Attack on Titans All Titans Ranked from Strongest to the Weakest Ones

Attack on Titans all titans

Attack on Titans is one of the best anime popular for its mystery and action-filled storyline. The series features a unique cast of fictional characters with amazing powers. The anime is also popular for its powerful characters, and in Attack on Titans, all titans have unique powers, which makes them different from each other. 

Though there are various normal and abnormal characters, there are nine main anime. All of them are not equally strong, so we have rounded up a list of all nine titans ranked from the strongest to the weakest ones. 

Attack on Titans All Titans List 

Attack on Titans anime series is set in a fictional world where the human race lives in cities protected by enormous walls to render protection against the Titans. Now you must be thinking, who are the titans? Titans are gigantic humanoids that prefer eating humans and without any reason. Here are Attack on Titans all titans names to help you understand them better. 

Founding Titan

As mentioned earlier, titans possess different and unique powers. Now the question is, who is the most powerful Titan? The answer to this question is founding Titan. It is the most powerful one and can only be used by someone belonging to the Royal Eldia Blood. This tian has the power to control Titans as well as humans by screaming except for the ones belonging to the Royal bloodlines. 

The Founding Titans are controlled by Eren Yeager and Grisha. For generations, this Titan was used by the people of the Fritz family. This Titan has the power to control all the Indians, which was used by the royal family by altering the memories of their citizens. Eren is one of the strongest anime characters of all time. 

This Titan is so strong that it can control Eldia’s body and can force the titans to work according to its will. The founding Titan was originally controlled by Ymir Fritz. Then, Grisha ate Frieda Fritz and passed the powers of the Founding Titan to his son Erin Yeager. 

Due to this reason, Eren is the strongest of all the titans. However, since Eren does not belong to the royal bloodline, he cannot completely control the power but can use it to some extent. 

Attack Titan

The Attack Titan is popular for “fighting with the intent of freedom for India.” When it comes to all titans on Attack on Titans, the list is incomplete without mentioning the attack on titans. 

It is one of the strongest as well as the most infamous Titan among nine titans. The Attack Titan can fight solely based on its freedom. The physical strength of this Titan includes mighty strength and quick reflexes, which makes it a tough combatant. Unlike other titans, it does not have any special abilities of its own. However, it learned the power of strengthening with the help of a special serum. 

Like the other nine titans, the Attack titan also has the ability to see the memories of past as well as future inheritors. However, the memories from the latter are often unclear and hazy. The ability to see the future always encourages the Attack Titan to fights so that it could avoid bad premonitions. The Attack Titan is also held by our hero Eren Yeager. He used the Attack Titan for destroying the world that restricted his freedom, and he used it intentionally while knowing everything that he would have to do in order to make the goal reality.  

Armored Titan

Who is the Armored Titan? When it comes to physical strength, the Armored Titan is the strongest of all titans on Attack on Titans. It has strong skin and is covered with armored plates of skin from head to toe, which is difficult to break. The skin makes it difficult for the opponents in the battle to defeat this Titan. 

The skin is indestructible, which makes the Titan profoundly robust and almost impossible to destroy. This one is also smart like others and has the power to move swiftly. Moreover, it has an amazing level of endurance. 

The only drawback of this Titan is its low speed. It lacks good speed, and other titans such as Attack Titan can effortlessly overrun it. However, it is difficult to injure this Titan as it acts as its own shield. One of the biggest strengths of the Armored Titan is that it can harden some body parts with crystal-like substances. 

Currently, the Armored Titan is owned by Reiner Braun. He belongs to the Levi Squad, that world for Marley. The goal of this group is to capture Eren in order to get control over the powers of Titan that he holds. 

Beast Titan

If you are a fan of Attack on Titans, you may know all the titan names, including Beast Titan. This Titan is one of a kind and has an ape-like structure with fur all over the body. It is one of the biggest and tallest titans with a height of 17m. This one is the smartest Titan and is difficult to control. 

Though Beast Titan is one of the primary antagonists, people know very little about it. This Titan among Attack on Titans all titans closely resembles a giant. It is large and has behavior similar to that of animals and not humans. One best thing about this Titan is that it changes according to the carrier so it can change its abilities and attributes.

