How To Get A Double Tongue Piercing? Some Tips For Beginners

Double Tongue Piercing

A tongue piercing is pretty awesome, right? However, if you want to make it more eye-catchy and more noticeable piercing, then you can get a double tongue piercing.

The most popular double tongue piercing is the frog eye-piercing, also known as horizontal tongue piercing. The location of beads on jewelry makes it look like two frog eyes are peering out of the mouth. 

More goes into selecting the right piercing for you than just a finished look. The double tongue piercing can seem frightening, particularly if you have never had the tongue pierced before.

What Is A Double Tongue Piercing?

The double tongue piercing is two or more separate perforations on the tongue, which might be vertically or horizontally, allowing you to wear separate jewelry like barbells. In a double tongue piercing, you have two different holes. Also, you can always get the holes on the tongue wherever you desire, and the location might vary.

Suppose you want to have two holes horizontally near the center of the tongue. Then this piercing is called frog eyes piercing or venom piercing. Because you get the large room for such tongue piercing, then you have multiple choices. You can have two vertical holes and two horizontal holes. This will make the multiple tongue piercing cooler. Also, you can try any variation of tongue piercing. 

Double Tongue Piercing Pain – How Much Does It Hurt?

A piercing is no walk in the park, but it’s worth noting that different body parts feel varying levels of pain. The skin around your ear feels like a bee sting because there isn’t much fat tissue to cushion you from hurtful pokes and prods. Your navel has more padding for protection against sharp objects so getting pierced here would be less painful than say an eyebrow or nose ring which are closer to the bone.

Many people find piercings relatively harmless compared with other forms of surgery such as tattoos where needles can reach deep into muscle tissues, create scarring, bleeding, and infection risks when done improperly by unlicensed tattoo artists who use non-sterile ink containers loaded with bacteria on their customers without knowing whether.

Tongue piercings are surprisingly painless. The only downside is the swelling that follows, but even then it’s not as bad as most people expect!

Tongue piercings can be a great way to express yourself and get conversations started with new friends. Additionally, they’re relatively inexpensive (usually around $50) and don’t last forever as tattoos do- so you have plenty of time to change your mind down the line if needed!

Getting a double tongue piercing is like getting two piercings at once!
A single pierce can take some time to heal, but with the increased number of holes in your mouth you might experience more pain. That’s why it’s important for any candidate considering a double tongue piercing to have their sidekick by their side and ready to catch them if they fall out during this challenging process.

The first thing people will notice when getting two tongue piercings is the increased pain from both piercings healing. The good news, though, is that many people with low tolerance for painful sensations find piercing of their tongues to be relatively easy.

Pros and Cons Of Multiple Tongue Piercing

There are many pros and cons linked with double tongue piercing. So we have mentioned some of the pros and cons of making the decision easy for you.


  • You can try many variations, so get a clear idea of how you want to pierce. You can try having separate vertical or horizontal perforations Or you can also try the combination of both.
  • There are different varieties of jewelry choices available. Also, you can try the color and shapes of the jewelry.
  • Double Tongue Piercing gives you bold looks. People will not be able to take their eyes off.


  • Well, there is a chance of teeth or gum infection if you do not follow the aftercare instruction.
  • There are multiple holes involved. This creates multiple tongue piercing more complex in terms of aftercare, infection risks, and healing.
  • Tongue piercing hurts more because there are two or more holes involved. So, we will tell you how to make it less painful.


For tongue piercing, always search for the best professional for a double tongue piercing in your city with a good reputation. Also, make sure that all the equipment must be sterilized and individually packed. Before going for tongue piercing, wash your mouth with an antibacterial mouthwash. The piercer expert will first examine the tongue anatomy and approve if you can have the hole where you want.

Once it is approved, then the expert will mark the location with the surgical pen to make the hole. Before making the hole, the expert will make sure that no vein gets affected. Now the piercer will hold the tongue with the surgical clamp, then insert the hollow needle through the clamp and finalize the jewelry procedure.

After a different type of piercing procedure, the piercer will give you the aftercare instructions. You must follow the instructions to avoid any chance of infection.

What To Do Before Getting A Double Tongue Piercing

You don’t want to go into the piercing studio with no prior knowledge and find out that you could have given yourself a better experience if you had just had more information. So here’s what we recommend for any piercing:

Rest up Think about your motivations, desires, expectations; these are all good things to check in on before going through anything like this Check-in with ourselves

How are you feeling today? You don’t have a cold or anything, right? That’s good. If not, we should reschedule for another time when your immune system is in better shape to handle the piercing process and help with healing; as less energy will be used up trying to fight off an infection.

