Best Zombie Anime to Binge Watch

zombie anime

The zombie genre is gaining remarkable popularity worldwide. It has also started penetrating the animation industry of Japan. There are not too many zombie anime shows and movies like other genres, but the ones we have are amazing and entertaining. Here is an article with the best zombie anime that you must watch. 

Best Zombie Anime

The zombie genre is becoming popular in the entertainment as well as the gaming industry. From series to movies to comics and even gaming, there is a lot of zombie culture for the fans to enjoy. If you are an anime fan and love zombies as well, then you do not have to be disappointed, as the zombie genre has made its way to the animation industry also. 

 Pairing anime and zombies may sound weird, but trust me, it is fun. Below mentioned are some of the best zombie anime shows and movies. 

GYO: Tokyo Fish Attack

Most of us are familiar with “walking dead,” but what if you meet the “swimming dead?” Sounds scary and creepy, right? This is the base of this animated zombie movie. In this 75 minutes movie, utter chaos is caused by fish zombies. These stinky undead fish are heavily affected by a disease that can also be contracted by humans. 

Zombie fishes, that’s not it. The scariest part is that these stinky undead fishes have metal legs, so they can also walk on the land. In the middle of this chaos, a girl Kaori, embarks on a journey to find her missing boyfriend. Will she be able to do that? Watch the movie to find out. 

The Empire of Corpses

This zombie anime is set in an alternate Europe of the 19th century. In this alternate world, corpses are reanimated to use for labor. In this series, a scientist named Victor Frankenstein, present in the alternate 18th century, discovers a method of reanimating a corpse. When his reanimation is destroyed, another method is invented to use the reanimated corpses for labor in the 19th century. Nevertheless, this time it is quite impossible to return the dead’s soul back to the body. It leads to chaos and destruction when the corpses get out of control. In order to get rid of all this, a medical student named John Watson is tasked by the government to get Frankenstein’s notes for reanimating the corpses with a soul. 

This is the best zombie anime with a lot of thrill, amazing story, and action, which makes it a must-watch. 

Tokyo Ghoul 

It is one of the best sad anime movies on Netflix that you must watch. If you are not too strict about what is present in a zombie movie, then you should watch Tokyo Ghoul. This anime zombie follows the story of a normal 18-year old student Ken Kaneki. He meets with an accident and is saved by getting an organ transplant. However, the organ is transplanted from a ghoul, and this incident turns his life upside-down. 

The transplant makes him a hybrid of human ghoul, and now he needs to eat human beings in order to survive. Now Ken needs to figure out how to save humanity and also has to hide that he is a ghoul. Unlike other zombies, ghoul tries to live normal lives. It makes the audience take their side, and they get sympathy as well. 


It seems like the anime world wants to show a good side of zombies. This zombie anime does not follow the story of deadly and flesh-eating zombies. Rather it shows the story of two characters named Shito and Chika. They both are zombies, and they are allowed to keep living in exchange for killing other zombies. 

It is due to the zombie loan that they have to pay off to a company that helped them to come back to life. In order to complete their debt, they start taking help from a girl named Michiru. She has the ability that she can see rings around people’s necks who are about to die. Will Chika and Shito pay their complete debt? Watch this best-animated zombie movie to find out. 

Corpse Princess

This zombie anime again shows the good side of zombies and revolves around the story of a sad anime girl. It shows the story of Makina Yoshimura, who is an anime zombie but does not look like one. Moreover, she does not need to eat brains in order to stay alive. 

She is a reanimated corpse of herself. At a younger age, she was brutally killed alongside her family. In order to join her family in the afterlife world, she needs to kill 108 revived corpses. Her main aim is to avenge the death of her family by defeating a group of undead named Seven Stars. She is a beautiful anime zombie girl with amazing physical skills. Moreover, she uses dual MAC-11 machine guns for the purpose of destroying her enemies. 


This zombie anime is based on a famous third-person shooting game. It is a serious anime zombie that revolves around the main character and his aim for revenge. Our sad anime boy is Grave for Short or Beyond the Grave. His human name was Brandon Heat, and he was murdered by a mafia syndicate partner and his best friend. 

He is brought back to life as a zombie-like creature. Now his aim is to find his best friend who murdered him and the syndicated that he used. This zombie anime is full of action and entertainment. If you love action anime movies and shows, then this one is a must-watch for you. 


It is one of the best high-school romance anime movies with a touch of the zombie genre. It features beautiful anime characters, which will make it difficult for you to believe that they are anime zombies. The zombie movies and shows of the Japanese animation industry are different from that of the West. 