At present, Beast Titan is held by Zeke Yeager, who is the half-brother of Eren. The abilities of Zeke include hardening and intense throwing power. Moreover, its abilities also include awakening the Subjects of Ymir as it has a royal bloodline. Like the Founding Titan, Zeke can also use his scream power for controlling the Pure Titans. To succinctly describe, the Beast Titan is a crucial part of brute force. 

Warhammer Titan

When it comes to Attack on Titan, all titans, Warhammer titan is still a mystery for people. This one is the last of all nine titans, and till now, it is only shown in the trailer of the fourth season. It has the ability to create weapons using its body parts. 

Apart from having unique powers of creating fierce weapons from the skin, WarhammerTitan is an essential part of the story. This Titan was controlled by the Tybur family for years without having an idea about the members who actually have this power. 

When Eren discovered about the user, he ate her to get more powers than he already had. There is little known about the powers of Warhammer Titan, but the coming season will allow you to know all about this amazing Titan. 

Female Titan

If you want to know who is the most intelligent Titan, the Female Titan is the answer. She has the ability to harden her body parts to defend herself against different attacks. Moreover, it can also use its screaming to draw Pure Titans to it. Female Titan is very nimble and fast. This one was the first main antagonist in the Attack on Titans series. 

One of the most amazing features of this Titan is that it has the ability to summon abnormal and normal titans into the battle. Moreover, it can mimic the attributes of other Titans effortlessly. Due to this reason, most of the titans got into Shiganshina. 

Currently, female Titan is held by Annie Leonhart. She is the only user of the Female Titan. Annie is a cadet who was trained with Eren. Later, she joined the MP Regiment. 

After getting captured, Annie closed herself in a diamond-like stiff cocoon in order to avoid the interrogation. When she was released, she became weak and decided not to fight. Nevertheless, she could be the one to save humanity as she has not exposed all her powers yet. Till now, she is underground somewhere on Paradis Island, encased in her shell.  

Colossal Titan

Colossal Titan is the largest one with a height of 60m. It has the power to release steam from its body and get transformed into a human at a lighting speed. This Titan has amazing control over its transformation power. 

Colossal Titan seemed like it may destroy humanity when the series began. However, many other titans proved stronger than him. However, this one is the biggest, but also the slowest. The biggest advantage of this Titan is that it can control its steam and cause big explosions to kill the enemies. The steam makes it difficult to get closer to this one. 

The sheer size is one of the biggest features of this Titan. It uses to break down the massive walls of Paradis Island. At present, the holder of this Titan is Armin Arlert. He inherited the Colossal Titan from Betholdt Hoover. Armin rarely uses his powers, so fans have not seen the Colossal Titan as much as the other nine titans. However, it was the first one to appear in the Attack on Titans series and is one of the early main antagonists. 

Jaw Titan

When it comes to Attack on Titans, all titans, Jaw Titan is one of the amazing ones. It has a ferociously strong set of claws and jaws powerful enough to tear almost anything. In addition to this, jaw titan is considered the swiftest of all nine titans due to its small size. It comes in the category of intelligent titans with an amazing amount of speed and agility. This Titan is highly lethal and has better mobility as compared to all titans on Attack on Titans. 

Jaw Titan is the fastest and attacks the enemies using sharp teeth. Till now, there have been four users of this Titan. At present, it is held by Porco Galliard. He inherited the Jaw Titan from Ymir when she was returning to Marley. Each of the owners has used Jw Titan differently, and some users were stronger than others. Nevertheless, this Titan has always been the weakest in all 9 titans. 

Cart Titan

Cart Titan is the most mysterious of all nine titans. It has a quadrupedal structure which is not normal for intelligent titans. Moreover, it has the ability to move two legs and two hands. It is characterized by its endurance and speed. Cart Titan is the smallest of the nine titans with a height of around 4 meters. It acts as a mule and scout for the Beat Titan and can also speak in Titan Form. Cart Titan is used to carrying weapons. Supplies and weapons can be kept on its back, which makes it useful from a military perspective. 

Due to amazing speed, it has saved the comrades various times. Currently, it resides in Marley and is occupied by Pieck Finger, who is a warrior of the Marley army. The unique powers of Cart Titan are still unknown.  

Final Words

Attack on Titans is one of the best anime to watch on Netflix. The series features some strong anime characters you will fall in love with. In Attack on Titans, all titans are the strongest characters with unique powers. However, all of them are not equally strong. Tell us about your favorite Titan by dropping a comment.