The 15 Best Anime Of 2020

By examining what series that MyAnimeList users consider being the absolute best anime of 2019 so far, this article reveals interesting trends in next year’s anime. What is most apparent, though, is that 2020 has been a great one for adaptations or continuations of pre-existing stories.

Tower Of God

Tower of God follows Bam and Rachel, a young man and his best friend respectively. The two are in search for their beloved one as they traverse the mysterious Tower that is said to make anyone’s wish come true if reached at its top. However, there exist many dangers along the way such as vicious creatures lurking about or warring factions fighting over territories within it – all vying for power against each other with different purposes behind them which makes things even harder on our main characters’ journey up this dangerous tower!
The series has received positive reviews from fans who praise its approachable fantasy tropes while also having darker undertones compared to your typical light-hearted anime; additionally, Kevin Penkin’s score was praised by critics saying he did an excellent job portraying both

Ascendance of a Bookworm (Season 2)

In 2020, the most popular anime is definitely Ascendance of a Bookworm’s second season. The show follows librarian Urano Motosu after she dies and becomes reborn in an RPG-like fantasy world as Myne – a peasant girl who joins the church to become its first-ever librarian. Season 2 sees her join with other young maidens within this medieval society.

The ascendance of a Bookworm’s second season builds upon its first to craft a rather unique entry in the isekai genre. Unlike other series, Ascendance focuses less on grand fantasy conflict and more on improving society stuck there.

BanG Dream! (Season 3)

The most surprising entry here would be the third season of Bushiroad’s popular music franchise. This season focuses on three bands from the franchise, Poppin’ Party, Roselia, and RAISE A SUILEN as they seek to establish themselves in a very competitive industry.

The third season of Love Live! is well-received as compared to its mixed predecessor for a couple of factors. One, the production staff has figured out how to make their CG animation style look nice; another, they decided to focus on three bands instead of LN’s five allowing them to tell a more narratively tight story this season.


In this year’s adaptation, Studio MAPPA brings us Dorohedoro. The story is set in the dystopian Hole where sorcerers from another world are using humans for their own gain–as slaves and as research materials. In a way, it almost seems like they’re being used just to keep themselves alive because there doesn’t seem to be any benefit besides that fact of prolonging life when you oppress them so much with your magic tricks! Anyways… Kaiman has been transformed into some sort of lizard man by an unknown sorcerer who even he can no longer remember what or why he was turned into such a creature having lost all memories about his original self before transformation thanks to said sorcery (or maybe not?) But one thing we do know now.

The series is highly rated for several reasons. One of these is that this adaptation proves that in the right hands, a manga’s art style can successfully be translated to mostly CG-anime. Another reason why it has high ratings are due to its great balance between its grim setting and black comedy bits are seen throughout the medium.

Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken!

The latest manga series from Science SARU is Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken! It follows the story of three high school girls who try to start up their own animation studio.

The series is well regarded for a ton of reasons, from its unique art style to the fact that it’s surprisingly educational about how animation is done and produced. The series also stands out due to taking place in both familiar and futuristic Japan.

Fruits Basket (Season 2)

In its second season, the rebooted adaptation of Fruits Basket continues to impress anime fans. This season follows Tohru’s entanglements with members of the Sohma family – a group cursed into transforming into an animal associated with each year as part of the Chinese Zodiac. The series should be noted for having moved past material used in the 2001 adaption that was disowned by creator Natsuki Takaya due to poor animation and stories from filler arcs not written by her.

The second season of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations continues to build upon the strengths of its first. This includes most notably, animation from TMS Animation and more manga-accurate character design. The anime also benefits by adapting a long-running series allowing for its staff to make better adaption that knows how things will end up in comparison with Dragon Ball Super which is currently airing at the same time as this show.

A Certain Scientific Railgun T

2020 seems to be a good year for anime because many new seasons are coming out. One of them is A Certain Scientific Railgun, which will adapt the Daihasei Festival and Dream Ranker Arc from the manga’s spin-off with one season after seven years since its last show in 2013.

