well viewed in the berserk manga in comparison to the anime. Guts in the anime slay men who have been possessed by the demons and also manages to slay even the gods. He spayed gods during his conquest to take down Griffith, who is his former comrade. 

Although the guts have no mystical power, which we can see in the anime, he stand at humanity’s top. He has the ability to emerge as the victorious one from nearly any battle and against any other anime character. This makes him one of the strongest anime characters in anime history. 

Alucard – Hellsing 

Alucard, which is a unique anime character name formed when we spell Dracula backward, is the strongest protagonist from the anime series Hellsing. He is one of the strongest anime characters in the Hellsing organization of the anime. He has the mandate to seek out and destroy any supernatural power and vampires who threaten the planet. 

However, he is a vampire himself, but he is the strongest as he fights for the good. The quality of being a vampire himself also gives him some supernatural abilities, and this makes him one of the strongest anime characters ever. 

Akira Fudo – Devilman 

The Akira Fudo is the protagonist from one of the best animes of all times – Devilman. It is also the oldest anime as it was first aired in 1972. Akira in the anime starts as a weak teenager but soon gains numerous powers. He is given these powers by the Amon and Demons who possess him. 

Akira being a pure-hearted person retains most of his good human qualities while having the benefit of demonic powers. What’s even more interesting about this anime is that despite being a possessed person, the Akira instead of destroying protects. He uses his demonic power to protect humanity instead of destroying it by joining the demonic powers that possess him. 

Akira’s powers include his ability to tear demons apart with bare hands, fly, breathe flames, and teleport himself. All these anime character powers make him one of the top anime characters who fight for humanity. Other than these powers, Akira can also increase his size. This also makes him one of the best anime characters who are a combination of demons and humanity. 

Meliodas – The Seven Deadly Sins

This is one of the strongest anime character you can see among the various anime. He is the son of Demon King along with being Dragon’s wrath sin. Meliodas also possess immense strength as he has command over the hell flames. He also possesses other intense powers as he is the leader of the ten commandments. 

What’s even more astonishing is that he has the power to deflect and withstand magic. He is also cursed to be immortal, which makes him impervious to any evil forces. Meliodas in the anime has the appearance of a young boy. However, his dark sense of humor gives away his adult nature on various occasions. His dark sense of humor comes from his age, as he has lived for 3000 years already. 

So if you question who is the strongest avatar among various anime, then Meliodas is the answer. The powers he possesses in the anime make him immortal and undefeatable. 

Naruto Uzumaki – Naruto 

Naruto is one of the most popular anime characters in the anime universe. He is a loudmouth ninja who was seen in a self-titled ninja show which aired for a period of 20 years. This shows 500 episodes, including numerous spinoff boots, were aired during the time of 10 years. 

In the anime, the naruto has a sage ability mode along with having control of his nine-tailed fox demon, which gives him extreme strength. Other than this, he also has the ability to form some insane monsters using his chakra. Plus, naruto also has strong relations with other anime-tailed beasts. This allows him to wield his chakra’s all elements and combine them to form an even greater beast or power overall. 

In addition to all this, he also has the ability to form clones that can fight alongside him. All this makes him one of the strongest anime characters. Other than this, it is also one of the most popular anime characters of all time.

Isaac Netero – Hunter X Hunter

Issac Netero is one of the top 10 strongest anime character as he is the former head of the Hunter Association. This association is responsible for testing the elite of the humidity, and thus Netero is the strongest martial artist. 

The Netero having put himself through years of training regime which was said to have killed him, have instead gained immense speed and power. This is the result of him surviving through the ultimate tests and training. Plus, he also has the power to summon the god of karate, who destroys anything in his path. The Netero anime character holds all the cards and thus has planted a bomb in his chest. He has done this that if he is ever defeated, the bomb goes off, dealing a deadly blow to the opponent. 

The bomb that he has planted in the chest also has an additional benefit of poisoning anyone. This is done in case when the opponent doesn’t die in the initial blast. All this makes him one of the strongest anime characters ever as he deals damage even in defeat. 

