Healthy Snacks For Teens To Satisfy The Cravings

snacks for teens

When you were a teen, haven’t you munched on some snacks? We all have, as this is the age when the body grows, and an endless supply of nutrient-rich diet is essential. However, sometimes out of hunger, we go for unhealthy snacks. These snacks for teens are generally unhealthy. 

The market snacks for teens just fulfill the craving but not the indeed of the body, and they are also full of unhealthy elements like fat. So why not go for some healthy snacks for teens? 

However, what to consider healthy when making or purchasing snacks for teens? We have the answer. In the article below, we have put together some of the best healthy snacks that you can get. 

Frozen Grapes

We all love grapes, and they are also a healthy low carb snack to munch on. However, the problem with the grapes is that they go stale after some time. 

To solve this problem, you can go for some frozen grapes. All you need to do is get this healthy fruit and make bags of it. Like take a bunch, put them in plastic, and so on. After you are done packing, keep these packets in the freezer. 

Once the grapes are frozen, they will develop a texture like a popsicle that will also taste mouth-watering sweet. What’s amazing about this homemade snack is that there is no added sugar or preservatives in it, making it a perfect healthy snack for teens. 

Fresh Fruit

fresh fruit as snacks for teens

The fruit is something that has always been a snack choice for health enthusiasts and for all the right reasons. They are perfect when someone wants a low carb snack that is also nuts free as some people have nut allergies. 

Moreover, fruit salads and many more recipes available for them are also perfect when it comes to snacks for teens. What’s amazing about the fruit as a healthy snack is that they are easy on the stomach and help digestion. 

Good fruit choices include bananas, pears, oranges, apples, and peaches. The fruit is also full of fiber and energizing carbs to fuel the teen’s active lifestyle. Thus making them a perfect healthy snack for teens. 

Dip and Fresh Veggies

Whether it is teens or adults, everyone loves to dip and chips. However, they don’t need the extra sodium and unhealthy fats found in the regular potato chips.

The good thing is that they don’t need to munch on these unhealthy snacks, as you can replace them with fresh-cut veggies. Some of the best options for such snacks for teens are broccoli, carrot, raw green beans, celery, or snap peas. 

For an instant snack, keep the cut vegetables in the freeze and serve when the kids demand. Along with the veggies, add guacamole and hummus to make the snack more delicious. You can also go for some salad dressing if you want but remember to go for the healthy options. There are also other healthy veggie eating methods which you can try. 

One thing to know is that although some dips are more healthy than others, the goal is to make them eat. Thus when making such low-carb snacks, also keep the taste in mind. The good thing about using fresh veggies as snacks for teens is that they are also full of protein. 

Vegetables like broccoli can be the perfect high protein snacks for your growing teens. So go for them without any second thoughts. 

Whole Grain Bread And Butter

Yes, you read that right; whole-grain bread combined with peanut butter can be a healthy option. This is a good snack option when you want something instantly. 

All you need to do is just switch from the regular white bread to whale grain bread. Once you do this, any sandwich will be among good snacks for you. The good thing about this sandwich is that it provides you with protein, healthy fats, and minerals. Thus making it both a healthy snack and making it one of the best high protein snacks to try. 

For a change of taste, you can also try the other butter options like cashew butter, soy nuts butter, or almond nuts butter. The only thing to know when trying this sandwich is to check that your teen is not allergic to nuts. 

Fruit Spread 

fruit spread for adding to snacks for teens

If your teen has cravings for sugar, try some whole fruits spread instead of jelly or jam. What makes the fruit spread better than the jam or jelly is the fact that they contain very less sugar comparatively. In contrast, the jelly and jam are full of high fructose corn syrup or extra sugar. 

Using the 100% fruit spreads will also be the perfect snacks for teens, which they will enjoy munching. However, nothing is better than fresh fruits, so fruit spread must always be your second option when it comes to some healthy snacks options for your teen. 


Who doesn’t love those small salty balls that leave a delicious taste behind? Well, we say no one is there who doesn’t love popcorns. The good thing about popcorn is that they are a healthy snacks option for teens, so triturate as much as you want. 

Another good thing about popcorn is that it’s easy to make, what’s easier than tossing a bag of popcorn in the microwave? Popcorns are also full of healthy carbs, so they are one of the excellent snacks for teens. 

However, popcorn is a healthy snack only if you don’t drown in margarine or butter. You can also get some market made popcorns, but one thing to know is that they have less salt. 

When giving your teen some popcorn to eat, let them experiment with the various seasonings which add zest and flavor. The only thing to watch out for is that they don’t add too much calories to it. 

Whole Grain Pretzels

Fiber is something that is essential for growing teens. Thus going for some whole grain made foods can be your best bet.

However, regular pretzels are made using the white flour that is also over-processed, removing the fiber in the process. So, always choose the whole grain pretzels that are 100% full of fiber. The good thing about these whole-grain pretzels is that they are one of the best healthy snacks for teens as they retain the goddess of fiber. 

The amazing thing about them is that they also retain the delicious taste. Moreover, when served with mustard slathered on them, they will leave your teen wanting some more. 

Homemade Trail Mix

homemade snacks for teens

Do your teens grab a granola bar when feeling hungry as a snack? Granola bars may sound like a healthy snack option, but they often have unwanted content like sugar, extra calories, and fats. 

The good thing is that you can make your own trail mix. Blend a cup each of the two types of 100% whole grain cereals, like the shredded wheat and cheerios. After that, add a cup of mixed nuts along with a half cup of raisins. The only thing to know is that don’t add any sugar to this mix. 

To make the homemade trail an even more delicious snack for teens, you can also add half a cup of chocolate chips. Once the blend is complete, top it with some pumpkin seeds, soy nuts, or sunflower seeds. 

This trial will be one of the perfect high protein snacks for your teen, along with being a low carb snack. Moreover, along with being mouth-watering, this will also be something that your teen will love. Thus you don’t need to make them eat it as they will munch on it themselves. 

Yogurt Parfait 

Having some plain yogurt is always a good and healthy snacks option for teens. However, plain yogurt taste can sometimes be boring. So why not try something different? 

To add some deliciousness to the yogurt that will make your teens eat it go for sprucing the yogurt. Some options to try are sliced peaches, cereal flakes, seeds, or berries. 

You can also use low fat or plain yogurt to make some veggie dips to make snacks for teens. Yogurt is itself a healthy food so go for it without any second thoughts. 

Bottom Line

Teenage is the age when your loved one needs proper nutritious food to fuel their growing body. Snacks for teens must focus on whole grain and nutrient-opulent foods. It is essential as they provide the micronutrients and macronutrients for optimal health. 

The good thing is that you can always get some nutrition-rich, healthy snacks for teens. You can also go for some healthy homemade snacks like granola bars or protein bars made from nuts and whole grains. 

Some of the best good snacks are also listed above in the article, which you can try for your teen. 

Jatin Choudhary