This season brings improvements such as the lack of filler arcs that plagued seasons 1 and 2 from the long delay due to pandemics. However, it still has some flaws like how J.C Staff is only adapting up until Volume 7 at this point because they are waiting for Kodansha Comics to finish publishing Volumes 8-13 in English before continuing since Season 3 was confirmed when those were completed back in 2016 but there hasn’t been an update on its progress yet with them earlier having their own manga-related issues going on right now too so I’m not sure if we’ll ever see more anime content beyond these volumes or any other type of continuation either honestly which sucks a lot…

Haikyuu!! To The Top

Haikyuu, a popular male high school volleyball anime series that released its second half in the fourth season four years ago is back for another round. The new episodes have been received very positively by fans so far and they are looking forward to more content from this show soon.

Despite some controversy over Production I.G.’s different staff and minor changes to the series, it is still well-received due to its focus on character development rather than a large tournament like previous seasons of Haikyu!! The arc in this season follows characters at training camp rather than major matches which has been received positively by fans because of how much time we get with each individual player’s thoughts and feelings about volleyball throughout their journey together as teammates.

Kingdom (Season 3)

No one expected it, but the second-highest-rated anime on this list is Kingdom. This historical manga tells of how Xin became a Qin warrior and ultimately rose to become his kingdom’s best general during ancient China’s rise as a dynasty.

Fans of the manga consider this season to be its best arc yet. Not only that, but Kingdom’s animation has improved significantly since switching studios between seasons 7 years ago; it also features a better score from noted composer Hiroyuki Sawano (Attack on Titan).

Kaguya-Sama: Love Is War (Season 2)

The second season of Kaguya-Sama: Love Is War is the best anime this year by a decent margin. It builds upon what made its first season successful – sincere romantic comedy mixed with hilarious moments, as two students try to confess their love for one another.

The second season of the show is also stronger in its storytelling by having a longer narrative with the student council election and sports festival. It was able to flesh out characters like Ishigami from season one, as well as introduce new ones for interesting dynamics such as Lino.

The God Of High School

The God of High School follows Mori Jin as he enters a fighting tournament for high school students. The winner will be named the “God of High School” and they get to have one wish, which is why everyone in his class wants him to win it. After completing several tests with David Hockney, who has hidden intentions that need uncovering; this made me question what the main protagonist’s true motive was behind entering all these fights?

Mori is confident about his skills and chances of winning the tournament, but he might not get what he was hoping for. The show has lots of action-packed fights, emotional bonds with characters, and even some humor to break up the seriousness.

IDOLiSH7: Second Beat!

The boys of IDOLiSH7 are back for more in this anime, and they have a lot to handle. It seems like the fans can’t get enough with their music and dance moves that bring out everyone’s inner techno-geek. In addition, there is an overwhelming amount of personal problems such as family differences or lack thereof on top of trying to please all these newfound fans – definitely not easy!

Despite the fame, a group member starts to get sick. The pile of responsibilities and attention overwhelm them as they try their best to manage it all while also trying not to go down from sickness itself.

Major 2nd (Season 2)

In the sports anime, Major 2nd, viewers are shown Daigo Shigeno’s journey to becoming a baseball team captain. In season 1 of this show, two events happen: one is that he and his friends join their school club for playing ball games; another event is him feeling excited about upcoming matches with them in the same team. However, it turns out that some unfortunate circumstances caused only 6 members on his side which included himself as well ̶ leaving everyone dumbfounded at what happened next!

Daigo must try to find new members for his team as they prepare to enter a tournament. However, this isn’t easy because he and the rest of his teammates have tried everything from group outings with them but ultimately failed when Daigo’s friends don’t take anyone under their wing or bond properly with any newcomers over time.

Enen no Shouboutai: Ni no Shou

In the 2020 release, Fire Force, a wildfire has destroyed much of human civilization. In this world, some survivors can control the fire while others turn into “Infernals” and are consumed by flames.

The first season of the anime follows Shinra as he joins Fire Force and deals with issues such as different forces trying to cause another disaster while also finding a cure that will turn demons back into humans. The second season has its own set of problems, from dealing with other villains who are after the main characters’ power or figuring out if they should trust someone new in their group.

Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu (Season 2)

Re: Zero is a popular anime that follows Subaru Natsuki, who was mysteriously brought to another world after visiting the convenience store. He meets and travels with half-elf Emilia as he encounters many unique characters in this fantasy series.

Subaru wakes up on the same day each time he dies. He uses this to his advantage and takes out enemies in a world that becomes increasingly more dangerous with every death loop, but season 2 is what happens after these changes take place when Subaru no longer has control over it.