Top 5 Marvel Cinematic Universe superheroes

The Marvel Cinematic Universe thrives on heroes with a lot of similarities. We’re all aware that they are not the only ones out there, but when it comes to main characters in movies and significant side characters who have fought alongside The Avengers, these guys stand tall.

The MCU has some really compelling heroes but is also full of forgettable ones. One of these forgettable characters is Hawkeye (Jeremy Renner), who, despite his appearance in several films over the course of nearly a decade, always seems to fade into the background whenever he’s on-screen. Another character that falls under this category would be Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson) whose down-to-earth demeanor leaves her seeming too generic when compared with other prominent Marvel heroines like Scarlet Witch and Captain America’s love interest Peggy Carter from season one for Agent Carter.

1. Captain America/Steve Rogers

Captain America is the most down-to-earth, relatable hero in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. His backstory makes him an unlikely candidate for a superhero, but somehow, he’s more human than our other heroes. Instead of always considering what others want to hear or say, he thinks with his heart as Iron Man does in “Civil War.” This gives Captain America strength that we don’t get from his fellow superheroes because even when they’re saving lives all day, they forget who has their back at home…

Captain America is not your average comic book character–he didn’t come out fully formed as some genetically engineered super-soldier born on another planet, but rather was created by accident during WWII! The fact that this man had.

Chris Pratt is even more dashing with a beard, and we can’t wait to see him in “Infinity War.”

2. Black Panther/T’Challa

It’s easy to get caught up in the superhero world, but T’Challa is one of its best heroes because he goes out and protects everyone outside Wakanda as well. Unlike many other superheroes, he has a conscience who seem to not care about anything that doesn’t pertain directly to themselves or their own worlds.

T’challa maybe likes Captain America when it comes down to having a good heart paired with superpowers, but his character traits go even deeper than just being noble for no reason at all. His understanding of what lies beyond his home country sets him apart from those around him – while they are content staying within things such as the Avengers only protect people inside their very limited realms without caring much else; especially if

3. Thor

Thor has been through a lot. Once just your average superhero, he’s now lost his hammer and an eye in addition to dealing with the death of his father, Odin. But Thor proves that you can’t keep him down for long! After all, this is not some ordinary dude – this is one tough god! Though it cannot be denied that Thor feels sorry for himself sometimes after losing both Mjolnir (his magic weapon) as well as being rendered powerless by Hela on Asgard due to her stripping away most of Loki’s power from within him following her own banishment by Odin before she killed off their dad too; however there are good days ahead because we’ve got brand new lightning-eye powers waiting for Thanos when.

4. Doctor Strange/Stephen Strange

Dr. Strange is a new member of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), and he’s very different from their previous leading men: Tony Stark or Bruce Banner, for example. Whereas they make mistakes that lead to them gaining powers in retrospect, Dr. Strange gained his abilities after making one huge mistake while drunk driving – but unlike those other heroes, Stephen always seemed destined for greatness even before his accident took away what defined him as an individual doctor/surgeon by trade; so this man was born with special gifts! It may be due to these natural talents combined with years spent studying at Kamar-Taj, which prepared him specifically for becoming a Sorcerer Supreme who can wield mystic arts like no other person on earth could dream possible until now…

5. Bruce Banner/The Hulk

Bruce Banner/The Hulk is a fascinating character because he’s more of an asset than a superhero, but the Avengers keep bringing him back anyway. Mark Ruffalo brings humanity to this role that we never thought possible. While his storylines in “Avengers” and “Age Of Ultron” center on how much trouble Bruce causes for himself, it only gets better when you throw Thor into the mix. The change in both characters comes from understanding them less as weapons or problems and seeing them as people with feelings- not just feeling anger all day every day (I’m looking at you, Tony Stark). There are some hilarious moments, too…which makes sense given they’re talking about HULK!