If I notice that something doesn’t sound quite like “normal,” then it usually means there might be some serious underlying issue going on – so take care of yourself!

You want to go into the piercing studio with a clear head. Therefore, scheduling your appointment at a time where you can focus on other important tasks is not advised.

It also means avoiding alcohol or drugs prior to heading for your piercing session because they will likely heighten awareness of anxiety and pain instead of aiding in coping with them! Moreover, if you think exercise may help alleviate any stress before going through it all over again tomorrow morning then don’t forget that too much physical exertion can be as equally stressful-do yourself another favor by taking off from working out today so that this process goes smoothly for both body & mind.

Plan for anxiety and pain control

Most people experience a bit of anxiety before getting their piercing. To help feel more relaxed, wear comfortable clothes and listen to music while you wait for your turn in the chair. If no one is available that day, ask someone at the studio who would be willing to hold your hand or chat with you during this stressful time! Most piercers are pretty nice so they’ll probably be happy if there isn’t anyone else around for them too talk to!


Low blood sugar is a common cause of passing out during piercings. When your body reacts to the trauma of getting pierced, it can make already low blood sugar levels drop even lower which could lead to you feeling nauseated from eating too close in time with piercing appointment- so eat about an hour before and avoid any possible risk!

Does It Hurt?

Every individual person has a different level of pain tolerance. If we make the pain scale having level 1 to level 10, then for tongue piercing, the level of pain is 5. Although tongue piercing does not hurt much, the reason for the level 5 pain is the multiple holes involved during this procedure.

Suggestion For Making It Less Painful

There are multiple holes involved in double tongue piercing, and you can always go for one at a time. In case you want to have both vertical and horizontal tongue piercings, then you can decide accordingly. This method will surely reduce the pain level when you do not have all the piercings on the same day. After the procedure, you can take the pain killer after consulting with the doctor if required.

Signs Of Infected Double Tongue Piercing

There are some symptoms that are quite normal after the procedure. However, you must be aware of any signs of the infected piercing.

Normal Symptoms

  • More Saliva
  • Minor Swelling
  • Redness
  • Tenderness
  • Clear White Discharge
  • Excessive Discharge

Infection Symptoms

  • Excessive Redness & Swelling
  • Severe Pain
  • Pus Discharge
  • Tongue Color Changes (purplish yellow, black, or green)
  • Fever

Aftercare and Healing Time

After getting a double tongue piercing you should follow these aftercare procedures. Also, the healing time mainly depends upon how you follow the aftercare instruction. 

A double tongue piercing typically doesn’t take longer to heal than a single one, which is good news for the people who have two piercings in their mouths! The bad news though is that both of these wounds can be slow and difficult to heal. Some factors may prolong healing time such as not drinking enough fluids or wearing jewelry during sleep.

You can expect your swelling to go down in about a week and for the piercing to be completely healed within 2 months. However, don’t think that because you have reached the end of this healing period means that you are free from caring for it! Tongue piercings heal quickly, often closing up after being out just an hour or so with jewelry removed – even if they had been open-backed before removal.

The tongue piercing usually takes four to six weeks to heal. Healing time also depends on an individual health condition. So here are some proper guidelines and instructions to avoid any risk of infection.


  • Use the right jewelry.
  • Maintain better oral hygiene
  • After every meal, wash your mouth with the antibacterial mouthwash.
  • Use a soft toothbrush.
  • Gargle with salt water three to six time a day
  • Eat soft food like mashed potatoes, scrambled eggs, yogurt, oatmeal, and porridge.


  • Never try to rotate or change the jewelry.
  • Do not touch the new piercing without washing hands. 
  • Do not eat spicy or hot food.
  • Avoid sharing spoons, cups, or food items.
  • Do not smoke
  • Avoid alcohol
  • Avoid kissing and oral sex.

Final Words

With double tongue piercing, there is a little more cost and a little more pain involved when compared to other body piercings. However, once the healing period is over, you will love that shiny little jewelry out of your mouth.

So take care to wash your mouth with good antibacterial mouthwash until you are fully healed, and the multiple tongue piercing should turn out to look excellent. If you find this information useful, drop a comment below this section. 

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