Top 5 Most Popular Anime in India

  1. Dragon BallBall Franchise

Without a doubt, the King is an establishment. From Dragon Ball Z to Super, From Kamehameha to Super Saiyan. Dragons love it, and most bolster it from India, too- they’re just as passionate about this arrangement of TV episodes as I am! When my Indian fans found out that Broly’s film wouldn’t be available in their country, though? They raged all over social media sites with petitions and internet presence until finally, there was some traction on the subject after two months or so worth of uproar.

The mythical serpent ball is a famous arrangement. Each kid from the 2000s knows it, and the vast majority of them love it. From Goku to Vegeta, from Freeza to Broly, all characters are adored. The arrangement is loaded with Super Saiyan battles and extraordinary satire that attract both Anime fans in India and abroad!

2. Shinchan And Doremon

Shinchan is a shrewd kid who makes wickedness around. It’s an anecdote about him and his family, their day-by-day lives. Doremon is a robot from the future to help Nobita through life; he gives him contraptions for making fun of school or getting back at others that make trouble with you in your everyday dealings with them.

3. Pokemon Franchise

The alternate world of Pokemon is a place where animals with peculiar forces live amongst people. This can be seen in the new, highly talked about, and advertised game Pokèmon Go. If you’ve watched any episodes of this anime show or played games like it before, then you will see that they all share one thing: strange creatures living among humans!

4. Naruto Series

The Naruto anime series was a phenomenon in the late 2000s, spawning an entire generation of young children who dreamed and emulated their favorite character through heroic adventures. The show follows the story of one boy-Naruto Uzumaki–who wants nothing more than to be Hokage (a ninja leader). Along his journey, he must overcome obstacles that include unforeseen enemies with powers far greater than him but manages nonetheless by utilizing strategy and cunning. Not only does this manga have phenomenal battles, strategies, storylines with stunning visuals for those who watch it on TV or read it online; what makes its popularity so enduring is how much depth there is behind every episode’s plotline, as well as alluring characters from both sides battling.

5. One Piece

One Piece is an anime that many Indian people love and have an incredible passion for. They loved the hero Luffy, but due to a cultural barrier, there was a general lack of feedback from children in India. It was pulled off halfway through airing because they didn’t understand what had happened within scenes cut out after their first broadcast. The protagonist’s name is Luffy, who seeks to be Pirate King with his crewmates Zoro, Nami, and Usopp on board and new additions such as Nico Robin and Franky. This group travels all over each region under control by pirates hoping to find One Piece so they can become king or queen.

6. Bleach

The Bleach anime fan base is large and diverse. The network would benefit greatly from taking it off the air for a while, but fans are too loyal to let that happen. This fandom has been passionate about their show since its inception in Japan over 12 years ago, excitedly waiting each week for new episodes online or on DVD when they’re finally released domestically after countless delays due to licensing issues with other countries’ TV stations like India’s RV

which sadly doesn’t even have any plans yet of broadcasting this brilliant piece of animation art at all! Despite being never publicized on Indian TV screens (and now canceled), the animated series maintains an active following who want nothing more than just one last chance before saying goodbye forever; They effectively partake in.

7. Death Note

The first time I watched the anime, it was one of those life-changing moments. The psychological game between Light and L is jaw-droppingly good that you don’t even want to spoil anything for yourself before watching all episodes. It’s a story about this high school student who received a notepad from his godfather on deathbed which can kill whoever he writes their name in it by simply passing notes with other people around him; when composing anyone’s name – including criminals or cops – they fall over dead within seconds after handing them the paper secretly written on their behalf without any suspicion whatsoever! Once he killed off enough crooks (and became public enemy number 1), detective ‘L’ started following him everywhere since she wanted to know-how.

8. One-Punch Man

One-Punch Man is a fun and entertaining anime about an ordinary guy with superhuman strength. He trained really hard, so he got that good, but it was just “for kicks.” The first season of One Punch man has finished airing in Japan, and the second season, which aired on April 3rd, 2016, in Japan. It follows our hero Saitama who became a saint for no reason other than to fight monsters called saints since regular people can’t beat them alone anymore because they’re too strong now due to magma energy coming from the ground affecting their power levels, making these beasts stronger every day!

The Legend himself: Saitama

9. ATTACK on Titan

It’s the anime that has more and best images after Dragon Ball. This is sufficient to show its prevalence in India. It’s also an anime with one of the Best Animations, Action, and Adventure, which features a captivating story composed by talented artists throughout the entire existence of animation. What makes it dull? For people who have feeble hearts or are tired from watching another type of movie for too long, this genre requires you to focus on what will happen next!

It follows scores upon casualties as they fight against Titans – monsters created by humans themselves-in order for them to live out their last moments like gods among men. The Titans are forbidden to go through the door. We watch them, but they can’t tell any of us what is inside that room.

10. Tokyo Ghoul

It’s as well-known and loved in India, with an exceptionally devoted fan base. Fans of the arrangement will contend that it must be in a higher position on this list, but other anime have more fans. It follows the narrative of our Protagonist, who became a demon because of some event; spoiler alert: he had to live among Ghouls for most of his life after becoming one himself! The novel is everything about love’s endurance against different Ideologies amongst ghouls living in Tokyo – truly intriguing stuff if you’re into urban fantasy novels like me!