This movie revolved around the story of three cute anime girls who do cute things. However, eventually, you will find out that they are the only survivors of their high school in a post-apocalyptic world full of zombies. This zombie anime may feel a little bit dissonant, but it is full of entertainment, which makes it worth watching. 

Seoul Station

If you loved the Korean movie “Train to Busan,” then you will definitely love this zombie anime. This South Korean animated zombie movie is a prequel to the hit Koren movie. This zombie anime revolved around the story of a young woman. She tries to survive on the train after the downtown Soul gets loaded with zombies. 

There are three main characters in this zombie anime movie who make the movie easy to follow. The story of this anime movie is amazing, but the animation is a bit jerky, which can be a turn-off for some people. 

Highschool of the Dead

This one is the eBay zombie anime movie to date. The movie features an amazing plot, exciting twists, and turns and has similarities to the zombie TV shows of the Western world. As the title says, the story follows the lives of five high school students who get overrun by zombies. 

When it comes to action, this one is one of my favorites. The cast of this movie is also interesting, with a tsundere, a bloodthirsty cute anime girl, a gun nut, and so on. The depiction of this zombie anime movie is amazing, which makes it worth watching. 

Sunday Without God

This zombie anime is a mystery, fantasy, and supernatural anime that is set in a world in which humans can no longer die or procreate. The idea of this movie is that God abandons his creation and then leaves behind some grave keepers. They have the ability to help the living dead to find rest. 

This zombie anime is different from conventional zombie movies with the same old story. In this movie, anyone who has a disease still exists and does not have any sign of decay. The main character is Ai, who is the youngest protagonist. She helps an immortal gunslinger to learn the truth about their world. Moreover, she helps the living dead to rest. 

Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress

This zombie anime is set on the plot of an industrial revolution. It is often dubbed like Attack on Titan. The only difference is that in this movie, the hard-to-kill enemies are called Kabane and not giant creatures. 

In this zombie anime movie, the people are kept safe from the Kabane with the help of massive walls and big fortress-like stations. One day, a kabane hijacks a steam locomotive and crashes into one of the stations. In order to fight the kabane, a young engineer makes a weapon that can kill the kabane, and it begins his journey as a hero. This is one of the best zombie anime that is full of action and entertainment.

Is This a Zombie?

Imagine an anime with a combination of zombie and comedy. Sounds interesting and funny, right? This zombie anime is not only about zombies but also has a lot of comedy, which makes it different from the other movies and zombie anime shows. 

This show follows the story of a boy named Ayumu. He was killed by a serial killer. Nevertheless, a beautiful, magical girl who is a necromancer resurrects him. He is again killed, but this time he comes back as a zombie. Ayumu and the girl need to be highly cautious as one demon is always after Ayumu. There are two seasons of this show, and both are amazing.  

Sankarea: Undying Love

This one is a romantic comedy and is also a supernatural horror anime. It follows the story of a protagonist named Chihiro Furuya, who ends up falling in love with a cute zombie. For most of the part, this one is a comedy anime series, but it also has some amazing, intense, and horrifying moments. 

Our protagonist Chihiro is charmed by the zombie girl and also wants to date her. It begins when he makes a resurrection potion and a girl, Rea Sanka, drinks it accidentally. After drinking it, she becomes a zombie. Now Chihiro needs to find out how to live with a zombie girlfriend. 

Soul Eater

Soul Eater is one of the most popular anime. It does not solely follow zombies. There are many zombies present in this series. The anime revolves around a popular managa named Soul Eater. It shows the teams present at the Death Weapon Meister Academy. 

This team has a weapons master and a weapon with the ability to take a human-like form. In order to please the Shinigami and make a death scythe, the team needs to collect 99 evil souls and a witch. 

Hellsing Ultimate

This one is an OVA that was created after the completion of Hellsing anime. Nevertheless, it follows the manga better as compared to the original anime. This series is not all about zombies; however, they are a part of this supernatural anime. 

It follows a Hellsing Operation, which focuses on controlling the supernatural monsters who are plaguing England. It has only ten episodes, and they are full of action, which makes this series worth watching. 

Final Words

If you love anime shows and movies, then zombie anime is a must-watch genre for you. The zombie shows and movies of the anime world are completely different from that of the Western world. In zombie anime, zombies are not necessarily evil. They can be good, funny, and romantic, which makes these movies amazing. Now, what are you waiting for? Grab some popcorn, get a blanket and watch zombie anime. Do let us know about your favorite anime by dropping a comment.