6 Smartest Anime Characters Of All Time

smartest anime characters

Usually, in anime, it is not all about the physical strength that wins the day, but rather, it is brainpower that wins. Physical power is not everything, and it is proven time and again as the smartest anime characters outsmart the nemesis.

These smartest anime characters can find the way around in any situation, always having a huge amount of knowledge on hand in their big brains and adapting immediately to new situations and adjusting to new surroundings instantly. 

Some might just be excellent at problem-solving: however, for whatever reason, these smart anime characters are either very hated or very appreciated by others.

Depending on rather they are cast as the ”bad” guy or a ”good” guy. Either way, you have to accept that these are the smartest anime characters of all-time.

Light Yagami

Light Yagami is a protagonist character from the Death Note manga series. Yagami is one of the famous anime characters, he is talented and hardworking. Moreover, he is good at mapping out scenarios and solving problems, and he plans rather skillfully. Yagami is famous among his family, and his friends love him. However, the adults’ regular praise merged with the high intelligence lays the foundation for the arrogance once getting the notebook.

L Lawliet

L Lawliet is another famous anime character from the Death Note manga series. This strange character is reputed to be the world’s famous international private agent and takes cases that other national authorities have failed to solve the cases.

Lawliet stands opposite the series’ of main protagonist Yagami, trying to explain that Yagami is Kira means killer he is committed crimes. Yagami is trying to purify the world of evil. However, Lawliet is primarily Light’s archenemy.

Shikamaru Nara

Shikamaru is a character from the Naruto anime/manga series. Nara is a ninja who is also the member of team 10, a group of ninjas. He is described as a lazy character, not willing to use intelligence. Nara has a calm nature, and his rare ability really enables him to control consistently in battle conditions. Though the responsibilities that the successful combat situations have caused him to often be annoyed. Shikamaru still happily accepts new circumstances in order to help the teammates of Team 10.

Itachi Uchiha

Itachi the famous anime character from the Naruto manga series. Uchiha was the oldest son in the Uchiha family; he is culpable for killing all the people and his family of their clan, except his younger brother. Throughout much of the show, Itachi is looked upon as an enemy.

However, later it is explained that he acted in order to avoid the war, killing the members of his clan and preventing a coup that would have resulted in such.

In fact, Itachi had been performing for both Konoha’s and Sasuke’s sakes for the series entirety. His character is one of the most famous with critics and readers alike.

Levi Hackerman

Ackerman is a squad captain of the Special Operations Squad. Levi anime character is globally known as the most powerful human soldier. Hackerman is the only person known surviving members of the Hackerman family who live within the Walls.

The Hackerman was the bloodline of warriors close to a crown until they suffer from cruel persecution from a monarchy, leaving them almost extinct. Levi Ackerman is a freak who rarely displays emotion. Levi is not approachable as he gives the cold impression.


As the main female lead of the No Game No Life, Shiro was abandoned by her parents when she was eleven, at which time she was recognized as a genius.

Although Sora and Shiro are only step-siblings due to Shiro’s father remarrying, Shiro cannot tolerate being separated from her brother even for some seconds.

Shiro has a genius mind, apparently almost supernatural with scientific calculation and incredible simulation skills and. Like her step-brother, she has an eidetic memory, enabling her to learn and later remember huge amounts of knowledge not just immediately but also perfectly.

Final Words

Over the years, we have come seen all kinds of smart anime characters, some of who are good at manipulation because of their knowledge of human psychology. So these are the top-ranked smartest anime character that you can see. Moreover, if you love to watch cooking shows, then check out the best cooking anime which will make you hungry. If you find this information useful, drop a comment below this section.