Eren Yeager – Attack On Titan

Eren is the main character in Attack on Titan, who is a former member of the Survey Corps. The abilities of the Eren include his power to transform himself into the 15-meter tall titan. This gives him extreme powers, and in addition to this, he, while being a titan, possesses immense regenerative powers. 

Eren also has the power to command hoards of other titans and make them follow his instructions. He does this with the help of the founding titan power that lives inside him. This gives him the ability to destroy even entire cities with the power to summon titans that are 50 meters tall. He can do this bidding if he chooses to do it. All these abilities make his entry on the list of strongest anime characters a justifiable addition. 

Mob – Mob Psycho 100

The real name of the Mob is Kageyama Shigeo, who is the lead protagonist in the Mob Psycho 100 Series. He is also the VP of the body improvement club, along with being a disciple and assistant of the Arataka Reigen. 

The Mob is an esper human who has psychic abilities. He possesses great powers in anime like telekinesis, spiritual awareness, astral projection, adsorption, chlorokinesis, and more. Other than these powers, he also has the ability to transfer his psychic power into other people around, which makes them strong. The abilities of the other people depend on the fact that how much energy was transferred into them. 

The powers of the Mob have the equivalency of creating large-scale disasters like tsunamis. Plus, his opponents fall for his psychic powers. All these make him one of the strongest anime characters in the anime universe. 

Tetsuo Shima – Akira

The antagonists in the series Akira have immeasurable psychic abilities at their disposal. His powers have been awakened after his collision with another psychic. Shima’s power, which awakens after the collision, grows quickly and strong with each passing day in the anime. 

The Shima powers grow so immense in the anime that they threaten the existence of the entire universe. To protect the world from his psychic powers, Shima in the anime transports himself into a world outside of reality. He does this to release his psychic explosion. The explosion of his psychic abilities is so intense that it leads to the creation of a new universe. 

This event of universe creation makes him aware of his abilities to destroy and create universes. All the psychic abilities Shima possesses makes him the strongest anime character in the anime world. 

Ultra Instinct Goku – Dragon Ball Super

One of the most popular anime characters, he is also the strongest anime character, being the strongest martial artist in the anime universe. He is considered the strongest fighter in multiple universes of the dragon ball. 

He already possesses enough power for rivaling against almost anyone. Goku’s acquisition of ultra instinct in recent times has only increased and moved up his powers. When fights go on for long between Goku and his opponents as collateral damage, the universities can be destroyed in the anime. 

Saitama – One Punch Man

Saitama is among one of the top 10 strongest anime characters in the anime universe. He trained for three years rigorously, and it led to him gaining the ability to defeat and blow any enemy with just a single punch. Thus the name of the anime “one punch man.” 

Saitama, unlike other anime characters, is not interested in being the strongest man in the world. Instead, the powers bring depression with them for Saitama. He is already the most powerful and strongest and believes that the journey and pursuit of reaching the goal are fulfilling more instead of holding the position. This leaves him with a sense of emptiness as he has already achieved the title of being the strongest anime character. 

Zeno – Dragon Ball Super

The Zeno is the ruler of all realities of the anime Dragon Ball Super. He has the ability to create and destroy all the universities with a single instance. Zeno may look unassuming at first, but he has absolute power and destroys all life on a whim. 

Unlike other characters on the list, Zeno doesn’t possess any techniques or skills for fighting; he is simply powerful. He commands youthful abandon that makes him immensely dangerous as they have already destroyed many universities just for fun. 

These are some of the strongest anime character in various anime. They all have their own abilities and qualities which might fascinate you. 

Final Words

There are numerous anime, and they all have some fascinating characters with unique powers. Thus finding the strongest anime character among all these can be a tough task. 

To do this assessment of their abilities is essential, and for this, you might want to watch some famous anime. You can watch most of the anime on the Platforms like Netflix. One thing which you can be sure of is that the anime and their plot will leave you wanting more of them. 

Jatin Choudhary