All You Need to Know About Nose Piercing Types, Jewelry Options, and Care

nose piercing types

Nose piercing is never out of trend as it is the best way to show your personality and style through facial jewelry. Nose piercing is one of the hottest body modifications, which makes you stand out in the crowd. Moreover, there are different nose piercing types that can help you raise your fashion game. 

Nose piercing gives an edgy and aesthetic upgrade to your look. It looks fascinating, but it has several risks. Therefore, you need to follow the right nose piercing care for proper healing.

Here is an article with all you need to know about nose piercing types, pain, cost, and care. 

What is Nose Piercing? 

Nose piercing is one of the most popular types of body piercing. A piercing on any part of our nose for the purpose of wearing jewelry is known as nose-piercing. Depending on the jewelry you decide to wear, the nose piercing jewelry can help you create an impressive status symbol. 

Popular jewelry options for nose piercings include rings, barbells, hoops, studs, and other items that are placed on the piercing hole to decorate the nose or face. 

One best thing about nose piercing is that perforation can be made through both skin or cartilage. It is highly versatile as both women and men can get nose piercing. 

Nose Piercing Types

When we think of nose piercing, some common piercings that come to mind are nostril and septum, but there are various options. Like different types of ear piercings, there are various nose piercings. 

The nose piercing types vary from top to down, and each of them looks highly amazing. Below mentioned are some common nose piercing types.

Nostril Piercing

It is one of the most common types of nose piercing and is easy to do. You can get a wide range of jewelry options for this nose piercing. This piercing is usually done on the left nostril. It is believed that this piercing helps to ease the menstruation pain in women. 

High Nostril Piercing

This nose piercing type is similar to the regular one; the only difference is that it is made higher on our nasal bridge. It looks amazing with single or double stud jewelry. The best jewelry for this piercing is an L-shaped pin, stud, or ring. 

Pro Tip – Regular work does not work for this piercing. 

Septum Piercing

It is another most common nose piercing type which is popular in both girls and boys. There is a thin skin present in the nose’s center, between the septum’s end and the tip of the nose. The piercing goes through that thin membrane.  

One best thing about this piercing is that you can easily hide it using the right jewelry option if it does not adhere to your dress code. In addition to this, you also get a wide range of jewelry options for this nose piercing like mandalas, studded horseshoes, thick gold rings, and subtle rings. 

Septril Piercing

It is one of the most tricky and complex nose piercing types. It is not common but looks highly amazing when done on the right nose. This piercing requires patience and pain tolerance. 

The process of this piercing includes using the healed flesh tunnel of the fistula of a stretched septum piercing. In this piercing, the needle is pushed in your septum from the bottom of the center and through the previous piercing. One best thing about septril piercing is that it can look both beautiful as well as badass. 

Third Eye Piercing

If you are looking for something that can give you an amazing look, the third eye piercing is the perfect choice for you. This one is a dermal piercing, and it extends vertically from the nose’s bridge to the forehead. 

It is a painful and tricky piercing as there is not too much skin to grab. Two holes are made before inserting the needle that is followed by the jewelry. There is a lot of pain involved in this piercing, so if you have low pain tolerance, then this one is a no for you. 

In addition to this, the third eye piercing is more prone to complications such as migration, infection, and jewelry rejection. Nevertheless, if the piercing goes well, it looks stylish, elegant, and exceptionally distinctive. 

Nasallang Piercing

This nose piercing type is highly intense. It is a tri-nasal piercing that includes using a long and single barbel to penetrate both septum and nostrils. In this piercing, the nose is clamped, and then the needle is pushed through the three layers, followed by the jewelry. This one is not for the faint of heart. 

The outcome of this piercing looks similar to that of having single studs present on each nostril. This piercing is highly painful as it gets through the thick layer present in the middle of the nose. It sits higher on the nasal bridge. The piercing will give you a unique and fascinating look. 

Austin Bar Piercing

This nose piercing is relatively uncommon. It goes through the tip of your nose. However, it does not penetrate the septum or nostril. The popular jewelry for this nose piercing type of barbell. It looks like a mantic piercing. 

Rhino Piercing

If you want to stand out from the crowd, then get a rhino piercing. It is a type of vertical piercing that goes from the septum’s center bottom and reaches to the tip of the nose. This piercing has a similarity to the rhino horn, especially when it is tipped using a spiked end. 

The process of this nose piercing type is simple and is carried out using a piercing needle and a curved barbell. A high positioning technique is needed for this piercing as the tip of the nose is complex, and piercing at this place can cause unnecessary trauma. 

Bridge Piercing

If you want to grab everyone’s attention, then get a bridge piercing. It is a bold surface piercing and is also known as erl. It sits at the nose’s bridge between the eyes. As it is a dermal piercing, it involves higher risks of infection, rejection, and migration. You need to be very careful when this piercing is healing, 

Though it looks amazing, you can not wear glasses after getting them. If you have to wear glasses, then make sure that the placement of this one is such that it does not interfere with glasses. The jewelry used in this piercing is usually a shorter curved barbell, and it perfectly meets the shape of the face. 

Nose Piercing Price

The price range of nose piercing generally varies between $20 and $100. It completely depends on the type of nose piercing you are planning to get. The simpler and smaller the nose piercing will be, the lesser the price of the piercing will be. Apart from piercing, you will also have to pay for the jewelry. 

Septril or septum piercing is more expensive as compared to the other nose piercing types. However, the most expensive types of piercings are usually high nostril and bridge piercing. 

The piercer you choose for piercing affects the overall cost of the nose piercing. More trusted and reputable piercers charge more for the services as compared to the others. Moreover, the piercers you find in big cities and trendy locations are also more expensive than the ones in small places. 

When thinking about the nose piercing cost, you should also consider the aftercare cost. In addition to this, if you get an infected nose piercing, then you will have to pay extra for medical care, and the overall cost will rise. 

Nose Piercing Pain and Healing

When it comes to nose piercing, the pain varies depending on the type of piercing. In nostril piercing, the pain level is low. On the pain scale, it is around three or four out of ten. In addition to this, everyone has different pain tolerance levels. The pain in nasallang or rhino piercing is more than other nose piercings. 

The healing time of nose piercing also varies from person to person. Some people naturally heal quicker as compared to others. In addition to this, the healing time also depends on the nose piercing type you have. Everyone wants the piercing to heal quickly, but it can take a long time in some cases. 

On average, a normal and simple nostril piercing takes a couple of weeks for complete healing. However, a septum or bridge piercing takes various months. When you get a nose piercing, your piercer will tell you everything about the healing time of nose piercing and aftercare. 

Risks in Nose Piercing

When it comes to any modifications, certain risks are always associated. The most common risk of nose piercing is an infection if you do not follow proper aftercare and do not clean it properly. It can also lead to infection if your skin reacts to the jewelry material. Therefore, it is better to opt for a ring or stud made from titanium or implant-grade steel to avoid allergic reactions. 

Another risk of nose piercing is that your body might not accept the piercing and reject it. Changing the nose piercing jewelry can also be a tricky task as it can cause infection. 

One of the common risks of nose piercing is the development of bumps of scar tissue. It can go wavy quickly or may also take time, depending on the aftercare you follow. Many side effects and risks associated with nose piercing can be avoided with proper cleaning and aftercare. Below mentioned are common risks of nose piercing.

  • Infected nose piercing
  • Bump or scar tissue
  • Rejection of jewelry
  • Long healing time

Infected Nose Piercing

Nose piercing leads to the creation of an open nose; therefore, it is prone to infection that is caused by harmful germs and bacteria. When these germs or bacteria multiply, they lead to infected nose piercing. Some common signs of infected nose piercing include:

  • Redness on the nose for a long time
  • Painful and strange bump near the pierced area

How to Clean Nose Piercing

No matter which nose piercing type you get, it is essential to clean the nose piercing properly for quick healing. Moreover, it also helps to avoid infected nose piercing. Here are tips on how to clean nose piercing. 

  • Nose piercing is similar to a wound, and therefore, it is highly prone to infection due to its location. You should always avoid touching the piercing with an unwashed hand.
  • In order to clean your nose piercing, soak cotton balls in saline solution and then use them to clean. It may be a little bit painful, but it is highly beneficial to avoid infected nose piercing. 
  • Swab soak a cotton ball in saline solution; then carefully rub it on the crust that is attached to nose piercing. If the curst is stuck hard, then soak that particular spot in the saline solution again in order to soften it. Do not rub roughly or too hard.
  • In order to avoid dryness, you should moisturize the nose piercing. After getting the piercing, ask the piercer which is the best moisturizer. For instance, the piercer may suggest you use a combination of coconut and tea tree oil. Apply the oil twice using a fresh cotton swab,
  • Avoid using stronger antiseptics if you find out that the infection is settling. Saline solution is enough and best. Try to avoid touching or changing the jewelry during healing time as it can lead to irritation and cause nose piercing bumps. 

Nose Piercing Care

One of the things that are essential to learning after the piercing is nose piercing care. It is simple to clean the nose piercing, and you should follow the aftercare process to encourage quick healing and avoid infection. Below mentioned are some nose piercing care tips that you should follow.

  • Wash your hands properly before touching the piercing or pierced area. 
  • Use cotton balls or bulb syringes to apply the saline solution to the piercer area. You can also try to dip the pierced area in a saline solution using a soaked cotton ball for a few seconds. You can get the saline solution for any piercing studio. Moreover, you can also make it at home by mixing ¼ teaspoon of non-iodized sea salt and one cup of distilled water. 
  • Dry your nose piercing with disposable and clean paper products as cloth towels can snag the jewelry and harbor bacteria. In case you have acne-prone or oily skin, then wipe your nose gently with a cotton pad. Make sure not to irritate the nose piercing. 
  • Always stay hydrated to speed up the healing process.
  • Follow a good diet in order to encourage quick healing. 
  • Do not use hydrogen peroxide as it can cause irritation. 
  • Never share studs or nose rings with any other people. 
  • Do not force the nose ring in the piercing hole. It can damage your skin. 
  • Opt for titanium, surgical-grade steel, or 14-karat or higher gold jewelry to avoid infection. 

Final Words

Nose piercing is one of the hottest and best body modifications to get a new look. One best thing about it is that there are different nose piercing types, so you can choose anyone that best suits your personality. 

Nose piercing is prone to the risk of infection due to the location. But with regular cleaning and proper nose piercing care, you can avoid infection and encourage quick healing. Talk to your piercer about aftercare tips and follow them adequately. If you find the information on nose piercing helpful, drop a comment.